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GM Hit With $146M Fine Over Emissions Standards

Claim on window stickers was 10% off, EPA says

(Newser) - General Motors will pay nearly $146 million in penalties to the federal government because 5.9 million of its older vehicles do not comply with emissions and fuel economy standards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a statement Wednesday that certain GM vehicles from the 2012 through 2018...

GOP States Lose Attempt to Halt California Emission Rules

Standards are higher than those in the rest of the nation

(Newser) - California can continue to set its own nation-leading vehicle emissions standards, a federal court ruled Tuesday—two years after the Biden administration restored the state's authority to do so as part of its efforts to reverse Trump-era environmental rollbacks. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia...

EPA Issues Strongest-Ever Car Pollution Standards
New EPA Rules Will Change
the 'Menu' for Car Buyers

New EPA Rules Will Change the 'Menu' for Car Buyers

But some restrictions have been loosened from last year's proposal

(Newser) - The Biden administration has finalized Environmental Protection Agency rules that usher in the "strongest-ever pollution standards for cars," according to the agency. The rules, described by the Washington Post as Biden's "most far-reaching climate regulation yet," require steep emissions cuts that will speed up the...

Your Car's Biggest Source of Pollution Isn't the Tailpipe

Studies point to tires and brakes as the bigger culprits

(Newser) - Scientists researching the way vehicles spew potentially dangerous pollutants into the environment have reached some surprising conclusions about the culprits. The Washington Post reports your car's exhaust pipe isn't the only source of harmful particulates; brake and tire emissions are a problem too, and a growing one....

Greta Thunberg Zings Influencer Proud of Emissions
Greta Thunberg
Zings Andrew Tate

Greta Thunberg Zings Andrew Tate

She fires back after he boasts of 'enormous emissions'

(Newser) - Andrew Tate's attempt to mock Greta Thunberg could be considered a backfire. The former kickboxing champion and current TikTok star tagged her in a tweet Tuesday boasting about the number of cars he owns—33—along with a photo of him refueling one of them. "Please provide your...

Vehicles Must Hit 40 MPG by 2026 Under New Rules

Rules reverse Trump's rollback, but some environmental groups wanted more

(Newser) - New vehicles sold in the US will have to average at least 40 miles per gallon of gasoline in 2026, up from about 28mpg, under new federal rules unveiled Friday that undo a rollback of standards enacted under President Trump. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that its new...

EPA Rule for Trucks Would Cut Some Emissions by 90%

Environmental groups urge moving quickly toward 100%

(Newser) - The Biden administration is proposing stronger pollution regulations for new tractor-trailer rigs that would clean up smoky diesel engines and encourage new technologies over the next two decades. The proposal released Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency would require the industry to cut smog- and soot-forming nitrogen oxide emissions by...

EPA Says New Fuel-Economy Rule Is a 'Giant Step Forward'

Biden sets ambitious new standards

(Newser) - In a major step to fight climate change, the Biden administration is raising vehicle mileage standards to significantly reduce emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases. A final rule being issued Monday would raise mileage standards starting in the 2023 model year, reaching a projected industry-wide target of 40 miles per gallon...

Leaf Blowers Are Multipronged Threat to Health and Environment
Put Down
the Leaf Blowers

Put Down the Leaf Blowers

Consider leaving the leaves alone, Margaret Renkl writes

(Newser) - A lot of crimes against nature are committed in the name of lawn care. Pesticides are involved. Other practices endanger insects, birds, and plants. But with its high levels of chemical emissions, deafening noise, and unhealthy pollution, Margaret Renkl writes in an opinion piece in the New York Times , the...

California Plans to Pull the Plug on Gas Vehicles

Sales of new gas-powered cars to end by 2035

(Newser) - California will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks in 15 years, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday, establishing a timeline in the nation's most populous state that could force US automakers to shift their zero-emission efforts into overdrive. The plan won't stop people from owning...

Trump Officially Bars California From Setting Fuel Standards

President says the move will result in cheaper, safer cars

(Newser) - As expected , President Trump announced Wednesday that his administration is revoking California's authority to set auto mileage standards stricter than those issued by federal regulators, a move critics said would result in less fuel efficient cars that create more planet-warming pollution. In a series of tweets , Trump said...

EPA to Block California From Setting Emissions Standards

State has had tougher rules to fight air pollution for decades

(Newser) - Since smog in Los Angeles became unbearable in the 1960s, California has set its own vehicle emissions standards—limits that were stricter than the federal government permitted elsewhere. The Trump administration now is moving to end that practice. The EPA will revoke that authority Wednesday, the Washington Post reports, citing...

Looks Like VW Is in Trouble Again
Looks Like VW Is
in Trouble Again

Looks Like VW Is in Trouble Again

The carmaker may be helping vehicles avoid emissions standards

(Newser) - Volkswagen may be in trouble all over again for allegedly installing software in cars to help them duck emissions standards, Reuters reports. German authorities are investigating whether 1.2-liter engine Volkswagens, including the Polo, received a software update allowing them to trick emissions tests. Germany may also file charges against...

Proposal to Gut Obama's Signature Autos Move Is Here
Trump's Looming Fight
With California Has Arrived
the rundown

Trump's Looming Fight With California Has Arrived

Administration revealed its proposal to roll back Obama rules on fuel standards

(Newser) - News broke in late March that the EPA was preparing to announce plans to weaken landmark fuel-efficiency goals put in place by the Obama administration, and that day has come to pass. The Trump administration on Thursday formally released its proposal , a joint effort with the EPA and Transportation...

Add Audi CEO to List of Busted VW Execs

German authorities detain Rupert Stadler in 'Dieselgate'

(Newser) - German authorities on Monday detained the chief executive of Volkswagen's Audi division, Rupert Stadler, as part of the investigation into the manipulation of emissions controls. The move is an extension of the emissions scandal that has rocked Volkswagen since 2015 and led to billions in fines, the arrest of...

Former Volkswagen CEO Charged in 'Dieselgate'

Martin Winterkorn indicted, though chances are slim he'll return to US

(Newser) - A federal grand jury in Detroit has indicted former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn on charges stemming from the company's diesel emissions cheating scandal in a plot that prosecutors allege reached the top of the world's largest automaker. The four-count indictment unsealed Thursday charges Winterkorn, 70, with three counts...

17 States Sue Over EPA Move on Gas Mileage

Agency plans to drop emissions standards

(Newser) - California and 16 other states sued the Trump administration Tuesday over its plan to scrap Obama-era auto-emissions standards that would require vehicles to get significantly higher gas mileage by 2025. At issue is a move by Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt to roll back 2012 rules aimed at curbing...

US Sentences VW Exec for Role in Emissions Scam

Oliver Schmidt gets 7 years

(Newser) - A judge has sentenced a Volkswagen senior manager to seven years in prison for covering up a scheme to evade pollution limits on US diesel vehicles, calling it an astonishing fraud on American consumers. Oliver Schmidt, who is the second person to be sent to prison over the scandal, was...

Why This Scene May Cease to Exist in California After 2040

Assemblyman wants to ban sales of cars fueled by gas, diesel by that deadline

(Newser) - If Phil Ting has his way, California girls will soon be cruising down Highway One and never having to stop for gas. When the state Legislature returns at the start of 2018, the Dem assemblyman says he'll introduce a bill that would ban the sale of new cars fueled...

UK Unveils Big Move in Quest for Cleaner Air

It plans to ban new gas, diesel cars by 2040

(Newser) - Just weeks after France unveiled a plan to ban sales of gas and diesel cars by 2040, its neighbor to the north is following suit. Britain's government on Wednesday unveiled a nearly $4 billion plan to improve air quality that would see sales of new gas and diesel cars...

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