New Hampshire primary

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Trump Nomination Once Seemed 'Untenable,' Now Inevitable

Former president's win in New Hampshire primary suggests he's a shoo-in for 2024 general

(Newser) - The New Hampshire primary results came in quickly Tuesday, with the AP calling the GOP race for Donald Trump as soon as the polls closed. The former president's main contender, ex-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, vowed she's not dropping out yet, but Zeeshan Aleem writes for MSNBC that...

Trump Wins New Hampshire, Haley Insists Race Isn't Over

AP called the race as soon as polls closed

(Newser) - This story has been updated throughout with the latest details. Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary over Nikki Haley, reports the AP . The outlet called the race as soon as the final polls closed at 8pm Eastern on Tuesday. Many saw the first-in-the-nation primary as do-or-die for Haley,...

Biden Wins New Hampshire on Write-In Votes

President's name wasn't actually on the ballot

(Newser) - The showdown between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley in New Hampshire on Tuesday got most of the attention— Trump won —but Democrats also had a primary. It was, however, a little unusual. President Biden will win based on write-in votes, projects the AP . The president's name wasn't...

Trump 'Doesn't Care' If Haley Drops Out

She might get a boost from high turnout from independents in NH primary

(Newser) - Nikky Haley swept the midnight vote in Dixville Notch as voting got underway in New Hampshire, but Donald Trump is predicting a "big loss" for his rival in the rest of the state. At a rally Tuesday, Trump said Haley wasn't a threat to his campaign, the Guardian...

Election Oddity: Biden Camp Rooting for Trump in NH

Axios reports they want him to lock up nomination and thus energize Democrats

(Newser) - Updated with comments from the Haley campaign. Primary day has arrived in New Hampshire, and it's widely been depicted as do-or-die for Nikki Haley if she's to have any hope of defeating Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. However, Haley's campaign made clear on Tuesday that she...

Dixville Notch Prepares to Cast Nation's First Primary Ballots
Nikki Haley Cleans Up
in Dixville Notch

Nikki Haley Cleans Up in Dixville Notch

Tiny New Hampshire town has been holding midnight votes since 1960

(Newser) - And the winner, in Dixville Notch at least, is Nikki Haley. The small New Hampshire town opened its polls at midnight Tuesday, as per tradition, and all six of its voters voted for the former South Carolina governor, according to 270toWin . Haley called the Dixville Notch win "a great...

Poll Suggests a Big Day for Trump
Poll Suggests
a Big Day
for Trump

Poll Suggests a Big Day for Trump

DeSantis supporters seem more likely to switch to former president

(Newser) - Donald Trump leads Nikki Haley by 19 points in New Hampshire, a poll released the day before the state's presidential primary shows. The survey of 500 likely Republican primary voters was conducted Saturday and Sunday by the Boston Globe/NBC-10/Suffolk University poll, the Hill reports. The breakdown showed the former...

Biden 'Robocall' to NH Dems: Stay Home

Fake robocall tells them that their vote is needed in November, not Tuesday

(Newser) - Imagine your level of surprise if you answered the phone in an election year and the presidential candidate from your party was asking for money or support: As surprising as when the Buffalo Bills fail to win a clutch game again . Now imagine your level of surprise if that candidate...

What Haley Had to Say on DeSantis' Exit

'May the best woman win'

(Newser) - Following Ron DeSantis' withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race, Nikki Haley had a message for supporters: "May the best woman win." Haley told supporters who gathered at a New Hampshire restaurant for a campaign event Sunday afternoon the news of DeSantis' exit, the New York Times reports. "...

Trump, Haley Tied in Latest New Hampshire Poll

But other polls have her trailing former president

(Newser) - Donald Trump scored an emphatic win in the Iowa caucuses but it's going to be a lot tighter in New Hampshire's primary next week, according to a new poll. According to the American Research Group poll conducted from Jan. 12 to Jan. 15, Trump and Haley are tied...

Nikki Haley Trims Trump's Lead in New Hampshire

One poll has her behind by single digits, though another has the gap at 20 points

(Newser) - New Hampshire's primary is just two weeks away, and a pair of polls shows that Nikki Haley is at least chipping away at Donald Trump's lead. One even has the lead down to single digits, cementing her place as the clear No. 2 in the race, reports Politico...

Feds Say NH Man Threatened to Kill 3 Presidential Candidates

Christie, Ramaswamy campaigns confirmed they were targeted

(Newser) - A New Hampshire man who allegedly threatened to carry out mass shootings at campaign events in the state could be facing up to 15 years in federal prison. Tyler Anderson, 30, has been indicted on three counts of transmitting in interstate commerce a threat to injure the person of another,...

Biden Won't Be on the Ballot in the Nation's First Primary

New Hampshire says it will be held on Jan. 23

(Newser) - The 2024 election could get off to an embarrassing start for President Biden. The state has confirmed that it plans to keep its first-in-the-nation status by holding its presidential primaries on Jan. 23, a week before South Carolina's Democratic primary, Politico reports. Under an overhaul of the primary calendar...

DeSantis' Threat to Slit Throats Draws Response

Federal workers union calls statement in New Hampshire 'disgusting, disgraceful'

(Newser) - New Hampshire has brought out the tough talker in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis—or maybe it's his rapid decline in the polls . Since he began campaigning there this summer, the Republican presidential candidate's rhetoric has become more violent, New Hampshire Public Radio reports. He's told voters there...

Fire Destroys Iconic NH Barn
Fire Destroys Iconic NH Barn 

Fire Destroys Iconic NH Barn

Cause of blaze at Scamman Farm in Stratham under investigation

(Newser) - A fire destroyed a barn at a New Hampshire farm that's been the backdrop for political events for Republican presidents and candidates through the years. The fire burned down a barn at the Scamman Farm in Stratham, reports the AP , a little after 10:30pm on Monday. Fire crews...

How the Race Looks After NH
Key Takeaways From the
New Hampshire Primary

Key Takeaways From the New Hampshire Primary

'Stunning' collapse for Warren, Biden

(Newser) - As pollsters predicted, Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary for the second time in a row, giving him the first clear win of the primary season after the chaos in Iowa last week. But while Sanders' win may have been expected, the other New Hampshire results have shaken...

Trump Scores Record Win in New Hampshire

Vote total higher than any previous incumbent

(Newser) - There were no surprises in the Republican primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday as President Trump cruised to victory by a wide margin over challenger Bill Weld. With almost 90% of precincts in, Trump had 85.7% of the vote, Weld had 9.1%, and assorted write-in candidates had 2....

Bernie Sanders Leads in New Hampshire
Bernie Sanders Takes
New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders Takes New Hampshire

Buttigieg was in second and Klobuchar third, while Warren and Biden were well back

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary, reports the AP , Politico , CNN , and the Washington Post . The final tally isn't yet in, but it appears Pete Buttigieg will finish in a close second and Amy Klobuchar a strong third. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden trailed that trio by...

Andrew Yang Drops Out of 2020 Race
Democratic Field Shrinks
by 2 After NH Votes

Democratic Field Shrinks by 2 After NH Votes

Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet are out

(Newser) - The final results in New Hampshire are not in, but two candidates have seen enough: Tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet have dropped out of the 2020 race, reports Politico and the Denver Post .
  • Yang was headed toward a sixth-place finish at best. “I am a

As New Hampshire Votes, One Question Is Key
As New Hampshire Votes,
One Question Is Key
the rundown

As New Hampshire Votes, One Question Is Key

Who finishes third?

(Newser) - New Hampshire is voting in the first primary of the 2020 season (and the traditional small-town midnight results are in ). Going into the night, the most important question may be who finishes in third place, writes Domenico Montanaro at NPR . Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are expected to claim...

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