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After Months of 'Tense Negotiations,' Good News for Vegas

Vegas casinos, hotel workers union reach tentative deal to avoid a strike

(Newser) - Over seven months of tense negotiations, mandatory daily room cleanings underscored the big issues that Las Vegas union hotel workers were fighting to address in their first contracts since the pandemic. Those issues also included job security, better working conditions, and safety while on the job. From the onset of...

Johnny Depp: It's Been a 'Surreal 5 Years'

In interview with 'Sunday Times,' Depp talks new film, 'boycott' against him in wake of legal woes

(Newser) - The reason for the current commotion in Johnny Depp's life? "The absurdity of media mathematics." That's per Depp himself, in a new interview with the Sunday Times in which the 58-year-old actor talks about his new movie, Minimata, and how he thinks he's been snubbed...

Regulators Might Block Amazon's MGM Buy
Regulators Might Block
Amazon's MGM Buy

Regulators Might Block Amazon's MGM Buy

Company's size could make acquisition a 'red flag' for antitrust officials

(Newser) - Amazon announced Wednesday that it has reached an $8.45 billion deal to acquire MGM Studios—but before the online giant can declare itself the owner of the James Bond franchise and the rest of MGM's enormous library, antitrust regulators will need to give the deal the green light....

Amazon Makes Its 2nd-Largest Acquisition

It will buy MGM Studios for $8.45B in deal announced Wednesday

(Newser) - Amazon has made "its boldest move yet into the entertainment industry" with its planned acquisition of movie and TV giant MGM Studios, per CNBC . The company announced Wednesday that it would buy the studio for $8.45 billion, thereby adding MGM's 4,000 films —including the James ...

Hollywood Couldn't Wait on GameStop. Neither Could Netflix

Both streaming platform, MGM are said to be working on movies about Wall Street saga

(Newser) - GameStop: the Musical? Not quite (or at least, not yet), but there are now two movies said to be in the works. Late last week, MGM scooped up the rights to a book proposal about what Deadline calls "one of the craziest weeks in Wall Street history." That...

'No Liability': MGM Sues Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Company says it can't legally be held responsible for the massacre

(Newser) - MGM Resorts is suing more than 1,000 victims of the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas, claiming it has "no liability of any kind." The company—which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel from which Stephen Paddock opened fire, as well as the targeted venue of the Route...

Zappos Offers to Pay for All 58 Vegas Funerals

Company will also donate up to $1M

(Newser) - All 58 people killed in the mass shooting in Las Vegas could have their funerals paid for by Zappos. After paying a total of $20,000 to three families struggling to cover funeral costs, the Las Vegas-based online retailer offered Thursday to cover the same costs for all those killed...

Adelson Looks to Declare War on Online Gambling

Big GOP donor says it's bad for business, country

(Newser) - Casino boss Sheldon Adelson was in the spotlight last November for his enormous donations to GOP campaigns. This year, he's using his billions to fight another battle—against online gambling. Though Caesars, MGM Resorts, and other competitors say the practice could actually benefit casinos, Adelson disagrees; he says it...

How Hollywood Caved to the Nazis
 How Hollywood 
 Caved to the Nazis 


How Hollywood Caved to the Nazis

Book excerpt gives details of Hollywood execs cutting films to meet Nazi demands

(Newser) - The 1930s may have been a golden age in Hollywood but it was a period tarnished by an alliance with the Nazis. In new book The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler, Ben Urwand discusses the hoops some studios—including MGM, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox—jumped through to please...

Erased From Netflix: 1.8K Classic Films

If you were planning to get a 'Goldfinger' fix ... sorry

(Newser) - Bad news: You've lost your chance to watch 1,794 classic movies on Netflix streaming, PC Mag reports. The films (from the likes of Warner Bros., MGM, etc.) that disappeared at midnight include James Bond flicks, at least one Abbot & Costello picture, and movies by Robert Altman,...

Amazon Instant Video Nabs Big Blockbusters

Because Netflix let its exclusive deal with Epix expire

(Newser) - Amazon's Prime Instant Video streaming service is getting a shot in the arm, with a slate of blockbusters that include The Avengers, Hunger Games, Super 8, and more, in a deal that signals trouble for Netflix. The movies are all coming thanks to a new deal with Epix, a...

MGM Digitally Axes Chinese Villains From Film

Bad guys in 'Red Dawn' are now from North Korea

(Newser) - Here's a sign of how much Hollywood is salivating over the potential money to be made in China: MGM is digitally editing the Chinese bad guys in an upcoming movie to make them look like they're from North Korea instead, reports the Los Angeles Times . The move came not because...

MGM Troubles Stop 007
 MGM Troubles Stop 007 

MGM Troubles Stop 007

Producers blame uncertainty about studio's future

(Newser) - MGM's massive debt has done what Goldfinger, Scaramanga, et al couldn't: Stop James Bond in his tracks. The next 007 movie starring heart-stopper Daniel Criag has been suspended indefinitely because of the studio's financial woes and uncertainty about its future, the BBC reports. MGM owes $3.7 billion and has...

Dying MGM Taking Bids
 Dying MGM Taking Bids 

Dying MGM Taking Bids

Struggling studio could be picked up by Time Warner

(Newser) - MGM Studios, once the stuff of Hollywood legend, is on the chopping block: The first bids from potential buyers are expected in the next few weeks, reports Variety . MGM made only one film this year—the poorly-performing Fame—and, possibly even sadder, its future projects include the grim-sounding Hot Tub ...

Hollywood Heads Roll as DVD Sales Plunge

New studio heads place bets on 'branded entertainment'

(Newser) - In previous downturns, the corporate owners of America's movie studios would cut Hollywood some slack. Not anymore: these days, the corporate suites of LA look like the aftermath of a slasher flick, with old hands kicked out at Disney, Universal, MGM, and Paramount. With DVD sales down 25% and...

YouTube to Offer MGM Movies, TV Episodes

Internet site to announce new partnership with studio

(Newser) - YouTube and MGM are about to announce a partnership in which movies and TV shows will be offered on the video-sharing website, reports the New York Times. The deal is part of a strategy by YouTube owner Google to cozy up to Hollywood in a bid to compete with rival...

Cruise's Partner Quits UA
 Cruise's Partner Quits UA

Cruise's Partner Quits UA

Actor's new role is trying to revive his own career

(Newser) - The next mission impossible for Tom Cruise may be reviving his own career, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Cruise's business partner Paula Wagner is quitting her job as CEO of United Artists just weeks after her husband, Cruise's agent Rick Nicita, left CAA. The changes likely reflect the star's unhappiness...

Weinsteins Sign 7-Year Deal With Showtime

Films will replace slate lost when Paramount bailed in April

(Newser) - Showtime and the Weinstein Company have inked an exclusive 7-year movie deal, giving the pay TV network a replacement for the slate of films it lost when Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate decamped in April and teamed up to launch a rival network, Variety reports. Showtime had balked at what it...

Dance Icon Cyd Charisse Dies at 86
 Icon Cyd
 Dies at 86 

Dance Icon Cyd Charisse Dies at 86

She was a frequent partner of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly

(Newser) - Cyd Charisse, who gained renowned as a graceful dancer in the golden age of Hollywood musicals as a partner of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, died today of cardiac arrest at age 86, Variety reports. Known for her beauty and long legs, the 5-6 Charisse gained acclaim in movies such...

Movie Studios to Create Premium Channel

MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate joint venture would target HBO

(Newser) - Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, and Lionsgate are creating a premium TV channel to compete with HBO and Showtime, reports the Los Angeles Times, which currently showcase their programming. The joint venture comes as those same channels look to pay studios less for movies and pursue production of their own content.

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