Chinese food

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This Cuisine Is the World's Favorite

Korean takes the top spot, with Italian coming in second in Bucket List Company's ranking

(Newser) - It's the weekend, which means you might consider getting a little more adventurous with your meal choices than workweek PB&Js. With dishes and recipes from all over the globe readily available at local restaurants and on the internet, you likely already have a top choice in mind. Adventure...

DA: Customer With Duck-Sauce Grudge Killed Deliveryman

'He hates Asian people,' Chinese restaurant manager says of suspect Glenn Hirsch

(Newser) - A customer of a Chinese restaurant in New York City who argued with the manager over extra packets of duck sauce ultimately responded by murdering the restaurant’s longtime deliveryman, authorities say. Glenn Hirsch, 51, was arrested Wednesday and is accused of following and fatally shooting 45-year-old Zhiwen Yan, "...

Merriam-Webster Updates 'Dated, Offensive' Term

It has to do with MSG in Chinese restaurants

(Newser) - Merriam-Webster has updated its entry on "Chinese restaurant syndrome," a term many Asian Americans saw as antiquated and even racist. The phrase was previously defined as a legitimate illness brought on by food seasoned with monosodium glutamate but "especially Chinese food." said symptoms include...

Eatery That Asked Patron to Prepay Now to Pay Him $7.8K

Emile Wickham says his group was racially profiled in Chinese restaurant; tribunal agrees

(Newser) - A Toronto eatery tried to tell Emile Wickham it was standard operating procedure to ask for prepayment before his meal—but that didn't fly with Wickham, nor with the Canadian tribunal that ruled in his favor in April and awarded him $7,800. Per ABC News , Wickham and three...

Man Credited With Inventing General Tso's Chicken Dies

Chef Peng Chang-kuei was 98

(Newser) - The chef who has been credited with inventing General Tso's chicken—a world-famous Chinese food staple not served in China—has died, the AP reports. He was 98. Chef Peng Chang-kuei brought the sticky, sweet-and-sour dish to New York 40 years ago. It became a favorite of Secretary of...

Secret Ingredient Used in China's Restaurants: Drugs

Country's FDA going after eateries it says use opium poppy powder as seasoning

(Newser) - If repasts at restaurants in China have seemed especially delectable (and irresistible) as of late, it may be because workers were sprinkling addictive opiates into the mix. That's what that country's equivalent of the FDA alleges, and now five restaurants are being prosecuted, while 30 others are getting...

Another Example of When You Shouldn't Call 911

To complain about your Chinese food

(Newser) - It's another important public reminder about the 911 system: Calling to complain about your Chinese food is not an acceptable use of it. A woman in Alliance, Ohio, found that out when she phoned in from a local Chinese restaurant to gripe about the quality of her food and...

Cops: Guy Stole Car, Kept Delivering Food

Keith Hinds allegedly wanted to keep money from deliveries

(Newser) - The first thing Keith Hinds did after allegedly stealing a Chinese food delivery car last week? Made a food delivery. Connecticut police say Hinds continued dropping off food so he could keep the money. The delivery driver called police to report that the car had been stolen after he left...

Panda Express May Open in ... China

But chain's 'Chinese' food is very different from traditional fare

(Newser) - Panda Express is weighing an expansion to China—but it could be tough sell for the Chinese food chain, given that American-style Chinese food here is “very alien” in China, writer Jennifer 8. Lee tells NPR . Indeed, American-Chinese food is a cuisine all its own, she notes. Take General...

Michelin-Starred Spot Sued for Serving Up Homophobia

Tight uniforms 'showed off my figure,' complains London waiter

(Newser) - Dim Sum isn't the only thing on the menu at Yauatcha, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London. Managers and customers also serve up homophobic remarks and sexual harassment, a gay ex-waiter is charging. Vincent Ma, 31, is beginning legal proceedings against the Soho hot spot. He says he was constantly subjected...

Best Fortune Cookie Fortunes
 Best Fortune Cookie Fortunes 

Best Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Is your family 'young, gifted and attractive?' Who knows!

(Newser) - Fortune cookie fortunes can be insightful, obscure, and oftentimes both. Slashfood has compiled a list of the 10 best its editors have come across:
  1. "You are magnetic in your bearing."
  2. So, naturally, "The night life is for you."
  3. But remember to "Face facts with dignity.

How General Tso's Came to America

General never tasted dish but Kissinger was a big fan

(Newser) - The Qing dynasty military leader General Tso never tasted the chicken dish that bears his name, Francis Lam finds in a journey into Chinese food history. Classically trained Hunan chef Peng Chang-kuei created the dish and named it after his province's hero after fleeing to Taiwan with the Nationalists in...

Live Fish Dinner on YouTube Sparks Uproar

PETA rips cruel food video

(Newser) - Footage of Chinese diners tucking into a still-breathing fish has outraged animal rights groups. The video, which has attracted thousands of viewers on YouTube, shows the fish being picked apart with chopsticks as diners laugh and the fish gapes. It had been kept alive during cooking with a wet towel...

China Orders Chicken Killed By Snakes Off Menus

(Newser) - China is cracking down on restaurants that serve chicken killed by forced snake bite, Reuters reports. A recent Internet video of a chef urging a snake to repeatedly bite a bird inspired the move. “Snake-bite chicken” is popular in Guangdong and Chongqing provinces. “Not only is it cruel...

Asian Appetites Threaten Florida Turtles

Conservations warn that state's turtles are being eaten out of existence

(Newser) - Asia's insatiable appetite for turtles could be driving some US species to the brink of extinction, the Los Angeles Times reports. The region's newly affluent consumers are happy to shell out top dollar for the delicacy and with most native species already eaten, Florida's turtle exports are booming. Conservationists warn...

Olympians Fearful of Chinese Food Chemicals

Athletes worried about mystery additives plan to pack their own food

(Newser) - In addition to concerns about air quality in Beijing this August, many Olympic athletes are worried about contaminants and chemicals in the food, ABC News reports. With many of China's agricultural products boosted by growth stimulants, or steroids, or amped by antibiotics, athletes are particularly concerned that they might unwittingly...

Chinese Menus Retranslated for Olympics

Government mandates names as squeamish tourists descend

(Newser) - The Chinese government is issuing a list of revised names for some of the country's more obliquely translated dishes in preparation for the wave of tourists the Beijing Olympics will draw this August, the New York Times reports.
  • A disconcerting plate of “husband-and-wife lung slices” will be rechristened as

Author Cracks Open Calif. Fortune Cookie Battle
Author Cracks Open Calif. Fortune Cookie Battle

Author Cracks Open Calif. Fortune Cookie Battle

Chinese rejection sparks food fight for bragging rights

(Newser) - The fortune cookie caps any good Chinese meal in America, and Los Angeles and San Francisco both claim credit for it, Steve Harvey writes in the Los Angeles Times. Angelenos say an LA restaurateur invented the famed wafer in 1918, while their neighbors to the north insist an official gave...

Genitals On the Menu at Beijing's Penis Bistro

Dog's or yak's unmentionables for dinner, anyone?

(Newser) - If your idea of good eating doesn't stretch to yak's penis or duck testicles, then Beijing's Guolizhuang restaurant definitely isn't the place for you. The exclusive restaurant's menu is made up almost entirely of penis and testicle dishes, Der Speigel reports. Well-heeled businessmen flock in for dishes such as "...

A Taste of China Opens in Baghdad

War-torn city gets its first taste of dumplings in Karrada restaurant

(Newser) - The central Baghdad neighborhood of Karrada has seen its share of brutal changes over the past few years, but saw a sign of life in January, when a Chinese restaurant opened its doors, reports Middle East Online. "Like security in Baghdad, it will get better," said one of...

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