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Latest Round of Deadly Storms Kills at Least 18

Including 3 family members found dead in one home in Texas

(Newser) - The death toll from the latest deadly weather to strike the central US has been raised to at least 18 people, the AP reports. Powerful storms also injured hundreds, left tens of thousands without power, and left a wide trail of destruction across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas after obliterating homes...

Louisiana, You're No. 1 (But You May Not Like Why)

State earns the dubious honor of having the most aggressive drivers, per ConsumerAffairs

(Newser) - "What the heck is making Montana drivers so unnecessarily angry?" That's the question posed by Jalopnik after viewing ConsumerAffairs' latest ranking of states where drivers are, shall we say, a little hot behind the wheel. Montana comes in third on that list, which ConsumerAffairs culled by looking at...

US Capitol Is Getting a Johnny Cash Statue

Statues of Man in Black, civil rights leader will replace little-known figures from Arkansas

(Newser) - Instead of two little-known figures from the 18th and 19th centuries, Arkansas will soon be represented at the US Capitol by the "Man in Black" and a woman who was instrumental in the fight over school desegregation. Officials plan to install statues of civil rights leader Daisy Bates this...

These States Have the Most Expensive Home Insurance

Florida comes in at No. 1 on Insurify's list, with an average annual cost of close to $11K

(Newser) - The average annual rate for home insurance comes in at just under $2,400, but in many parts of the country, what homeowners are paying exceeds that figure by far. Insurify lays out the damage, citing rates that rose an average of 20% over the past two years across America....

This Is the Most Stressed-Out State in America

Louisiana tops WalletHub's list, while Minnesotans emerge as the least stressed

(Newser) - If you've been living a relaxed, relatively stress-free life for the past few years, a) you're lying, and b) if you're not lying, can you tell us your secret? The folks in Louisiana certainly would like to know, as the Pelican State ranks as the most-stressed state...

Airport Chief Hurt in Shootout With ATF Agents
Airport Chief
Shot During ATF
Gunfight Dies

Airport Chief Shot During ATF Gunfight Dies

It's still not clear what agents were looking for

(Newser) - The Arkansas airport director shot by federal agents who were serving a search warrant on his home early Tuesday has died, the airport announced Thursday. Bryan Malinowski, 53, "was a 16-year employee of the airport," the chair of the Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission said in a statement...

Relief Efforts Begin After Fatal Tornadoes

Storms caused damage, injuries, and three deaths in four central states

(Newser) - Residents in a swath of the central US hit by deadly tornadoes were cleaning up, assessing damage, and helping neighbors on Saturday. But it will be a long recovery from the storms that ripped through parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas, the AP reports. Thursday night's storms claimed...

Man on Walk With Girlfriend 'Tickled to Death' Over Big Find
Man on Walk With Girlfriend
'Tickled to Death' Over Big Find

Man on Walk With Girlfriend 'Tickled to Death' Over Big Find

Jerry Evans thought it was glass, but discovery in Arkansas state park was 4.87-carat diamond

(Newser) - If you stumble upon a sparkling, gemlike object while walking in a park called Crater of Diamonds, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume your find might be, well, a diamond. Jerry Evans wasn't quite sure, however, when he made such a discovery last spring in the Arkansas state...

Body Found 25 Years Ago in Lake Finally Has a Name

Arkansas' Roger Dale Parham, whose body was found in Kentucky, had been an FBI fugitive

(Newser) - Nearly 25 years after a body was found wrapped in chains and anchored in a lake in Kentucky, authorities have identified the individual as a man who was on the run from the FBI. Roger Dale Parham was arrested for rape involving a minor in Arkansas in November 1998 and...

Here Are the Chubbiest States in America

And the least chubbiest

(Newser) - "Being overweight is becoming the new normal in America." So says WalletHub in its list of the chubbiest and slimmest states in the nation. The site took a look at obesity and overweight prevalence, health consequences, and food and fitness, and cross-referenced them across 31 health metrics. (Note:...

Inmates Win $2K Each After Jail's Ivermectin 'Cocktail'

Arkansas prisoners received antiparasitic drug, which wasn't FDA-approved for COVID, in 2021

(Newser) - Five inmates at an Arkansas jail received a small settlement last month after being given ivermectin to treat their bouts with COVID. The Washington Post reports that the detainees involved in a lawsuit against Fayetteville's Washington County Detention Center were each awarded $2,000, in what ACLU Arkansas calls...

Huckabee Sanders Dropped $19K on a Lectern, Raising a Ruckus

Some are calling it 'PodiumGate,' though it's not a podium

(Newser) - It's being called "PodiumGate," though technically it's LecternGate, because it was a lectern on which Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders spent no less than $19,029.25, according to the receipt posted on X last month by a liberal blogger and lawyer that set off the...

7-Year-Old's Birthday Hunt Produces Sparkling Find

Aspen Brown spots a gem in Arkansas state park

(Newser) - Aspen Brown didn't need anyone to give her a diamond for her seventh birthday—she came up with her own. The girl was visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, to mark her milestone with her father and grandmother on Sept. 1, a release by the park...

He Escaped Prison on a Jet Ski, Is Caught in West Virginia

3 people found with escaped convict will be charged with helping him

(Newser) - A convicted rapist who authorities say used a jet ski during an escape from an Arkansas prison last year was arrested Tuesday in West Virginia, the US Marshals Service said. Samuel Paul Hartman, 39, was arrested along with his wife, his mother, and his mother's boyfriend at a hotel...

Arkansas Has Surprise AP Course Decision on First Day of School

African American Studies course won't count toward graduation credit

(Newser) - Arkansas education officials on Monday said an Advanced Placement course on African American studies won't count toward a student's graduation credit, prompting criticism from Black lawmakers who said the move sends the wrong message, the AP reports. The Arkansas Department of Education didn't bar schools from offering...

Lawmaker's Wife Accused of Targeting Little Free Libraries

She said she has been buying Bibles, 'swapping out' content

(Newser) - After a Facebook post from the wife of a Republican state lawmaker in Arkansas, conservatives in the state were accused of seeking to censor Little Free Libraries as well as school libraries and public libraries. "I have been swapping out books in little free libraries for awhile. I have...

Texas to Overheated Locals: Cut Back on Power to Save Grid

Other parts of South also suffering from sweltering temps, post-storm power outages

(Newser) - Texas' power grid operator asked residents Tuesday to voluntarily cut back on electricity due to anticipated record demand on the system, as a heat wave kept large swaths of the state and southern US in triple-digit temperatures. On the last day of spring, the sweltering heat felt more like the...

Arkansas Lawmakers Override Governor on Transgender Law
Judge Strikes Down
Arkansas Transgender Law

Judge Strikes Down Arkansas Transgender Law

2021 law banned treatments for trans youth

(Newser) - A federal judge struck down Arkansas' first-in-the-nation ban on gender-affirming care for children as unconstitutional Tuesday, the first ruling to overturn such a prohibition as a growing number of Republican-led states adopt similar restrictions. US District Judge Jay Moody issued a permanent injunction against the Arkansas law, which would have...

Bad Weather Is Coming for the Deep South
Deep South,
Get Ready to
Get Walloped

Deep South, Get Ready to Get Walloped

Severe thunderstorms, winds, tornadoes, hail blowing through on Wednesday

(Newser) - Americans in the Deep South might want to find a nice Yankee cousin to visit for a couple of days, because the weather is looking to be, shall we say, unpleasant? As reports, a strong jet stream is ripping through the region starting Wednesday, bringing with it severe...

Arkansas Suit Fights Law That Could Jail Librarians

Legislation calls for violating constitutional rights, libraries and publishers argue

(Newser) - Public libraries and book publishers have joined forces to fight a new Arkansas law that they see not only as an attempt to limit constitutional rights by severely restricting access to material, but as a threat to librarians themselves. The coalition filed a federal lawsuit Friday to prevent Act 372...

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