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He Got Buried in an Avalanche, Dug Himself Out

But 2 others died on the slopes of Utah on Thursday, after days of spring snowstorms

(Newser) - Two backcountry skiers were killed and one was rescued after they were swept up and buried in an avalanche Thursday in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City that occurred after several days of spring snowstorms, authorities said. A rescue team went to the area midmorning after the avalanche was...

California Gets Its Snowiest Day This Season ... in May

Typically, precipitation is dropping off in the state by April

(Newser) - "Did anyone have the snowiest day of the 2023/2024 season being in May on their winter bingo card?" That was the word from the UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Laboratory at Donner Summit after station officials recorded, on the unlikely date of May 5, 26.4 inches of snow...

'Unusually Normal' Winter Is Great News for California

Snowpack is at 110% of average

(Newser) - California authorities are celebrating something that's becoming increasingly rare: a normal snowpack measurement. The early April survey—a key indicator of water supply and wildfire risk in the months ahead—found a snowpack measurement of 110% of the historical average, the Guardian reports. The last winter this close to...

Northeast Is Getting Hit by an April Nor'easter

Heavy rain, snow, high winds are resulting in a lot of disruption

(Newser) - A major spring storm brought heavy snow, rain, and high winds to the Northeast late Wednesday and into Thursday, causing more than 680,000 power outages across the region, with the majority in Maine and New Hampshire. Two feet of snow is possible in parts of northern New England by...

In a Place Famous for Winter, 'What If Winter Never Comes?'

Life is currently 'unrecognizable' in Wisconsin's Northwoods, where snow and ice have been sparse

(Newser) - Maple sugaring season has kicked off early in Wisconsin's Northwoods—great news for pancake lovers, but not-so-great news for this area and other parts of the Upper Midwest that are experiencing what the Washington Post calls a "lost winter."
  • What's going on: Warmer-than-usual temps in Wisconsin

These Experts Warn of a 'House of Cards' on the Slopes

The AP explains how a weak bottom layer creates life-threatening conditions

(Newser) - Avalanche safety specialists say their job has become more difficult in recent years as climate change brings extreme weather, and surging numbers of skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers visit backcountry areas since the COVID-19 pandemic. More people means more chances to trigger fatal avalanches, despite technological advances in safety equipment, explains...

Winter Games Cut Back Due to Lack of Winter

Lack of snow raises fears of worsening drought in Canada's British Columbia

(Newser) - There will be just two outdoor sports at British Columbia's upcoming Winter Games. "A lack of snowpack on the mountain at Troll Ski Resort and the absence of heavy snowfall in the forecast" prompted the BC Alpine, Freestyle BC, and BC Snowboard organizations to withdraw from the event,...

Los Angeles Getting a Month's Worth of Rain in a Few Hours

Flash flood warning issued near Grammy Awards venue

(Newser) - California was being battered by the second of two back-to-back atmospheric rivers Sunday, with Los Angeles expected to get a month's worth of rain in just a few hours. A flash flood warning was issued for the city Sunday night as the Grammy Awards were taking place—and the...

Even Alaskans Are Getting Sick of Snow
In Alaska, 'a Pandemic of Snow'

In Alaska, 'a Pandemic of Snow'

Anchorage hits 100-inch mark at earliest point in the year ever, on its way to breaking a record

(Newser) - Even by Alaska standards, there's a lot of snow this winter. So much snow has fallen—so far, more than 8.5 feet—that roofs on commercial buildings are collapsing around Anchorage and officials are urging residents to break out their shovels to avoid a similar fate at home....

Amid Winter Storms, Power Outages and a Skidding Plane

Several dozen deaths have been registered so far across the nation due to cold, rain, snow, wind

(Newser) - Storms that have turned roads into icy death traps, frozen people to death from Oregon to Tennessee, and even sent a plane skidding off a taxiway were expected to sock both coasts with another round of weather chaos on Friday. New York City—which only on Tuesday saw its first...

2-Year Snow Drought Ends in Major Cities

New York, Philly, DC among those seeing at least an inch for the first time in a while

(Newser) - Monday's overnight storm along the East Coast did more than foul flights and put a deep chill on residents—it ended a two-year snow drought in major locales such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. New York's Central Park had 1.4 inches of snow Tuesday...

Bills Fans Have to Dig Out Stadium—Fast

After weekend storm, team scrambles to clear venue of snow before Monday's game vs. Steelers

(Newser) - It was still snowing in Buffalo as of 8am Monday morning, with just hours to go before the Buffalo Bills take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in a wild-card playoff game in Western New York's Orchard Park. Snowfall reached several feet in some parts of Erie County, with Orchard Park...

Warmer Weather Is Shrinking Vital Snowpack
Our Spring Snowpack
Keeps Getting Smaller

Our Spring Snowpack Keeps Getting Smaller

Researchers saw a steep decline in Northern Hemisphere over four decades

(Newser) - If you've been wondering where all the snow's gone—historically speaking—you're not alone. A new study in the journal Nature suggests that snowpack throughout the Northern Hemisphere has dropped sharply over the last 40 years, the New York Times reports. Snowpack is seasonally stable snow that...

'EVERY State in US' Under NWS' Watchful Eye This Weekend

Brutal cold, storms threaten Iowa caucus, NFL playoffs in Buffalo and Kansas City

(Newser) - Brutally cold weather could prove a deadly challenge Saturday amid a continuing wave of Arctic storms that have hammered much of the country with blinding snow, freezing rain, and whipping winds. Governors from New York to Louisiana declared states of emergency ahead of predicted snow and bone-chilling temperatures. In St....

Longing for That Elusive Snow? It May Be Coming

Winter storm set to descend on Northeast, mid-Atlantic states this weekend

(Newser) - Bing Crosby might get his snow after all, though not in time for Christmas 2023 . A winter storm is set to descend this weekend upon the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, though the Weather Channel concedes it's not yet clear how powerful the storm will be or what its track...

Bing Crosby Would Be Disappointed This Christmas

Prospects aren't good for a white Christmas across much of the US—except in Alaska

(Newser) - For most Americans dreaming of a white Christmas, this year's prospects aren't good. Although parts of the Rockies and Midwest already have snow or could get a fresh dusting by Monday, other parts of the country that are normally coated in white this time of year are still...

With Less Snow, Ski Resorts Seek Wholly Different Clientele

Some ski resorts are shifting their business models to include biking

(Newser) - As ski resorts across Europe grapple with warmer winters, some have seen a future in ditching skis for mountain bikes. Wired reports that Italian resort Fai della Paganella originally outfitted a chairlift to accommodate bikes in 2011 as an experiment, but the attraction quickly eclipsed its skiing business. "Sixty-five...

Shrinking Great Salt Lake Is Making Utah Dustier
Utah's Famously White Snow
Is Getting Dusty
New Study

Utah's Famously White Snow Is Getting Dusty

Scientists say the shrinking Great Salt Lake is a big factor, with serious implications

(Newser) - Dust blowing off the dry areas around the receding Great Salt Lake is coating the famously ski-friendly pure white snow on nearby slopes and causing early melting—a big problem with wide-ranging effects for Utah, reports Smithsonian Magazine . In a study published by Environmental Research Letters , University of Utah hydrologist...

California Snowpack Is Huge, and 'Big Melt' Poses Risks

Snow is at deepest level in about 70 years

(Newser) - California officials say winter storms have resulted in the state's deepest snowpack in 70 years, reports the Los Angeles Times . All that frozen water is good news for drought-stricken parts of California, but the liquid volume of the Sierra Nevada snowpack—which the Times says is greater than that...

California's Ski Season Could Last Until August
California Will Be
Skiing in Summer
in case you missed it

California Will Be Skiing in Summer

Some resorts have announced they'll stay open far into the season, thanks to vast snowfall

(Newser) - A few of California's ski resorts have announced they'll be staying open into summer, thanks to the massive snowfall the state has gotten this season. Palisades Tahoe said that after the Lake Tahoe area's second snowiest winter on record, it would keep the alpine portion of the...

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