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NASA Loses Touch With Voyager 2 After Foul-Up

Instruction from Earth shifted antenna out of line

(Newser) - On July 21, NASA sent a series of commands to Voyager 2, which is 12.4 billion miles from Earth. One of them had the unplanned effect of moving the spacecraft's antenna 2 degrees, enough of a change in orientation to break off communication with Mission Control. For now,...

NASA 'Trick' Boosts Voyager 2's Life by 3 Years

Space agency figured out a way to fiddle with the spacecraft's power

(Newser) - NASA has found a way to keep Voyager 2 fully operational until 2026 by adding a new power source, reports Business Insider . Forty-five years after the probe's launch, the move described as a "technical trick" by means V2 won't have to shut down one of...

Voyager 1 Glitch Puzzles NASA
Voyager 1 Glitch
Puzzles NASA

Voyager 1 Glitch Puzzles NASA

Venerable space traveler is mainly OK, but some of the data it's sending back is off

(Newser) - In the grand scheme of things, the astonishing Voyager 1 is still behaving like a champ. But the 45-year-old space probe is experiencing a glitch that has NASA scientists baffled, reports CNN . As describes it, Voyager has lately "appeared confused about its location in space." However,...

Earthlings Can Celebrate a Huge Space Milestone
Voyager 2 Cracks Big
Boundary in Deep Space
the Rundown

Voyager 2 Cracks Big Boundary in Deep Space

Spacecraft becomes 2nd man-made craft to enter interstellar space

(Newser) - NASA is now two for two in regard to a huge achievement in space. Voyager 2 has become only the second man-made object to enter interstellar space, or the "space between the stars," as a release from the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory puts it. The first was...

Now Available: Same Record We Shipped to Extraterrestrials

'Voyager Golden Record' from 1970s is being released to the public

(Newser) - Somewhere out in the great abyss of space, an alien may be jamming to Chuck Berry this very moment. Now, earthlings can buy the very same record. The Washington Post reports that startup Ozma Records is poised to begin shipping copies of the famed Golden Record that NASA sent into...

Scientists Found Something Surprising Near Uranus

The gas giant may have two small, undiscovered moons

(Newser) - Scientists are taking a closer look at Uranus after strange patterns turned up in images from 30 years ago. Engadget reports that researchers looking at data from NASA's Voyager 2—which became the only spacecraft ever to fly by Uranus when it did so in 1986—noticed that the...

Earth's Message to Aliens Coming to Humans Soon

Kickstarter campaign seeks to release vinyl version of Voyager's 'golden record'

(Newser) - It’s been dubbed "music for aliens," but the Voyager golden record, sent into space on NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 in 1977, was as much "a gift to humanity" as it was "a gift from humanity to the cosmos," per a Kickstarter campaign....

Solar System Is Dented: Voyager
Solar System Is Dented: Voyager

Solar System Is Dented: Voyager

Intrepid spacecraft finds strange bulges in the heliosphere

(Newser) - Far out in space, a violent boundary zone marks the point where our solar system ends and outer space begins. NASA's Voyager 2 has now confirmed what its sister ship indicated: that this region is squashed and uneven, reports. This shock wave "sloshes back and forth like...

8 Stories
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