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James Cameron on AI: 'I Warned You Guys in 1984'

'But you didn't listen,' says 'Terminator' director

(Newser) - James Cameron says he's concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence—and it's something he warned about in the first Terminator movie, which he directed and co-wrote in 1984. "I warned you guys in 1984 and you didn't listen," the Canadian filmmaker told CTV in...

Critics Slam Netflix for Bringing Back Titanic

Insiders say it's a coincidence, not an attempt to profit from Titan tragedy

(Newser) - When Netflix arranged for Titanic to return to the streaming service on July 1, the company probably wasn't expecting people to complain that it was too soon. The company is facing backlash accusing it of trying to profit from the Titan submersible tragedy, with Twitter users calling the move...

James Cameron on Sub: 'I Wish I'd Spoken Up'

Director details flaws he saw in Titan's construction, slams OceanGate's lack of third-party certification

(Newser) - James Cameron says he knew "in my bones" that the Titan submersible was gone as soon as he heard it was missing. Now, the Titanic director and deep-sea explorer is expressing regret at not speaking up more on his concerns about the OceanGate vessel, which he says "shouldn'...

James Cameron: As Soon as I Heard About Missing Sub, I Knew 'in My Bones'

He got info from fellow deep-sea enthusiasts, figured what must have happened

(Newser) - One person who was not surprised by Thursday's devastating news about the fate of the doomed Titanic submersible: Titanic director and deep-submergence enthusiast James Cameron. In interviews with the BBC and CNN , Cameron, who himself has been on 33 dives to the wreckage of the Titanic, says as soon...

James Cameron: OK, 'Jack Might Have Lived'

New experiment about 'Titanic' scene suggests so, but director cites a 'lot of variables'

(Newser) - Director James Cameron has conceded for the first time something that Titanic fans have argued for 25 years: "Jack might have lived." But probably not the way most people think. As Variety explains, Cameron worked with National Geographic on a new special to explore the question. Lots of...

Avatar Sequel Sets 2022 Box Office Record

It's the fastest to hit $1B global box office this year

(Newser) - For the last 25 years, the world box office record has been held by movies directed by James Cameron, and Avatar: The Way of Water could extend the streak. Cameron's 1997 Titanic film was knocked off top spot by the first Avatar movie in early 2010, and the long-awaited...

James Cameron to Settle Titanic Debate 'Once and for All'

Director teases analysis showing both Jack and Rose could not have survived on floating door

(Newser) - James Cameron may be promoting his new Avatar sequel but he's still fielding questions about the ending of his 25-year-old blockbuster Titanic—questions he hopes to answer "once and for all" with an upcoming special. Asked recently whether he ever regretted letting Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack die, the...

What Critics Are Saying About Avatar 2
What Critics Are Saying
About Avatar 2

What Critics Are Saying About Avatar 2

'You don’t feel like you're watching a movie so much as floating in one'

(Newser) - After a 13-year wait, James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water is here. Having lost his human body, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is now a renowned Na'vi warrior and father, whose family—including mate Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) and a human orphan —is forced from the Pandoran...

Cameron Takes Preemptive Strike at Avatar 'Trolls'

Director doesn't want to hear whining about running time, forgotten characters

(Newser) - The running time of the upcoming Avatar sequel hasn't yet be revealed, but you can expect it to be long. After all, director James Cameron "hasn't made a movie under two-hours-long since The Terminator" of 1984, reports Slashfilm . Avatar itself was 2 hours and 40 minutes long....

72-Year-Old Sigourney Weaver Plays Teen in Avatar Sequel

And a blue one, at that

(Newser) - Empire magazine reveals a surprise about the upcoming Avatar sequel: In it, 72-year-old Sigourney Weaver plays a teenager. More specifically, Weaver plays a blue Na'vi humanoid named Kiri. Director James Cameron's motion-capture technology will take care of much of the physical transformation in Avatar: The Way of ...

Finally, After Years of Delays, a Peek Into Avatar Sequel
Footage for 
Avatar Sequel
Is Out, With
One Big Tease

Footage for Avatar Sequel Is Out, With One Big Tease

Could it be that one of Jake and Neytiri's kids are human?

(Newser) - It's been 13 years in the making, but Avatar fans finally can see a sequel on the horizon. Variety reports that 20th Century Studios is offering a sneak peek of James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water via a new trailer that tracks down Jake Sully, Neytiri, and...

Film Titans Say Oscars Format Will Cause 'Irreparable Damage'

Open letter slams decision to present 8 of the 23 awards off-air

(Newser) - Update: There have been grumblings on #FilmTwitter about the Academy's decision to hand out eight of its 23 awards before the Oscars telecast. An open letter sent to Academy President David Rubin makes clear some heavy hitters also object, reports the Los Angeles Times . The missive issued Wednesday and...

Marvel Concedes: Avatar Is Back Atop All-Time Box Office

Avengers: Endgame

(Newser) - The lastest expression of China's economic might came Saturday, when the rereleased Avatar sold enough tickets there to again make it the highest-grossing film of all time. As box office sales topped $2.8 billion, Avatar displaced Avengers: Endgame, CNBC reports. The Avengers installment, which took the title in...

New Zealand Makes an Exception for James Cameron

Director and crew given entry to nearly virus-free nation to shoot 'Avatar' sequels

(Newser) - No outsiders are generally allowed inside New Zealand these days as the nation continues its three-month-old travel ban to keep COVID-19 in check . If you're James Cameron, however, there's a little wiggle room. Bloomberg reports that the director and a 30-person crew have been bestowed with an exemption...

Endgame Sinks Titanic in Worldwide Blowout
Now, It's Just
Endgame vs.
James Cameron
box office

Now, It's Just Endgame vs. James Cameron

The Marvel epic is ahead of 'Titanic' but behind 'Avatar'

(Newser) - Avengers: Endgame crushed the global box office for a second straight week and hit $2.189 billion worldwide—putting it ahead of one James Cameron-directed movie and behind another for the highest-grossing movie ever, per the Hollywood Reporter . Specifically, Endgame is ahead of Titanic ($2.187 billion, adjusted for inflation)...

James Cameron: Jack 'Had to Die' in Titanic

Otherwise, the ending would have been 'meaningless,' he argues

(Newser) - As the New York Daily News notes, the show Mythbusters once devoted an episode to proving that both Jack and Rose could have survived on that floating door near the end of Titanic. So why did Leo DiCaprio's character have to die? "The answer is very simple because...

Linda Hamilton Announcement Means the Gang's All Here

She'll be part of the 6th installment of the Terminator films

(Newser) - Brace yourself for plenty of "she'll be back" quips: Linda Hamilton will have a role in the new Terminator flick being produced by James Cameron, who hasn't had a part in the franchise since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. They'll be joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger...

James Cameron's Wonder Woman Criticism Doesn't Go Over Well

Director Patty Jenkins responds to his slam of it as 'step backward' for women

(Newser) - Fans and critics alike seem to love Wonder Woman, but James Cameron has ignited a controversy with his new slam of the film. During an interview with the Guardian , the Oscar-winning director made the case that the movie is getting unwarranted credit for having a strong female lead. "All...

Stars Light Up 3rd Night of DNC

 Stars Light Up 
 3rd Night of DNC 

Stars Light Up 3rd Night of DNC

Angela Bassett, Sigourney Weaver, Lenny Kravitz, most of Broadway, among those who turn out

(Newser) - Angela Bassett and Sigourney Weaver, Empire producer Lee Daniels, and rocker Lenny Kravitz are providing the celebrity power Wednesday on Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention. Weaver introduced a climate-change film by director James Cameron, "Not Reality TV," featuring Jack Black, Don Cheadle, America Ferrera, and the...

7 Celebs Who Aren't Nice to Work With

From Katie Couric to Gwyneth Paltrow

(Newser) - For every celebrity who throws a lavish party for the people they work with, there's a diva who throws temper tantrums instead. Below are seven famous folks who've gained a reputation for being difficult to work with:
  • Katie Couric: The talk show host is reportedly trying to return

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