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Mobile Ads Help Facebook Beat Expectations

Revenue is up 60% for the quarter

(Newser) - Facebook posted a 60% revenue increase in the third quarter thanks to mobile advertising growth. The numbers beat Wall Street's expectations for the second consecutive quarter. The world's largest social network said today that it earned $425 million, or 17 cents per share, in the July-September period. That'...

Surprisingly Strong Quarter Lifts Facebook Stock

It's now at $31, edging closer to $38 at IPO

(Newser) - Facebook's stock is flying high after the world's biggest social network posted higher revenue from mobile ads and delivered a healthy second-quarter profit that reversed a loss a year earlier. Facebook said today that it earned $333 million, or 13 cents per share, in the April-June period. That'...

Mobile Ads Help Facebook Beat Expectations

Membership now at 1.11B

(Newser) - Good news for Facebook on earnings report day: Net income and revenue grew in the first quarter of the year, helped by an increase in mobile ad revenue—a figure that some skeptical investors have been watching closely. The company said its net income was $219 million, up from $205...

Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking You, Again

Advertisers getting data, though this time, at least, it's anonymous

(Newser) - There's an iOS6 feature you probably haven't heard of that's making some people very happy. Unfortunately, those people are advertisers. The new iPhone OS comes with a new tracking system that clues advertisers in on how you're using the phone, Business Insider reports. Tracking is turned...

Get Ready for New Ads in Your Facebook App

Other companies' apps will be touted in your mobile News Feed

(Newser) - Could this be the way to solve Facebook's mobile revenue woes ? The company will soon offer a new kind of mobile advertising that will place ads for apps in users' mobile News Feeds, based on other apps that user has on his phone, reports the Wall Street Journal...

Google Patents Ads Based on Temperature, Noise

Search giant wants to watch your surroundings via device sensors

(Newser) - Watching your search habits and email apparently isn't enough for Google. The company was awarded a patent this week for "advertising based on environmental conditions," PC World reports. Google intends to gather information on your surroundings via sensors in your phone or tablet—things like temperature, humidity,...

Facebook May Doom Little Guys With Mobile 'Deals'

Groupon, Foursquare, Gowalla in trouble

(Newser) - Facebook rolled out some new mobile features yesterday, most notably “Facebook Deals,” a kind of mashup of Foursquare/Gowalla, and Groupon. Users can check in on Facebook Places and get location-sensitive deals from nearby merchants. The Gap, for example, will give out a free pair of jeans to the...

Verizon, Google Near Deal on Mobile Search

Giants in their respective fields, the duo will offer simplified mobile search

(Newser) - Verizon and Google are nearing a deal that would make Google the default search tool on Verizon mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reports, giving a boost to the under-monetized $244-million mobile search business while setting a precedent for mobile ad revenue sharing. The deal, expected to close within weeks,...

More Advertisers Text to (Willing) Customers

Media companies jumping on board as ads have higher success rate than Web versions

(Newser) - Text-message advertisements are catching on with marketers, largely because consumers actually ask to receive them—or at least to receive content that ads are attached to, the Wall Street Journal reports. Coors Light, for example, added marketing blurbs to text alerts requested by fans during last month's NFL draft, of...

Local TV Is Ready to Go Mobile
Local TV Is Ready to Go Mobile

Local TV Is Ready to Go Mobile

Station owners push for open standard

(Newser) - Local TV stations that have been hemorrhaging ad dollars are banding together to pursue mobile television. A group of more than 800 local outlets is pushing for an open standard that would permit broadcasting to devices including cellphones and laptops, bypassing cellphone providers. The group projects that mobile advertising will...

Coming Soon to Your Cell: Spam
Coming Soon
to Your
Cell: Spam

Coming Soon to Your Cell: Spam

Users pay for unwanted text messages; 'smishers' fish for info

(Newser) - To the dismay of customers and cellphone providers, spammers and even phishers have gone mobile. Researchers predict US consumers will get a record 1.5 billion spam text messages this year, while “smishing” texts try to con recipients into giving up sensitive financial information, reports the Washington Post. Most...

Cell Phone Ads Slowed by Privacy Worries

Carriers love targeted marketing, but are afraid to tick you off

(Newser) - With the mobile Internet and GPS location-based services expanding, marketers and mobile phone companies are anxious to tap into a new level of targeted advertising. But, the AP reports, carriers are proceeding with caution in implementing the ads because they don’t want the perception of a privacy invasion to...

Microsoft Launches Cell Phone Ad Sales

Graphic or text banners can be shown on MSN Mobile portal

(Newser) - Microsoft launched cell phone advertising in the US Monday, with banner ads displayed on MSN Mobile, a portal accessible from any mobile phone. The ads will be displayed as graphics or text, depending on the user's phone, reports AP. Competitors Yahoo, Google, and numerous smaller companies already sell mobile advertising,...

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