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IRS Challenges AIG's Offshore Tax Deals

(Newser) - The IRS is challenging a series of tax-skirting deals engineered by the much-maligned AIG Financial Products unit, the Wall Street Journal reports. The deals exploited differences in international tax codes to reduce tax payments for foreign banks—many of the same banks the US government would later pay to settle...

AIG Sues US Over Tax Payments

(Newser) - Even as Washington rails against AIG’s bonus giveaway, the insurer is quietly suing the government for $306 million in tax payments, the New York Times reports. AIG’s case hinges largely on its use of offshore tax havens, including one entity that handles executive compensation. It also says it...

Philanthropists Cry Foul Over Obama Budget
Philanthropists Cry Foul Over Obama Budget

Philanthropists Cry Foul Over Obama Budget

Higher taxes, cap on deductions may lead to $4B less in charity

(Newser) - Charity may be a virtue, but in America there's another motivation for philanthropy: generous tax deductions of as much as 35%. Barack Obama's proposed 2010 budget may change all that; not only will it raise taxes on the most wealthy to almost 40%, it will cap charitable deductions at a...

Irish Angry at U2's Tax Evasion

Group criticized as hypocritical in light of history of activism

(Newser) - U2 is under fire for possible tax evasion as the Irish government pushes for a bigger slice of the band’s earnings, the Christian Science Monitor reports. U2 moved its publishing company to Amsterdam in 2006 after a tax bill limited artists’ tax-free earnings to $315,000. With Irish deficits...

Dems Tread Similar Paths on Economy
Dems Tread Similar Paths
on Economy

Dems Tread Similar Paths on Economy

Neither Clinton nor Obama venturing far into populist Edwards territory

(Newser) - With the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries on the horizon, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are fine-tuning economic visions that have more similarities than differences, reports the Washington Post. Both candidates promise to ease the middle class tax burden while putting pressure on corporations that send jobs overseas, and to protect...

Texas Hits Strip Clubs With 'Pole Tax'

Smaller clubs sue over feared loss of clientele

(Newser) - Texas strip clubs are suing over a new law that will force them to collect a $5-per-person tax on clientele, the AP reports. Most of the estimated $40 million in proceeds will help rape victims, which club owners claim to support, but smaller venues fear a loss of customers. A...

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