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Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs Are Handed a Death Sentence

Advocates praise move to wind down use of '19th-century technology'

(Newser) - The Biden administration is scrapping old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs, speeding an ongoing trend toward more efficient lighting that officials say will save households, schools, and businesses billions of dollars a year. Rules finalized by the Energy Department will require manufacturers to sell energy-efficient light bulbs, accelerating a longtime industry practice...

Light Bulb of the Future: Incandescent?
 Light Bulb 
 of the Future: 
new study

Light Bulb of the Future: Incandescent?

'New lease on life' for Edison's filaments?

(Newser) - The old-school incandescent bulb has been getting a bad rap, but MIT researchers say they've figured out a way to make one that even Al Gore would embrace. In fact, their breakthrough could result in an incandescent bulb far more efficient than the more modern LEDs or compact fluorescents,...

No, Incandescent Bulbs Aren't 'Banned'

They're just evolving and getting more expensive

(Newser) - By now, you've probably heard that as of yesterday , it's illegal to manufacture 40W and 60W incandescent light bulbs, due to a government ban . Ergo, the incandescent bulb is dead—except it's not, writes Sean Hollister at The Verge . "There is no such thing as an...

Light Bulb Ban Among 2014's 40K New Laws

Placentas, drones, pot also feature

(Newser) - Most of the 40,000 new state, federal, and local laws that took effect at midnight are pretty dull but there are some doozies in there—including the legalization of recreational pot in Colorado, where over-21s will be able to walk into stores and buy weed for recreational toking starting...

Big Light Bulb Phase-Out Begins Jan. 1

Production ends for 60W and 40W incandescent bulbs Wednesday

(Newser) - Next Wednesday—Jan. 1—production will officially end on incandescent light bulbs, and according to a new survey, this likely comes as news to most of you. While 64% of Americans are aware that incandescents are being phased out, only 4 in 10 know that the bell tolls for the...

Incandescent Light Bulbs Get Reprieve—for Now

Congress nixes rule change, but it likely won't matter in the long run

(Newser) - Among the things saved in yesterday's $1 trillion spending bill , you can include the humble incandescent light bulb, reports ABC News . A 2007 energy bill requiring more efficient standards would have effectively phased out the bulbs as of Jan. 1, forcing people to switch to energy-saving fluorescent bulbs (...

4 Products Going the Way of the Dodo

Bar soap, antiperspirant spray wane in popularity

(Newser) - Another casualty of the recession could be your favorite deodorant: As consumers flock toward store brands and stores in turn look to downsize, the result is the death of some of America's best-known consumer products, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. "As we shrink the size of stores, a number...

How Big Government Actually Helps Innovation
How Big Government
Actually Helps Innovation

How Big Government Actually Helps Innovation

Op-ed: Federal standards have helped technology advance

(Newser) - Last week, Michele Bachmann introduced a bill to repeal the energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs, because, as she said, the “government has no business telling an individual what kind of lightbulb to buy.” She’s not the only conservative politician who’s upset (see here and here )....

Dems Forcing 'Girly' Lightbulbs on Us: Colbert

Why should we have to use these 'pigtail lights'?

(Newser) - Thanks to the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, incandescent lightbulbs will be "effectively banned" by the Democrats come 2012, complained Stephen Colbert last night —and he is not happy about their replacements, the girly-looking compact fluorescent lights that some conservatives have described as looking like pigtails or...

Our Innovative Green Lightbulbs Are Made in China

Innovation costs US yet more factory jobs

(Newser) - The Obama administration often argues that promoting green technologies will create new American jobs, but tell that to the 200 guys still working at GE’s last major incandescent light bulb factory in Virginia. The factory is closing this month, thanks to a 2007 law essentially outlawing the old-fashioned bulbs....

Euro Bulb Ban Begins, But Many Take Dim View of CFLs

Consumers stockpile aesthetically pleasing old-school bulbs

(Newser) - Though proponents plug the financial savings and good climate karma of compact fluorescent light bulbs, not everyone thinks the European ban on most incandescent bulbs that kicks in tomorrow is such a bright idea, the New York Times reports. Consumers across the continent are hoarding old-school bulbs, worried over the...

EU Will Ban Incandescent Bulbs
 EU Will Ban Incandescent Bulbs 

EU Will Ban Incandescent Bulbs

Capacity might be only speed bump to quick switch to CFLs

(Newser) - The European Union is set to begin phasing out the incandescent light bulb in favor of compact fluorescent bulb, Der Spiegel reports. The highest-wattage bulbs will go next year; the transition to CFLs—using a fifth of the energy and lasting 10 times longer—should be complete in 2015. 

Venture Capitalists See the Eco-Friendly Light

LED and other cleaner, efficient options attracted $100M in first quarter of '08

(Newser) - Venture capitalists are swarming around firms developing LED (light-emitting diode) and similar lighting technologies beyond their current applications in calculators and cell phones, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Investors see new sources, using one-sixth of the power of incandescent bulbs, as environmentally friendly replacements for indoor and outdoor lighting.

What's the Next Bright Idea for Light Bulbs?

Two next-generation contenders emerge

(Newser) - Retailers will be banned from selling inefficient incandescent bulbs in 2012, but manufacturers say their bright idea about compact fluorescents came years ago and the industry was heading in that direction anyway. In fact, the coming years will see a wave of more efficient light sources—not only flourescents, but...

LEDs Light Up Europe, As Bulb Makers Switch

An Italian village goes LED, and Philips makes a multi-billion bet

(Newser) - Europe is going low-e with LEDs, presaging a trend about to spread worldwide. The Italian village Torraca, for example, just switched all of its streetlights for light-emitting diode fixtures, and Dutch electronics giant Philips has snapped up an American firm in a plan to push similar changes in the states....

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