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Court: Sturgeon Can't Call Scottish Independence Vote

Leader says she'll make the next general election a proxy

(Newser) - Scotland is not allowed to hold another referendum on independence unless the UK government agrees, the British Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak opposes the idea. Nevertheless, Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon, who wanted a vote next October, said she respects the ruling—though she's not...

Scots Pick 'Obvious Choice' in Poll to Name New Museum

The museum in Perth will be called Perth Museum

(Newser) - A museum in Scotland decided to let the public choose its new name—and it isn't going to be Museum McMuseumface. After a period in which the public was invited to submit names and vote on the suggestions, the new museum in Perth will be called Perth Museum, the...

Before Her Execution, This Jailed Queen Lived Like the 1%

Newly revealed papers show Mary, Queen of Scots ate like, well, a queen during 19-year imprisonment

(Newser) - Of all the news hitting us this week, we didn't expect to hear too much about Mary, Queen of Scots. But here we are, finding out that, if the 16th-century monarch imprisoned by her cousin for nearly two decades had had to write a Yelp review of her treatment...

There's a New Most-Tracked Flight in History

5M people followed queen's journey home to London, per Flightradar24

(Newser) - The plane carrying the body of Queen Elizabeth II to her home in London just became the most-tracked flight ever—by a long shot. Five million people tracked the Royal Air Force plane as it flew from Edinburgh, Scotland—about 100 miles south of where the queen died at Balmoral...

Andrew Doesn't Catch a Break During Funeral Procession

'You're a sick old man!' spectator yelled out to prince in Edinburgh, shortly before being arrested

(Newser) - If Prince Andrew thought he was going to get a reprieve from public rebuke with the death of his mother, it didn't happen. Although most spectators who converged Monday upon the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral procession were respectful, one man was arrested...

Giving 'Period Dignity' Job to a Man Doesn't Go Over Well

Scotland's Period Dignity Working Group cites 'threats and abuse' in axing job

(Newser) - A person appointed to a first-of-its-kind role as "period dignity officer" in Scotland has seen that job vanish after threats stemming from the fact that said person is a man. Jason Grant, a former personal trainer, faced "bewilderment and widespread criticism" when it was announced earlier this summer...

Scotland's 'Period Poverty' Law Comes Into Force

Authorities are legally obliged to provide products to anybody who needs them

(Newser) - Like many places, Scotland is experiencing a severe cost-of-living crisis. But unlike anywhere else, local authorities are now legally required to provide tampons and other period products free of charge to anybody who needs them. The Period Products Act, which passed the Scottish Parliament in a unanimous vote in 2020,...

Scotland Wants a New Date With Independence

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants a second vote on Oct. 19, 2023

(Newser) - Scotland's leader told lawmakers in Edinburgh on Tuesday that she plans to hold a fresh referendum on Scotland's independence on Oct. 19, 2023—even though UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson maintains it wasn't the right time for such a vote. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the question...

After Bride's Luggage Is Lost, Scots Save the Day

'Skye is an amazing place,' says photographer Rosie Woodhouse, who asked locals for a favor

(Newser) - After two years of planning and $15,000 invested, Amanda and Paul Riesel were finally ready to tie the knot on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, which would mean an eight-hour flight from their home state of Florida. It ended up taking three days. "It was delay, delay, delay,...

He Broke a Bungee-Jump Record Shockingly Fast

Francois-Marie Dibon hit 431 jumps with nearly half-a-day to go

(Newser) - In 2017, Mike Heard of New Zealand set a world record for most bungee jumps over 24 hours with an impressive 430. Now, a Frenchman has made that hair-raising stunt look rather mild, topping Heard's record in just over 12 hours. After a 50-minute rest, 44-year-old Francois-Marie Dibon went...

Man Claims 'New Lease' on Life After Double Hand Transplant
Man's 'Space-Age' Procedure
Has Freed Him From His Pain
in case you missed it

Man's 'Space-Age' Procedure Has Freed Him From His Pain

Scotland's Steven Gallagher, who suffers from sclerodoma, praises his double hand transplant

(Newser) - For years, Steven Gallagher has suffered from pain in his arms and hands, not finding relief even after an operation to address what he believed at the time was carpal tunnel syndrome. Turns out the Scotsman actually has an autoimmune disease that scars the skin and his inner organs, and...

He Forgot About His Whisky for 30 Years. It Was a $1.2M Blessing

Cask of Macallan distilled in 1988 smashes auction record

(Newser) - One very lucky (and apparently wealthy) Macallan fan now has enough of their favorite whisky to share with at least 500 friends, after scooping up a cask of it for nearly $1.2 million—the most expensive cask ever sold at auction. Per CTV News , a 100-gallon barrel of the...

Scottish Leader Formally Apologizes to Executed 'Witches'

Nicola Sturgeon calls centuries of persecution 'injustice on a colossal scale'

(Newser) - On International Women's Day, Scotland's leader offered a formal apology to the thousands of people, almost all of them women, who were convicted of witchcraft in previous centuries. Sturgeon described the persecution and execution of the alleged witches as "injustice on a colossal scale, driven at least...

Largest Known Jurassic Pterodactyl Is Found
Pterodactyl Find Is a
'Discovery of the Century'

Pterodactyl Find Is a 'Discovery of the Century'

Fossil shows pterosaurs evolved huge wingspans much earlier than previously thought

(Newser) - Paleontologists are heralding the "discovery of the century" in Scotland: a fossil of a pterodactyl with a wingspan wider than a king-size bed. The fossil, some 70% complete, is not only the best-preserved of any pterosaur but the largest of any pterosaur to come from the Jurassic period, per...

Scotland Jails Fugitive Whose Obituary Has Already Run

Sheriff declares American Nicholas Alahverdian untrustworthy

(Newser) - Update: A wanted man who evaded capture for years after, authorities say, faking his death, was jailed Friday without bail in Scotland when the court decreed he "cannot be trusted." Nicholas Alahverdian was picked up after failing to show up for an extradition hearing, the AP reports. He'...

Findings in 3 Countries: Omicron Appears Milder

Risk of hospitalization reduced compared to earlier variants, largely due to immunity

(Newser) - Three studies on populations in South Africa, Scotland, and England indicate the omicron coronavirus variant generally results in milder disease than with previous variants, and is less likely to send people to the hospital. It's reassuring news as omicron is now the dominant variant in many parts of the...

Gates: Some Oil Giants Won't Be Worth Much

The survivors could still play a role in energy, billionaire says

(Newser) - A few of the world's big oil companies will survive the switch to clean energy, Bill Gates said Wednesday. But not all. "Some of these giants will fall, you know, 30 years from now," he said in Scotland, Axios reports, while "some of those oil companies...

Before Leaving Glasgow, Biden Slams 3 Nations

President criticizes China's Xi, Russia's Putin for not showing up at COP26, shakes head at Saudis

(Newser) - On Monday at COP26, President Biden had harsh words for a former US leader. On Tuesday, before heading back to the US, he reserved his criticism for two current world leaders, slamming them for not making an appearance at the United Nations climate summit in Scotland. "Not showing up,...

'We Are Fighting For the Survival of Humanity'
'We Are Fighting For the
Survival of Humanity'

'We Are Fighting For the Survival of Humanity'

Much of COP26's success rests on China

(Newser) - The most important climate conference in years is about to begin. Delayed from 2020, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, or COP26, will run from Sunday to Nov. 12 in Glasgow, Scotland, and will see nations present their updated plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and lay out how those...

Vaccine Passports in the Works for UK
England Drops Plan 
for Vaccine Passports

England Drops Plan for Vaccine Passports

Health minister cancels requirement for nightclubs, other large places

(Newser) - Update: England won't require vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs and other large venues after all. Days after the plan was announced, officials sounded cool to it, the BBC reports. A Labor leader said there was confusion about how the passports might work, calling the government's approach "...

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