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Prosecutors: NJ Cops Found Meth Lab in Officer's Home

Christopher Walls could get up to 20 years in prison

(Newser) - Christopher Walls has been with the Long Branch Police Department in New Jersey for 19 years. Charges filed in connection with an alleged meth lab at his home could send him to prison for a similar amount of time. Prosecutors say that when Long Branch officers were called to the...

Cops: They Saved Meth Gear in Fire, Let Grandmother Die

Brothers charged with manslaughter in fatal May fire in upstate New York

(Newser) - Having saved their meth equipment from a burning home, two brothers went to buy cigarettes but left their 82-year-old grandmother to perish in the flames, according to authorities in upstate New York. Jarrett and Justin Gause are now facing manslaughter charges, reports WETM . Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says...

After Falling Ill, Family Learns New House Was a Meth Lab

Experts say the contamination should be treated similarly to lead, asbestos

(Newser) - There's a reason people cleaning up former meth labs only enter in head-to-toe protection: the environments are extremely toxic, and drug residues can linger on porous and non-porous surfaces alike for months and even years. That's according to a case study published in a Centers for Disease Control...

Meth Lab Found Beneath Walmart Parking Lot

Cops believe it was an active operation

(Newser) - Police officers stumbled upon a meth lab in an unlikely spot Monday: a sewer beneath a Walmart parking lot in a Buffalo suburb. Authorities say officers discovered the lab, which is believed to have still been active, on a routine patrol in Amherst, per the Buffalo News . Officials in hazmat...

Cop Tried to Cook Meth at Federal Science Lab

His lawyer says it was a 'training experiment'

(Newser) - A former federal police officer is set to plead guilty to trying to manufacture methamphetamine at a federal science lab in the Washington suburbs and causing an explosion. Christopher Bartley, 41, is due in court today and his lawyer says he'll enter a guilty plea. The explosion occurred July...

Meth Lab Found in Home of Third-Grade Teacher

Cops say she ran it with her husband

(Newser) - Shades of Walter White : A teacher in North Carolina has been charged with running a meth lab. Police say Lori Whitley, 38, and husband Gary Whitley, 41, ran a meth lab inside their own home near Zebulon. Both are in jail, and Lori Whitley has been suspended from her job...

Attention Walmart Shoppers, Restroom Is Not a Meth Lab

Police discover one inside a store in Indiana

(Newser) - A restroom at a Walmart in Indiana has been closed for the time being after an employee discovered a working meth lab inside. The worker got suspicious after seeing a man enter the restroom about 11:30pm Thursday with a backpack and leave without it, say police. As the Star ...

Cop Stumbles on Pricey Art in Old Meth Lab

Work by American Indian artist Al Momaday worth over $30K

(Newser) - An Albuquerque officer searching a former meth lab stumbled upon artwork by late American Indian artist Al Momaday that was worth more than $30,000 and likely was stolen, according to police. Police say the officer found the valuable prints last week during a protective sweep of the condemned apartment...

Home Buyers Might Want to Invest in Meth Test, Too

Indiana couple learn the house they bought was contaminated

(Newser) - Those buying homes in the US have learned over the years to check for things like mold and radon. As a couple in Indiana learned, it might be wise to add meth to the list, reports ABC News . Chris and Jenny Nugent bought a $144,000 house in suburban Indianapolis...

Oregon Couple Tip Waitress With Crystal Meth

Cops then find meth lab in their Holiday Inn room

(Newser) - After dinner and drinks Thursday at a steakhouse in Seaside, Ore., a cash-light couple tried to tip their server with some of what they'd been cooking—crystal meth. After paying their tab with a gift card, the pair handed the waitress an envelope marked with a question mark containing...

Walter White Cost His Neighbors Almost $30K

Study shows meth labs a huge drain on local property values

(Newser) - Don't worry, no spoilers ahead (though Business Insider tells this story through slightly spoiler-colored glasses, if you're up to speed on the show). Breaking Bad's Walter White may have stashed a lot of meth-cash in his home over the seasons, but he's not exactly bringing money...

DEA: You Can Still Make Meth From New Cold Drug

But Zephrex-D maker claims the amount of meth extracted is negligible

(Newser) - The DEA is refusing to allow a new "meth-resistant" pseudoephedrine tablet to be sold over the counter, saying it can be used to make meth after all. The agency says government chemists were able to extract meth from Zephrex-D —now in 15,000 pharmacies across the US—so...

Randy Travis' Brother Ran Meth Lab: Cops

David Traywick and wife arrested in North Carolina

(Newser) - More trouble for the Randy Travis family: As the country star recuperates in a hospital after a heart infection and stroke , a younger brother has been charged with running a meth lab, reports RadarOnline . David Traywick, 50, his wife, and one other woman were arrested this week and accused of...

America's New Meth Source: Mexican Cartels

80% of US-sold meth is from Mexico: DEA

(Newser) - With US authorities battling stateside meth makers, Mexican "superlabs" are stepping in to take advantage of a shrunken supply. Cartels are sending purer, cheaper methamphetamine across the border—so much of it that 80% of the stuff now sold in the US is from Mexico, the Drug Enforcement Administration...

Homebuyers, Beware of Buying a Former Meth Lab

Toxic residue and patchwork regulations a 'nationwide issue,' says DEA

(Newser) - Those in the market for a home may want to add this question to their checklist: Was this by any chance ever used as a meth lab? The idea may sound far-fetched, but Fox News has a few examples of horror stories in which unsuspecting families move into homes, get...

Deadly Nursing Home Fire Caused By Meth Lab

Ohio blaze began in resident's room

(Newser) - Ohio fire officials responding to a routine nursing home fire found a most unusual cause behind the blaze: A secret meth lab in the room of a nursing home resident. The blaze in Ashtabula, Ohio, killed one person and injured five others, investigators say. "When we first started to...

15 Tons of Meth Seized in Mexico

Haul's street value a staggering $4B

(Newser) - Mexican authorities have busted a meth superlab and seized a staggering amount of pure methamphetamine—15 tons, more than double the amount of all meth seizures made at the border last year, and more than 100 times the biggest-ever meth bust in the USA. The sheer size of the bust—...

New Meth Recipe Really Explosive
 New Meth Recipe 
 Really Explosive 

New Meth Recipe Really Explosive

'Shake and bake' method filling hospitals with burn victims

(Newser) - A simple and dangerous new method of making meth is filling hospital burn units around the United States with expensive and usually uninsured victims, reports the AP . Making meth has always been a risky job, traditionally requiring bathtubs or sheds and large spaces. But the new technique, sometimes called a...

New Mass Producer of America's Meth: Mexico

6.2 tons seized at border last year

(Newser) - Once the province of domestic drug makers, much of the methamphetamine coursing through the US now originates in Mexico, the Wall Street Journal reports. Through the first half of the year, Mexico’s military found 103 meth labs, 25% more than last year, when a record 6.2 tons of...

Cops' New Job: Cleaning Up Meth Labs

Move will save Tennessee big bucks

(Newser) - Tennessee cops are learning an unusual skill in the name of cost-cutting: how to clean up a meth lab. The state was the nation’s leader in meth lab busts in 2010, with 2,000, and the cost of bringing in certified contractors to deal with the highly toxic and...

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