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College Secretly Records Lectures, Scolds Instructor
College Secretly Records
Lectures, Scolds Instructor

College Secretly Records Lectures, Scolds Instructor

UNC at Chapel Hill is being called out by economics professor Larry Chavis

(Newser) - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sent out a letter of reprimand to one of its economics professors, and the ensuing controversy has taken an unexpected turn. It seems the university secretly recorded several lectures given by Larry Chavis—unapologetically. "Notice is not required to record classes,...

College Grads Receive a Big Gift, With a 'Catch'

UMass Dartmouth students get $1K each from billionaire Robert Hale, but they have to donate half

(Newser) - Students threw their graduation caps into the air at UMass Dartmouth this week, and they were on the receiving end of quite a surprise during what the college calls an "unforgettable ceremony." CBS News reports that Boston Celtics co-owner Robert Hale served as commencement speaker on Thursday, and...

Cops Move In at UPenn, MIT
Cops Move In at UPenn, MIT

Cops Move In at UPenn, MIT

AP reports more than 40 students and staff arrested at the 2 schools Friday

(Newser) - Police made more than 40 arrests as pro-Palestinian protest encampments were dismantled Friday at the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hours after police tear-gassed demonstrators and took down a similar camp at the University of Arizona.
  • Penn: The dismantling at Penn came around 5:30am, as

Judges: If You Graduate From Columbia, We're Not Hiring

More than a dozen conservative Trump appointees sign letter saying they won't hire its grads

(Newser) - Columbia University is facing more backlash over pro-Palestine campus protests , this time from more than a dozen conservative federal judges who penned a letter over the weekend to Columbia President Minouche Shafik to inform her they won't consider Columbia grads for clerkships or other gigs—both students from the...

Cops, Activists Face Off on EU Campuses Over Gaza Protests

Police detained 125 at University of Amsterdam; protests also in France, Denmark, Finland

(Newser) - Police arrested about 125 activists as they broke up a pro-Palestinian demonstration camp at the University of Amsterdam early Tuesday, as protests that have roiled campuses in the United States spread into Europe. Police in the Dutch capital said in a statement on the social media platform X that their...

Amid 'Racist Jeers' at Protest, One Pol Offers a High-Five

White Ole Miss counterprotester appears to make monkey noises; Rep. Mike Collins weighs in

(Newser) - Israel-Hamas war demonstrations at the University of Mississippi turned ugly this week when one counterprotester appeared to make monkey noises and gestures at a Black student in a raucous gathering that was endorsed by a far-right congressman from Georgia. "Ole Miss taking care of business," Republican US Rep....

Cops Tell UPenn They're Not Touching Encampment

At least not yet, per the department, saying there's no 'imminent danger' from pro-Palestinian protest

(Newser) - Amid the pro-Palestinian protests happening at college campuses around the nation, "all eyes" in Philly have been trained on the encampment at the University of Pennsylvania, where protests and counterprotests about the war in Gaza have been taking place since last month. The demonstrators have said they won't...

Biden Speaks Out on Student Protests

'Order must prevail,' he says

(Newser) - "Dissent is essential for democracy. But dissent must never lead to disorder," President Biden said Thursday in his latest remarks on the protests against the war in Gaza that have erupted at dozens of universities across the country. The New York Times reports that Biden "tried to...

Turned Off by the Ivy Leagues? Here Are the 'New Ivies'

'Forbes' recommends 20 other public, private colleges and universities

(Newser) - Ivy League schools are having a moment, and not in a good way, with everything from plagiarism to antisemitism accusations making headlines. That's led some to "sour" on the Ivies, per Forbes , which has put together a list of the "new Ivies"—"the 10 public...

317K People See Their Student Loans Erased

Former students of the for-profit Art Institutes see loans canceled, payments refunded

(Newser) - The Biden administration on Wednesday said it will cancel $6 billion in student loans for people who attended the Art Institutes, a system of for-profit colleges that closed the last of its campuses in 2023 amid accusations of fraud. Saying the chain lured students with "pervasive" lies, the Education...

'One of the Most Consequential Student Uprisings'
'One of the Most Consequential
Student Uprisings'
the rundown

'One of the Most Consequential Student Uprisings'

A look at the campus protests continuing across the country

(Newser) - Campus protests over the war in Gaza showed no sign of abating through the weekend:
  • Arrests: The AP logs more than 200 arrests on Saturday alone at pro-Palestinian demonstrations at Northeastern University in Boston, Arizona State University, Indiana University, and Washington University in St. Louis. One notable arrest in St.

Inside the Escalating University Protests
Inside the Escalating
University Protests
the rundown

Inside the Escalating University Protests

Arrests aren't just restricted to Columbia's campus

(Newser) - The pro-Palestinian protest encampment at Columbia University, infiltrated by police last week, is back in place, and with it, similar encampments at universities around the country. These, too, are facing police intervention amid the ongoing debate around free speech and antisemitism related to the Israel-Hamas war. More on how the...

Columbia's Classes Go Remote: 'We Need a Reset'
Columbia's Classes Go
Remote: 'We Need a Reset'

Columbia's Classes Go Remote: 'We Need a Reset'

Monday classes will be virtual at Ivy League, where pro-Palestinian protests are at center of commotion

(Newser) - On the West Coast, a canceled valedictorian speech ; on the East Coast, canceled in-person classes at Columbia. The Israel-Hamas war factors into both incidents, as tensions continue while the conflict rages overseas. Columbia President Nemat "Minouche" Shafik has announced classes at Columbia will be held virtually on Monday, as...

Struggling College Calls It Quits
Struggling College Calls It Quits

Struggling College Calls It Quits

Alumni of Vermont's Goddard College include William H. Macy, most of Phish

(Newser) - Vermont's Goddard College, a small school known for its progressive education, is closing after years of declining enrollment and financial struggles, the board of trustees announced Tuesday. The decision to close at the end of the semester was heart-wrenching but unavoidable as the school faces financial insolvency, the board...

More Colleges Crack the $90K Threshold
Some Colleges Cost
$95K This Year

Some Colleges Cost $95K This Year

Wealthy families face a hefty bill, though lower-income students are getting bigger breaks

(Newser) - As more than 2 million graduating high school students from across the United States finalize their decisions on what college to attend this fall, many are facing jaw-dropping costs—in some cases, as much as $95,000. A number of private colleges—some considered elite and others middle-of-the-pack—have exceeded...

'Harvard Has Taylor, Vermont State Has Weird Al!'

University will offer a course on comedic singer Yankovic in the fall

(Newser) - If you've ever longed for a glimpse inside the imagination of Alfred Yankovic and you're a student at Vermont State University, your two worlds are about to collide. The higher-ed institution will be offering a course this fall dedicated to the quirky singer-songwriter known as "Weird Al,...

Yale Reverses Course, Will Require Standardized Tests

It joins Dartmouth in the Ivy League in again focusing on tests such as the SAT and ACT

(Newser) - First, Dartmouth. Now, Yale. The latter has become the second Ivy League institution to reverse course and require standardized testing for incoming students, reports the New York Times . Both were among schools that ditched SAT and ACT requirements during the pandemic. Yale will allow students to submit scores from the...

2 Found Fatally Shot in College Dorm

Police are treating deaths as homicides at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

(Newser) - A lockdown has been lifted at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs after two people were found shot dead in an on-campus dorm. Per KKTV , Colorado Springs police say that a lockdown and shelter-in-place directive were put in place after shots were reported around 6am local time on Friday, with students,...

Colorado Teens Get First-Ever Cornhole Scholarships

They were recruited by college near American Cornhole League HQ

(Newser) - Two high school students in Colorado have turned throwing beanbags at boards into tickets for college. Gavin Hamann and Jaxson Remmick, 17-year-old seniors at ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch, have become the first students to receive athletic scholarships for cornhole, NPR reports. The scholarships for the pair, who are...

University Saw 7 Suicides in 6 Months, Took Action

'NYT Magazine:' Worcester Polytechnic Institute has shifted thinking after a series of student deaths

(Newser) - In January 2022, a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts died of an apparent suicide. It was the seventh WPI student death in six months, a stretch in which the school scrambled to cope with what is described as an "unthinkable mental health crisis" in a story by...

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