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'Best Open Secret Ever' Could Sell for $72M

Butter magnate LE Bruun had asked that coin collection be safeguarded for 100 years before sale

(Newser) - The vast coin collection of a Danish butter magnate is set to finally go on sale a century after his death and could fetch up to $72 million. Lars Emil Bruun, also known as LE Bruun, stipulated in his will that his 20,000-piece collection be safeguarded for 100 years...

We Throw Out a Massive Number of Coins Each Year

And one company is scooping them up by the millions

(Newser) - Americans' coins don't just end up between the couch cushions. They also land in the trash, in great quantities, a fact that sustainable-waste processing company Reworld is taking advantage of. The Wall Street Journal profiles the company's now-seven-year effort to retrieve coins from our waste. "At a...

George Michael Gets His Own Coins
George Michael
Gets His Own Coins

George Michael Gets His Own Coins

Wham! frontman will grace front of limited-edition currency issued by UK's Royal Mint

(Newser) - You gotta have more than "Faith" to pocket the new George Michael coin. A commemorative minting of coins that rolled out in the UK on Monday ranged in price from a couple of banknotes to a small fortune as the late musician continues to rack up posthumous honors years...

Zoo's Alligator Had 70 Coins in His Stomach
Zoo's Alligator Had
$7 in His Belly

Zoo's Alligator Had $7 in His Belly

Thibodaux of Nebraska's Henry Doorly Zoo is now a bit lighter

(Newser) - A zoo alligator was carrying around quite a bit of extra weight until a stomach procedure to remove 70 US coins. The 36-year-old American alligator named Thibodaux, an "iconic" resident of Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, due to the leucism that causes his white coloration, was undergoing routine...

Thieves Who Allegedly Swiped 2M Dimes Indicted

Feds say the men stole $235K in 10-cent coins off of a tractor-trailer from the US Mint

(Newser) - Federal authorities have released more details and unsealed charges in the theft of more than 2 million dimes earlier this year from a tractor-trailer that had picked up the coins from the US Mint in Philadelphia. The truck driver was bound for Miami when he pulled into a parking lot...

Judge Slams Firm's 'Symbolic Middle Finger': 3 Tons of Coins

Colorado's JMF Enterprises tried to pay $23.5K subcontractor settlement in dimes, pennies, etc.

(Newser) - A Colorado welding company that was apparently upset over having to pay a settlement to a subcontractor has been stymied by a judge who called its tactics "in bad faith." CBS Colorado reports that Larimer County Judge Joseph Findley on Monday ordered JMF Enterprises to pay Fired Up...

Gold Coins May Have Been Hidden Before 1692 Massacre
Coins May Have Been
Hidden Before 1692 Massacre
new study

Coins May Have Been Hidden Before 1692 Massacre

Archaeologists find small pot filled with them in Scotland

(Newser) - It appears that Alasdair "Maclain" MacDonald saw trouble coming and stashed away some coins under a fireplace. More than 330 years later, Scottish archaeologists suggest they've found them, reports Live Science . A member of a University of Glasgow team found a small pot filled with the coins inside...

Well, the World Now Has a $23M Coin

The East India Company pays a very glitzy tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II

(Newser) - If you're Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, John F. Kennedy, and Sacagawea, the United States of America will put your faces on coins worth a grand total of $1.91 for your role in the country's history. The US' former British overlords do things...

It's Prison for Thief Who Cleaned Out Coin Machines

'This was not pocket change,' prosecutors say

(Newser) - A thief who posed as an employee of a coin-cashing company sent to tend to the machines, only to break into them and take the coin vaults with him, was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison. The US attorney's office for Oregon said Richard Pena repeated the scam...

Family Finds Small Fortune in Late Man's Home, All in Pennies

And the 1 million coins are worth more than $10K—they're made of pure copper

(Newser) - For years, California real estate agent John Reyes, his wife, and members of her extended family have been slowly (as their schedules allow) cleaning out the home of her late father, Fritz, located in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. One find in particular, however, in the deceased German immigrant'...

This Heist Netted 2M Dimes
This Thief Can Spare 2M Dimes

This Thief Can Spare 2M Dimes

Thief or thieves swipe a whole lot of change from tractor-trailer in Pennsylvania parking lot

(Newser) - Philadelphia police are looking for one or more thieves who made off with 2 million dimes weighing an estimated 5 tons. A tractor-trailer had picked up $750,000 in dimes from the Philadelphia Mint, which were to be taken to Florida. The driver had parked the truck in a Walmart...

History Forgot a Roman Emperor, Coins Suggest
History Forgot a
Roman Emperor,
Coins Suggest

History Forgot a Roman Emperor, Coins Suggest

Sponsian may have ruled over Dacia province 1.8K years ago: researchers

(Newser) - Four coins unearthed in Romania's Transylvania region in 1713 depicted, it was thought at the time, an unknown Roman emperor. A century and a half later, Emperor Sponsian had been almost universally declared to be a fake, invented by forgers. Henry Cohen, a leading coin expert of the 19th...

Asian American Makes History on US Coin

Film star Anna May Wong was considered the first Chinese American star in xenophobic industry

(Newser) - Beginning Monday, the US will have its first Asian American on currency. Anna May Wong, a film star who broke into Hollywood during the silent era a century ago, will be depicted on the backs of some 300 million new quarters , most of which are already sold out, per the...

Value of This Rare, Storied Nickel Will Blow Your Mind

Liberty Head nickel kept in closet for 41 years is worth $4.2 million

(Newser) - There are five US nickels dated 1913 that carry Lady Liberty on the front and a "V" on the back. Two are held in museums and a third just sold for a whopping $4.2 million—or 84,000,000 nickels. That's because the 1913 Liberty Head nickel...

Charles Skips the Crown, Faces Left for New Coins

New king is replacing the late queen on British money

(Newser) - Britain's Royal Mint has unveiled the first coins to feature the portrait of King Charles III. Britons will begin to see Charles’ image on their change from around December, as 50-pence coins depicting him gradually enter circulation, per the AP . The new monarch's effigy was created by British...

Couple Finds Out Home Is 'One Hell of a Piggy Bank'

UK pair discovered 18th-century gold coins worth up to $290K under their kitchen floor

(Newser) - Home renovations can be nerve-wracking: You never know what you're going to unearth underneath the old plaster and wood as you make way for the new. For a UK couple, their discovery was more shocking than most: a container filled with 18th-century coins that could end up selling at...

10 Pennies Fetch More Than $1M at Auction

One 1909 Lincoln penny sold for $365K

(Newser) - Ten pennies from early last century sold for the equivalent of more than 110 million modern pennies at an auction in California Sunday. Auction house GreatCollections says the pennies were "specially struck proof coins made for collectors by the United States Mint in Philadelphia in the early years of...

Seabed Gives Up Coin Minted 1.8K Years Ago

It's been traced back to Egypt under the rule of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius

(Newser) - Israel's Antiquities Authority said Monday it has discovered a rare 1,850-year-old bronze zodiac coin during an underwater survey off the coastal city of Haifa, reports the AP . The coin bears the image of the zodiac sign Cancer behind a depiction of the moon goddess Luna. Experts say the...

Start Digging in Your Sofa for Much-Needed Coins

Businesses across the US are begging people to put spare change into circulation amid shortage

(Newser) - Got a dime you can spare? Retailers, laundromats, and other businesses that rely on coins want you to turn it in, along with any other spare change in piggy banks or under couch cushions, as coins are in short supply again, the AP reports. A group of trade associations that...

New 'Remarkable' Women's Quarters Starts With a Big One

US Mint has started shipping quarters with image of poet Maya Angelou, first in a series

(Newser) - The United States Mint said Monday it has begun shipping quarters featuring the image of poet Maya Angelou, the first coins in its American Women Quarters Program. Angelou, an American author, poet, and civil rights activist, rose to prominence with the publication of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings...

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