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Google Launching Online Music Service

Cloud-computing music service expected to be announced later today

(Newser) - Google is poised to enter the music business, reportedly with a cloud-computing system similar to the Amazon Cloud service announced in March , according to the Wall Street Journal . Users will be able to upload music to online "lockers" and stream the music to various devices. But because Google has...

Amazon Glitch Is 'Wake-Up Call for Cloud Computing'

Failure highlights risks, need for better design

(Newser) - Amazon still hasn't fully resolved the massive computer glitch that has brought down or slowed websites large and small, but one thing is clear: “This is a wake-up call for cloud computing,” an industry analyst tells the New York Times . “It will force a conversation in...

Apple Ready to Launch Cloud Music Storage for iTunes: Reuters Report
Apple Will Unveil 
Cloud Music Storage
tech rumor mill

Apple Will Unveil Cloud Music Storage

Company to launch digital storage locker, maybe with blessing of labels

(Newser) - Looks like Apple will beat Google to the clouds when it comes to music. Insiders tell Reuters that the company is about to launch its version of an online storage service, similar to what Amazon rolled out last month : "Apple's plans will allow iTunes customers to store their...

Plug-in Syncs MS Office, Google Docs

Cloud Connect lets you work in Word, save online

(Newser) - Google has found a way for users to edit documents online without having to navigate a new application—bringing us a step closer to a cloud computing revolution. The search giant has built a plug-in for Microsoft Office that syncs it with Google Docs, TechCrunch reports. With the Cloud Connect...

Desktops 'Irrelevant' in 3 Years: Google Exec
 Desktops 'Irrelevant' in 
 3 Years: Google Exec 
all hail the cloud

Desktops 'Irrelevant' in 3 Years: Google Exec

John Gerlihy says company to focus on mobile computing and the cloud

(Newser) - In three years, the desktop computer will be a relic of a bygone era and cloud computing will be the standard. At least that’s Google’s bet, as expounded by Europe exec John Herlihy. Down the road, he told a conference, “desktops will be irrelevant.” Just look...

Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud
Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud

Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud

Storage device makes it easy to access your hard drive remotely

(Newser) - The Pogoplug device seems like the perfect solution for people who want to access and share their files over the Internet but are wary of storing their personal data "in the cloud," writes Katherine Boehret. The $129 device allows users to access hard drives or other devices connected...

How to Manage Your Passwords From the Grave

From Facebook to bank accounts, online afterlife a thorny legal area

(Newser) - These days grieving relatives have a new problem to contend with: managing the Facebook, Flickr, and eBay accounts of the dead. As people trust ever more of their lives to the Internet, from email and online banking to identities on Second Life, very few have considered what exactly will happen...

Microsoft Recovers Nearly All Lost Sidekick Data

Meltdown not as bad as feared; minority of users affected

(Newser) - It turns out Sidekick users will get “most if not all” of their data back, Microsoft announced today. The company now believes that only a minority of users were affected by the blackout. Until now, the company had painted a much bleaker picture, saying Saturday that though it would...

Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe)
 Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe) 

Happy 40th, Internet (Maybe)

(Newser) - Forty years ago, two UCLA scientists exchanged data via computers, arguably making today the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Internet. "It would be more accurate to say some important seeds of the Internet sprouted with that data transfer," writes Stephen Shankland on CNET, but no matter....

Tech Industry Falls for 'Cloud Computing'

It's all the rage, but does the fuzzy term really mean anything?

(Newser) - Today's hottest tech term is "cloud computing": Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Intel have all begun projects with such nebulous names as OpenCirrus and Elastic Compute Cloud. But while the projects behind the names all have something in common—storing data on far-off computers—nobody can agree on what cloud...

Ballmer Opens Up Windows 7 Beta

Beta version of Vista successor available to the public starting tomorrow

(Newser) - Windows 7 Beta will be launched to the public tomorrow, Steve Ballmer told the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday. The Microsoft chief, filling the keynote slot held by Bill Gates in the previous 11 years, told the audience that the operating system would be a return to the "special sauce"...

Microsoft's Photosynth Cool, If Frustrating
 Microsoft's Photosynth
 Cool, If Frustrating


Microsoft's Photosynth Cool, If Frustrating

Web-based service creating 3-D panoramas can be difficult to use—but often worth it

(Newser) - Live Labs, Microsoft’s 125-man web innovation unit, launched its first major product today, and it’s certifiably neato, Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. Dubbed “Photosynth” the free, web-based program converts your photos into navigable 3-D environments. It’s an amazing service, Mossberg writes, “an...

Microsoft Syncs Phone, PC Data with 'Live Mesh'

The house Gates built joins cloud computing trend

(Newser) - Microsoft is testing a new product that will allow users to link data across multiple electronic devices through the internet—so the picture you took on your phone can be in the digital picture frame in your home within minutes. It’s a big step for Microsoft, which until now...

Google Set to Debut Offline Apps
Google Set to Debut
Offline Apps

Google Set to Debut Offline Apps

Users will be able to do work and save with no Internet connection

(Newser) - Google is readying to let users test-drive offline applications. Still in design, Google Gears will allow browsers to use locally stored copies of Google apps (like its spreadsheet), save updates, and later transfer a temporary cache to “the cloud”—Google’s servers—the next time they connect to...

Bid Kicks Off Clash of the Internet Titans

Proposed Microsoft/Yahoo! merger signals showdown with Google

(Newser) - Analysts agree that Microsoft's bold $44.6-billion bid for Yahoo marks the start of a big push by Microsoft to challenge Google's Web dominance. The move is a dramatic change in tactics for Microsoft, which likes to build new businesses on its own, writes Steve Lohr in a New York ...

Google Invests in Cloud Computing
Google Invests
in Cloud Computing

Google Invests in Cloud Computing

Internet giant wants everyone to do everything online

(Newser) - Google has hands in a lot of pies, from maps to email to spreadsheets and now, with Android and OpenSocial, to cellphones and MySpace. But it all relates to one strategy, the Washington Post says. Google wants to make the web so useful that everyone does everything online. In this...

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