Paul McCartney

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This Beatle Is a Billionaire After Beyonce Boost

After Beyonce's cover of 'Blackbird,' Paul McCartney hits a new milestone

(Newser) - It may seem wild that it took this long, but one of the Beatles is finally a billionaire in the UK, and he has Beyonce to (partially) thank. Paul McCartney and his wife, Nancy, have popped up on this year's "Sunday Times Rich List," with a net...

A Decadeslong Musical Mystery Has Been Solved
A Decadeslong Musical
Mystery Has Been Solved
in case you missed it

A Decadeslong Musical Mystery Has Been Solved

Paul McCartney reunited with long-lost bass guitar

(Newser) - In 1961, when the Beatles were not yet a global phenomenon, Paul McCartney bought a bass guitar for £30 (approximately $38, or the equivalent of more than $1,000 today, per the Guardian ). McCartney became known for the Höfner bass, notably shaped like a violin, and it...

Here Are the Big Shots Billy Joel Wants in His Superband

'Piano Man' singer says he'd love to collaborate with Sting, John Mayer, and Don Henley

(Newser) - Billy Joel has been back in the headlines lately, with his first new song released in 17 years and a performance at the Grammys . Now, the Piano Man is stirring the pot for fans even more with talk of a superband, and he's got quite the wish list for...

Founding Member of Moody Blues, Wings Dead at 79
Paul McCartney's 'Longtime
Sideman' Dead at 79

Paul McCartney's 'Longtime Sideman' Dead at 79

Denny Laine was a founding member of the Moody Blues, Wings

(Newser) - Denny Laine, a British singer, songwriter, and guitarist who performed in an early, pop-oriented version of the Moody Blues and was later Paul McCartney's longtime sideman in the ex-Beatle's solo band Wings, has died at age 79, the AP reports. Laine, inducted five years ago into the Rock...

The Beatles' Last 'New' Song Is Coming Out Thursday

'Now and Then' features all Beatles members alive and dead, thanks to AI

(Newser) - Sixty years after the onset of Beatlemania and with two of the quartet now dead, artificial intelligence has enabled the release next week of what is promised to be the last "new" Beatles song . The track, called "Now And Then," will be available Thursday as part of...

A Global Search Is On for Famed Beatle Bass
Missing: One Beatle Bass

Missing: One Beatle Bass

Paul McCartney's Höfner hasn't been seen since 1969

(Newser) - Almost anyone who runs across a certain distinctive, left-handed Höfner violin bass guitar will recognize it, Nick Wass said: "It's the bass that made the Beatles." And if anyone sees it, Wass would like to know. He's heading up a global search for the famous...

Jimmy Buffett Battled Rare Skin Cancer

Paul McCartney, President Biden pay tribute to singer-songwriter

(Newser) - For four years, Jimmy Buffett battled a rare, aggressive skin cancer. "He continued to perform during treatment" Merkel cell carcinoma, an obituary on the singer's website notes, playing as recently as July. Buffett died Friday night at age 76. The rare disease is an aggressive form of cancer...

Dolly Parton Puts Band Back Together for 'Let It Be'

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr join star lineup on new cover of Beatles track

(Newser) - Dolly Parton received help from musicians with "Let It Be" experience when she recorded her cover of the 1970s Beatles song. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr appear on the track, included on her next album, USA Today reports. "Well, does it get any better than singing 'Let...

AI's Latest Trick: A Final Beatles Song

Paul McCartney says it will be released this year

(Newser) - For years, Paul McCartney has teased one final Beatles song. Now, with help from artificial intelligence, it's finally complete. "We just finished it up and it'll be released this year," McCartney told the BBC on Tuesday, adding the song began as a demo from John Lennon....

Scathing Lennon-McCartney Letter Sells for $70K

Lennon tells former Beatles bandmate that he clearly 'didn't dig the words' to 'Imagine'

(Newser) - Beatles memorabilia is valuable—even when it's from low points in the band's history. The Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house says a scathing post-breakup letter from John Lennon to Paul McCartney has sold for $70,000, including a $14,000 buyer's premium, TMZ reports. In...

Lennon's Angry Letter to McCartney Up for Sale

'You know damn well we can't just sign a bit of paper'

(Newser) - An angry note John Lennon penned to Paul McCartney after the breakup of the Beatles has resurfaced on the auction block. Lennon sent one copy of the three-page typed letter dated Nov. 24, 1971, to McCartney and another to Richard Williams, the editor of British music magazine Melody Maker, urging...

UK Cheers McCartney's Concert for the Ages

Fans, reviewers praise historic Glastonbury performance

(Newser) - Doubts were expressed when Paul McCartney was announced as the headliner for this year's Glastonbury Festival in southwest England. For one thing, the co-founder of the Beatles just turned 80 years old—four times the age of Billie Eilish, who also performed at the festival. The skeptics are singing...

Paul McCartney Nixes Practice He Calls 'a Bit Strange'

Ex-Beatle will no longer be signing autographs for fans

(Newser) - Nearly 15 years ago, Ringo Starr "put his foot" down, and his pen, and informed fans he wouldn't be signing autographs anymore. Now, the only other surviving Beatle has jumped aboard the same no-autographs train. The AV Club reports on a new Paul McCartney interview with Reader's ...

Jagger Embraces 'Cover Band' Dig From McCartney

Comments reenergized the long Beatles-Stones rivalry

(Newser) - Mick Jagger paused between songs to say a few things to the more than 50,000 fans at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles—a big crowd for a cover band. "There's so many celebrities here tonight, of course, you know, naturally," he said. "Megan Fox is...

McCartney: Lennon Broke Up the Beatles

Ono and Lennon were 'making a new life,' he says

(Newser) - The Beatles, who broke up more than a half-century ago, might instead have gone on making music for years, Paul McCartney says. But they went their four ways, and after receiving much of the popular blame since because he had broken the news, McCartney wants to make clear that it...

Paul McCartney Recorded Solo Album in Lockdown

It comes 50 years after first solo effort

(Newser) - A full half-century before the pandemic, Paul McCartney, estranged from the other Beatles, recorded a solo album at home. He followed 1970's lo-fi McCartney with McCartney II in 1980, also recorded at home, away from his Wings bandmates. Now, 40 years later, lockdown has inspired him to complete the...

This Would Have Been Big Birthday for John Lennon

Paul McCartney posts tribute to his fellow Beatle's 80th

(Newser) - It's hard enough to wrap our heads around the fact that John Lennon was killed nearly 40 years ago. Now another fact to make our jaws drop: He would've been 80 years old Friday. And as tributes circulate on the internet , one "heartfelt message" in particular is...

McCartney's Scribbled 'Hey Jude' Lyrics Sell for $910K

Part of big Beatles auction commemorating 50th anniversary of their breakup

(Newser) - On April 10, 1970, the Beatles were said to have officially broken up , and to commemorate the weighty occasion, Julien's Auctions offered more than 250 items of Fab Four memorabilia on Friday. Reuters reports that included among the pieces sold off were the wooden stage from a Liverpool venue...

Ringo Starr Gets the Band Back Together

For one song, the Beatles are together, kind of

(Newser) - A decades-old shoutout from John Lennon helped pave the way toward Ringo Starr's latest single—a Beatles reunion of sorts. Paul McCartney plays bass on " Grow Old With Me ," which is one of the last songs written by Lennon. What's more, producer Jack Douglas inserted a...

'I Love You, Man': McCartney Plays With Ex-Beatle

'We've got a surprise for us,' says Paul McCartney

(Newser) - The Beatles had 50% of a reunion Saturday night in Los Angeles when an unexpected guest showed up at Paul McCartney's tour stop, Rolling Stone reports. "We've got a surprise for us, a surprise for you, a surprise for everyone: Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only,...

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