San Francisco Bay

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Some Think Twice About Wearing a Wetsuit in SF

The 'WSJ' explains wetsuit shaming is a real thing there

(Newser) - If you're not someone with firsthand knowledge of swimming in the San Francisco Bay area, then there's probably another element to these dips that has escaped you: the drama over whether to don a wetsuit while taking one. As Robert McMillan writes for the Wall Street Journal , a...

This Is the Smelly Scene in SF Bay Area Right Now

A long-running algae bloom is causing a fish die-off

(Newser) - Something stinks, quite literally, in the San Francisco Bay area. Bloated fish carcasses are floating en masse on the edges of the bay and in Oakland's Lake Merritt, killed off by an algae bloom that emerged in late July. As SF Gate reports, an algae called Heterosigma akashiwo that...

Wealthy Dad Charged After 11-Year-Old Son Dies in Boat Accident

Javier Burillo, member of one of Mexico's richest families, hit with manslaughter charges

(Newser) - A family outing on San Francisco Bay ended in tragedy Sunday, leaving an 11-year-old boy dead and his dad, a luxury property developer and member of one of the most affluent families in Mexico, charged in his death. "We're all heartsick about it. The community is shocked,"...

Get Paid 6 Figures to Work, Live on This Island
Get Paid 6 Figures to Work,
Live on This Island
in case you missed it

Get Paid 6 Figures to Work, Live on This Island

Must have Coast Guard license and not smoke for this 'dream job' overlooking San Francisco

(Newser) - Looking to make six figures with a sweet view of San Francisco, and have a friend or other partner who wants to help? What the San Francisco Chronicle describes as a possible "dream job" has opened up, and you could start as soon as April. The gig: taking over...

New Evidence: Alcatraz Escapees Didn't Die

John and Clarence Anglin would be in their 80s today

(Newser) - Three inmates who famously escaped from Alcatraz prison in 1962 may not be so dead after all. In fact, new evidence that they survived has spawned a History Channel special and inspired a retired US marshal to revive the investigation, the New York Post reports. "This is absolutely the...

Owner of Private SF Island Cuts Sale Price 77%

Red Rock Island is cool, but what can you do with it?

(Newser) - Want to make San Francisco Bay's only privately owned island your own? Easy, if you've got $5 million and don't mind a big dome-like rock with trees and grass and not much else, Yahoo reports. Owned by an attorney living in Thailand, Red Rock Island went on...

Alcatraz Escapees May Have Survived After All
1962 Alcatraz Escapees
May Have Survived After All
in case you missed it

1962 Alcatraz Escapees May Have Survived After All

Interactive model shows 3 prisoners in break could have beaten the odds

(Newser) - It seems highly unlikely that three men who pulled off a daring escape from San Francisco's Alcatraz Island prison in 1962 survived, though their feat spawned a Clint Eastwood film and has become the stuff of legends. Now Dutch scientists have released a study based on interactive models that...

Found: Shipwreck of 'Bay Area's Titanic'

City of Rio de Janeiro ship went down in 1901, killing 128

(Newser) - The City of Rio de Janeiro, a passenger ship with 210 passengers and crew aboard, was on the last leg of a journey from China to the US on Feb. 22, 1901, when fog set in and it crashed into rocks at Fort Point off San Francisco, near the Golden...

Robin Williams' Ashes Scattered in San Francisco Bay

He was cremated the day after his death

(Newser) - Robin Williams' ashes were scattered in San Francisco Bay on August 12, the day after his death, Radar reports. The information was listed on his official death certificate, TMZ reports, noting that the certificate doesn't list cause of death yet; it simply says "pending investigation." The coroner...

SF to Google: Move Your 'Mystery Barge'

SF Bay structure 'needs to move,' state says

(Newser) - Google is going to have to start searching for a new site for the " mystery barge " it has had parked in San Francisco Bay for months. Local officials following up on complaints found that neither the city nor the Treasure Island Development Authority had applied for the necessary...

Is Google Building Floating Data Centers on Coasts?

Reports from San Francisco, Maine suggest so

(Newser) - A pair of secretive barges—one on the West Coast and the other on the East—is fueling speculation that Google is turning its theoretical idea of floating data centers into reality. The company isn't confirming anything, however. One of the mystery structures is being built on a barge...

Sailor Drowns as America's Cup Yacht Capsizes

British Olympian Andrew Simpson dies in San Francisco Bay

(Newser) - An America's Cup sailor is dead after his team's yacht capsized during practice in San Francisco Bay this afternoon. He has been identified as Olympian Andrew Simpson of Great Britain, and authorities say he got trapped beneath the 72-foot catamaran when it flipped about a half-mile off shore,...

Search Ends for 4 Missing in SF Yacht Tragedy

Monster waves hit boat mid-race

(Newser) - The Coast Guard has called off its search after two days hunting for four sailors— three men and a woman —missing from a 38-foot sailboat that crashed during a race that started in San Francisco Bay. A fifth sailor's body has been recovered, and three were rescued from...

Attention, Silicon Valley: You Might Return to Sea

Old levees need $1B upgrade to protect Facebook, Google, et al

(Newser) - It might just be the only thing that could take down Facebook and Google in one fell swoop: some good old-fashioned biblical flooding. As the AP explains, a chunk of Silicon Valley sits on land that used to be part of San Francisco Bay. Which is fine except for two...

Dolphins Killing SF Bay Porpoises

Attackers are young, male, sexually frustrated: experts

(Newser) - Corpses of battered porpoises are turning up on beaches along the San Francisco Bay. The culprit, experts say, is the bottlenose dolphin. "I've lived here 15 years, and I've never seen anything like that," says one biologist who witnessed a porpoise killing while jogging on the...

Man Drowns in SF Bay While Firefighters, Police Watch

Budget cuts kept Raymond Zack from being rescued

(Newser) - A "major policy change" is coming to a Bay Area town after a team of firefighters watched idly as a 53-year-old man lost consciousness and drowned in the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay on Monday. KGO reports that water rescue and training were dropped from Alameda’s firefighting...

San Quentin Inmates Rescue Boaters
San Quentin Inmates
Rescue Boaters

San Quentin Inmates Rescue Boaters

Prison firefighters pull couple from San Francisco Bay

(Newser) - If he were alive today, Johnny Cash might be surprised to learn that San Quentin did some good. Inmates from the California prison's fire department rescued a man and woman whose boat capsized in the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay, reports CNN . The woman, who was wearing a...

Climate Change: Sea Levels Threaten 180 US Cities by 2100
Rising Sea Could Sink Parts of 180 US Cities by 2100
study says

Rising Sea Could Sink Parts of 180 US Cities by 2100

Miami, New Orleans among most endangered

(Newser) - By the end of the century, 180 coastal US cities could be partially submerged thanks to rising seas, finds a new study that looked at cities in the Lower 48 with populations of at least 50,000. The climbing sea poses a risk to, on average, 9% of the land...

America's Smartest Cities
 America's Smartest Cities 

America's Smartest Cities

Sin City might want to rename itself Not-So-Bright City

(Newser) - Sure, we usually take into account jobs, culture, climate, affordability, and a host of other data when moving to another place, but do you really want to be surrounded by a city full of blithering idiots? The Daily Beast crunches the numbers and comes up with the smartest cities in...

Feds Indict Pilot in SF Oil Spill
Feds Indict
Pilot in SF
Oil Spill

Feds Indict Pilot in SF Oil Spill

Attorney vows to battle misdemeanors, calling them premature

(Newser) - The pilot of a ship that dumped 53,000 gallons of oil in San Francisco Bay last year was indicted today, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. John Cota faces two federal misdemeanor charges, for releasing a pollutant and killing migratory birds; at least 2,000 birds died in the spill....

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