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These Are the 10 Safest, Least Safe US Cities
This Is the Safest
City in America

This Is the Safest City in America

Columbia, Md., tops WalletHub's rankings; St. Louis is at the bottom

(Newser) - When people think of "safety" in their homes and communities, crime is often the first thing that pops into their heads. But as WalletHub notes for its rankings of the safest cities in America, there's more to it than that. Safety can also encompass a variety of other...

Schools Put On Drag Show at Halftime

Crowd cheers students and faculty parading in support of LGBTQ people

(Newser) - A Vermont high school homecoming football game turned into a "drag ball" runway at halftime, with a mix of students and faculty members parading in gowns, wigs, and makeup—and a big crowd in rainbow colors to cheer them on. "Things went amazing," Ezra Totten, student leader...

10 Most, Least Stressed US Cities
10 Most, Least
Stressed US Cities

10 Most, Least Stressed US Cities

Per WalletHub, Cleveland needs a chill pill, while S. Burlington in Vermont is kicking back just fine

(Newser) - It's been a tough 16 months, and stress levels have been high—though in some cities across the country, that stress has been tougher to contend with than in others. WalletHub wanted to see which places have been dealing with things best (and which not so much), so it...

Police Chief Has a 'Problem' With Viral Obituary

Where was our outrage before? wonders Burlington's top cop

(Newser) - Madelyn Linsenmeir's obituary, giving a face to America's ongoing opioid crisis, resonated around the country . A police chief's rebuttal is now doing the same. "Please elect this man to replace Bernie Sanders, Vermont," a journalist tweeted Wednesday after Burlington police Chief Brandon del Pozo aired...

Ex-'Most Interesting Man' Picks Most Interesting Beard

Jonathan Goldsmith helps with hairy decision in Vermont contest

(Newser) - The man who once pitched Dos Equis beer as the "most interesting man in the world" turned his attention from his favorite beer to his favorite beard by judging a Saturday competition called Vermont Beardies. Jonathan Goldsmith, who lives in Manchester and sports a closely cropped white beard that...

College Closes Under 'Crushing Weight' of Jane Sanders Deal

Burlington land buy doomed tiny college

(Newser) - Monday was a very sad day for Burlington College in Vermont: The tiny liberal arts institution announced that it's closing this month under the "crushing weight of debt" of a land deal from Jane Sanders' time in charge, reports the Burlington Free Press . Bernie Sanders' wife, who ran...

Cops: Trump Issued 20K Tickets for 1.4K-Seat Venue

Officials worried about safety in Bernie Sanders' hometown

(Newser) - Police in Burlington, Vt., say Donald Trump's presidential campaign has given out 20,000 tickets for his event at a venue that has 1,400 seats. Security will be tight for Trump's scheduled visit Thursday to the lakeside city, hometown of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Seating at...

Least Religious City in US Is ...

Burlington, Vermont, and Boulder, Colorado, tie in Gallup poll

(Newser) - If religion and church-going aren't your thing, Burlington, Vermont, might be the place for you. If they are, you'll have plenty of company in Provo, Utah. A new Gallup survey susses out the most and least religious cities in America, based on the percentage of people who say...

Vermont Firing Range Bans Cops Over City's Gun Plan

Club protests possible ban on semi-automatics

(Newser) - A Vermont shooting range doesn't like what it's hearing from the Burlington City Council, which recently backed a ban on semi-automatic weapons and large-capacity magazines. In response, the firing range has closed its doors to police officers, who have historically trained there, the Burlington Free Press reports. The...

Vermont Frat Suspended for Rape Quiz

'Who would you most like to rape?' members were asked

(Newser) - A University of Vermont fraternity has been suspended for distributing a survey asking members whom they would most like to rape. A student passed on the questionnaire to administrators, who immediately suspended the frat and launched an investigation, reports ABC News . "This is very appalling to us, shocking and...

'Grinding' Ban Kills Vermont School Dance

Principal thinks it's too vulgar

(Newser) - Students of South Burlington High School have spoken—and if they can't grind, they don't wanna dance at all. After administrators banned "grinding"—a form of dancing that's ... actually kind of self-explanatory—nobody wanted to go to the Winter Ball, and it's now been called off, the Burlington ...

Town Forms Cow Posse
 Town Forms Cow Posse 

Town Forms Cow Posse

Burlington, VT, residents band together to protect artsy bovines

(Newser) - Burlington, Vermont, has a unique problem with lawlessness: the city's vibrant painted cow sculptures are under attack. Six of the 35 cows have been broken or overturned by vandals, and to solve the problem, the Chamber of Commerce is deputizing any willing residents as "cow tenders"—those who...

America's Top Stoner Cities
 America's Top Stoner Cities 

America's Top Stoner Cities

Daily Beast ranks America's pot-loving locales

(Newser) - In honor of today's date, 4/20—and the pot-steeped lore of those numbers—the Daily Beast has ranked the nation's 40 "highest cities," where weed culture reigns supreme. To read the full list and see how it was compiled, click here . The top 10:
  1. Eureka, California
  2. Tallahassee, Florida

Atlanta Tops Gayest-Cities List
 Atlanta Tops Gayest-Cities List 

Atlanta Tops Gayest-Cities List

College towns Burlington, Bloomington among Advocate 's top 5

(Newser) - Using criteria like the number of same-sex-couple households per capita, gay elected officials, gay bars and gay films among Netflix favorites, the Advocate crowns Atlanta as the gayest city in the US. Some reasons why, and the rest of the top five:
  • Though “Georgia isn’t the most gay-friendly

Playboy Snowboards Arouse Debate in Vermont

Some see sexism in Playboy line; others demand free speech

(Newser) - Racy snowboards have created a snowball of protests in liberal Vermont, the Boston Globe reports, where manufacturer Burton makes a Playboy line plastered with giant images of naked women. While some in Burlington say free speech guarantees their right to ride what they want, others worry about the effect of...

Healthiest US City Gets Moving
 Healthiest US City Gets Moving 

Healthiest US City Gets Moving

Burlington, Vt., tops list due to active citizens; Huntington, W.Va., is unhealthiest

(Newser) - Burlington, Vt., is America's healthiest city, with 92% of residents reporting that they're in good or great health. A number of factors account for the gap between Burlington and Huntington, W.Va., which brought up the rear in the CDC's healthy-city rankings, the AP reports. Burlington's residents are younger on...

Missing Vermont Girl Found Dead
Missing Vermont Girl Found Dead

Missing Vermont Girl Found Dead

12-year-old's uncle accused of forcing her, and another girl, into sex ring

(Newser) - Vermont authorities found the body of a missing 12-year-old girl in a fresh grave yesterday, CNN reports. Brooke Bennett’s death “appears to be foul play,” said police, who arrested her uncle and stepfather on separate sexual assault charges. Bennett’s uncle, Michael Jacques, initiated her into a...

US Should Tune In to Al Jazeera
US Should Tune In to Al Jazeera

US Should Tune In to Al Jazeera

English-language network affords a close-up view of our own loss of influence

(Newser) - Year-old Al Jazeera English is only in a handful of US markets—a fact that “amounts to self-destructive blindness,” says the Times’ Roger Cohen. By not watching the channel Donald Rumsfeld called “vicious, inaccurate, and inexcusable,” we damage our chances in the war of ideas—because...

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