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Libertarians Name Their Candidate
Name Their

Libertarians Name Their Candidate

Party picks Chase Oliver over Trump and Kennedy

(Newser) - The Libertarians have chosen their 2024 nominee, and his name isn't Trump or Kennedy. Instead, the party chose Chase Oliver—a former Democrat from Georgia who describes himself as "armed and gay," reports the New York Times . Donald Trump, who spoke to the convention Saturday night and...

Attempt to Secede From US Falls Short in State House

Small group of Libertarian Republicans wants a 'national divorce'

(Newser) - The nation will hold at 50 states for now, after New Hampshire legislators voted down a constitutional amendment calling for the state to secede. Lawmakers said it was the first secession vote held in any US legislature since the Civil War era, WMUR reports. The measure would have sent voters...

Activists Target Parking Meters, Putting Town 'on Edge'

Libertarians make waves with the Free Keene movement

(Newser) - Libertarians in the small city of Keene, New Hampshire, are expressing their anger—by pestering parking enforcement officers and feeding meters before $5 tickets can be written. To be fair, they have other ways (like distributing leaflets and pretending to drink alcohol at City Hall meetings), but tensions over parking...

Syria Vote Unites Far Left, Far Right

In House, liberals join libertarians in opposition

(Newser) - When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday about Syria, he'll no doubt be hoping to sway members of Congress, too. Just how tricky that will be is made clear by the Washington Post , which reports that opposition to any such military strike has managed the rare feat of...

Gary Johnson Launches Third-Party Bid

Former NM governor will seek Libertarian nomination

(Newser) - Gary Johnson formally launched his bid to run for president as the Libertarian candidate today, declaring himself "liberated" and fed up with the "elitist media organizations" that largely ignored his attempt to run as a Republican, reports CNN . "I'm a Libertarian in belief," said the...

Christians, Libertarians Battle for Soul of Tea Party

Schism could be imminent

(Newser) - The Tea Party movement is already starting to fracture, with battle lines being drawn between libertarians and Christian conservatives, Newsweek observes. A mere day after the election, Christian conservative groups like the Family Research Council wrote Republican leaders urging them to ban same-sex marriage and abortion; less than two weeks...

Now I Know How Palin Feels: Ex-Post Blogger

David Weigel, ousted for bashing Matt Drudge, speaks out

(Newser) - When he got the call asking him to comment on yet more emails he had written—this time bashing Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich—David Weigel knew he was screwed. The Washington Post blogger had already apologized for leaked emails in which he said Matt Drudge ought to light himself...

Game Plays Out 2011 Obama Coup

Ron Paul fans behind scenario, which also finds Glenn Beck dead

(Newser) - For the burgeoning ranks of political paranoids, a scenario in which President Obama dissolves the Constitution, bans guns and drags the US into a union with Mexico and Canada seems not all that far-fetched. Now, thanks to some Ron Paul supporters, you can prepare for 2011 (yep, that soon!)...

Beck Could Be 'Major' Factor in 2010 Vote
Beck Could Be
'Major' Factor
in 2010 Vote

Beck Could Be 'Major' Factor in 2010 Vote

If he combines angry right-wingers with libertarians, look out

(Newser) - Don't look now, but Glenn Beck could turn out to be a big factor in the 2010 elections, writes Marc Ambinder. Beck is cooking up some kind of voter mobilization project, which is a "tricky proposition" given that "conservative talk radio audiences—and Fox News viewers—tend to...

Don't Dodge Recession: The Case Against Stimulus
Don't Dodge Recession: 
The Case Against Stimulus

Don't Dodge Recession: The Case Against Stimulus

Legislation props up the weak, blows up debt

(Newser) - There’s a near-consensus in DC that the recession calls for major government action. But on the libertarian fringe is what Politico calls “the Do Nothing Crowd.” This group tends to think there's no alternative to letting the economy, which became "filled with phantom wealth," contract,...

Note to McCain: Gitmo Ruling Hardly 'Worst'
Note to McCain: Gitmo Ruling Hardly 'Worst'

Note to McCain: Gitmo Ruling Hardly 'Worst'

Shame on candidate for playing politics on habeas corpus

(Newser) - John McCain's painting of last week's Guantanamo Bay ruling as one of the Supreme Court’s “worst decisions" has George Will scoffing in the Washington Post. Various segregation rulings could hold that title, he notes, but more important to McCain should be the justices' affirmation of habeas corpus, "...

Ron Paul Is Not Alone
Ron Paul Is
Not Alone

Ron Paul Is Not Alone

Libertarians are on the rise, aiming to get government out of private life

(Newser) - Maverick Texas congressman Ron Paul is riding a surge of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum now calling themselves libertarians. They tend to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal voters turned off by government intrusions, from warrantless wiretapping to broadcast censorship. And their numbers are up to 9%...

Feds Seize Ron Paul 'Dollars'
Feds Seize Ron Paul 'Dollars'

Feds Seize Ron Paul 'Dollars'

Candidate and 'sound money' advocate's image on 60,000 coins

(Newser) - Federal agents raided the Indiana headquarters of a so-called "sound money" group this week, seizing nearly 60,000 "Ron Paul Dollars"—copper coins bearing the likeness of the renegade Texan congressman, GOP candidate for president and sound-money advocate. The organization has more than $20 million in illegal...

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