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Lawsuit Over Dentist Visit Is the Stuff of Patient Nightmares
Lawsuit Over Dentist Visit Is
the Stuff of Patient Nightmares

Lawsuit Over Dentist Visit Is the Stuff of Patient Nightmares

Minnesota woman claims her dentist performed slew of procedures in a single visit

(Newser) - If most people dread a trip to the dentist to have a cavity filled or a wisdom tooth pulled, imagine having more than 30 separate procedures done during a single visit. That's what one Minnesota patient alleges happened when she went to Eden Prairie dentist Kevin Molldrem, who she...

Months After Recovery, COVID Survivors Report an Oddity

Some are losing teeth, but oral experts aren't sure yet if the virus alone is causing this

(Newser) - COVID-19 has already been linked to an "epidemic of cracked teeth." Now some believe the disease could be making people's teeth fall out altogether. The New York Times reports on this "bewildering" symptom among coronavirus survivors. One patient in an online survivors support group says one...

What Our Gums Say About Our Overall Health
What Our Gums
Say About Our
Overall Health
study says

What Our Gums Say About Our Overall Health

Having all our teeth is a very good sign

(Newser) - Don't think your oral health is as important as the health of the rest of your body? Think again. Researchers have turned to 57,000 women over age 55 in the Women's Health Initiative program to conduct the largest study of its kind on the relationship between oral...

Mom Shocked to Discover Son Had Teeth Removed at School

9-year-old Michael came home with swollen mouth, 3 fewer teeth

(Newser) - A Baltimore mom says her third-grader had to walk home alone after having three teeth removed at school—without her knowledge, WJZ reports. Shanda Flemming wants answers after a dental program visiting her son's school performed a serious procedure on 9-year-old Michael, who she says arrived home in pain...

The Main Reason People Avoid the Dentist Isn't Fear

Many adults, even those with insurance, don't want to face the costs

(Newser) - The biggest reason people skip out on going to the dentist isn't fear or inconvenience; it's cost, KIDY reports. A study published this month in Health Affairs found people are more likely to forego dental health because of cost than any other type of health care. And that'...

Studies Show Flossing Likely a Waste of Time

Sorry, dentists

(Newser) - According to a new AP report, we're all in the pocket of Big Floss. Despite the American Dental Association touting the benefits of flossing since 1908 and the federal government pushing flossing since 1979, there's actually very little evidence it does anything to stop cavities or gum disease....

Sugar-Free Drinks Also Bad for Your Teeth
Sugar-Free Drinks Also
Bad for Your Teeth
new study

Sugar-Free Drinks Also Bad for Your Teeth

Acids in many drinks still cause tooth decay

(Newser) - Worried about tooth decay? Switching to sugar-free drinks won't save you from the acids that destroy enamel and wear down tissues in your teeth, a new study says. Researchers at the University of Melbourne reached this conclusion by having people drink sugar and sugar-free drinks, and found little difference...

Study: Exercise Can Be Bad for Your Teeth

At least, if you're a 'hard-core' exerciser

(Newser) - Exercise does a body good, or most of a body, according to a new study. German dental researchers set out to explore the impact of endurance training on oral health, and what they found might be bad news for the "hard-core." A group of 70 participants—half triathletes,...

232 Teeth Removed From Boy's Head
 232 Teeth 
 Removed From 
 Boy's Head 

232 Teeth Removed From Boy's Head

Doctors to submit tooth count to Guinness Book of World Records

(Newser) - When doctors in India opened up a tumor in a teenager’s lower jaw on Monday, something unexpected happened. "Little pearl-like teeth started coming out, one by one. Initially, we were collecting them, they were really like small white pearls. But then we started to get tired. We counted...

Cheap Mexican Dentists Wooing Americans

How does a $50 filling sound?

(Newser) - How rough is America's dental state of affairs? Rough enough that US citizens are heading to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico—dogged by a reputation of being one of the world's most dangerous cities, though KVIA notes that violence is down—to get their teeth cared for. The station and...

Teen Mysteriously Dies After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Autopsy inconclusive on Benjamin Edward LaMontagne

(Newser) - A Maine island town is in mourning, after an 18-year-old boy died three days after getting his wisdom teeth removed. Benjamin Edward LaMontagne died in his mother's arms on Saturday, the Portland Press Herald reports. An autopsy Wednesday was unable to determine a cause of death, but his parents...

Soda as Bad for Your Teeth as Meth

 Soda as Bad for 
 Your Teeth as Meth 

Soda as Bad for Your Teeth as Meth

Study found "almost identical" tooth damage in one case

(Newser) - A severe soda addiction can be as terrible for your teeth as a meth or crack habit, according to a case study in General Dentistry spotted by NPR . Study author Mohamed Bassiouny says he noticed the frightening similarities during his 20 years treating dental patients at Philadelphia and Appalachia clinics....

To Fend Off Dementia, Brush Your Teeth

 To Fend Off Dementia, 
 Brush Your Teeth 
study says

To Fend Off Dementia, Brush Your Teeth

New study finds link between dental health, dementia

(Newser) - Brushing your teeth at least once a day is a good idea for many reasons, but a new study reveals one that you may not have guessed: Regular brushing may shrink your risk of developing dementia, Reuters reports. Researchers followed thousands of elderly people for 18 years, and found that...

In Florida, Get Limo Rides, Botox, Booze at ... Dentist

Or get a massage with your teeth cleaning

(Newser) - Who said going to the dentist had to be boring and/or terrifying? A dental office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has turned getting your teeth inspected into a luxurious event, complete with champagne, massages, and a personal concierge who will make you limo and dinner reservations, reports the Sun Sentinel . Dr....

More People Going to ER for ... Toothaches

Possibly because states are cutting Medicaid benefits: NPR

(Newser) - More and more people are showing up to the emergency room to deal with teeth problems. According to a new report, more than 800,000 people in 2009 alone bolted straight to the ER with dental troubles such as toothaches that could have been avoided with proper care. Part of...

Dental Health: Cavities Can Be Contagious
 Cavities Are Contagious 

Cavities Are Contagious

Sharing bacteria can spread tooth decay

(Newser) - Candy and cookies aren’t the only cavity culprits: tooth decay can actually be contagious, scientists have found. That’s because cavities result from bacteria hanging around in your mouth—and these germs can be passed from person to person, the New York Times reports. It’s a noted problem...

Cracked Tooth Delays Lil Wayne's Jail Start

Rapper will undergo dental surgery on Friday

(Newser) - Lil Wayne will wait until March 2 to begin serving his one-year term for a weapons charge. The rapper won a postponement today so he could have dental surgery on Friday. The prosecution agreed that Wayne, who has a cracked tooth, would get better care from his own dentist than...

White Wine Hurts the Choppers
 White Wine Hurts the Choppers 

White Wine Hurts the Choppers

Experts recommend eating cheese to reduce effect on tooth enamel

(Newser) - White wine is a lot worse for teeth than red, according to German researchers who studied human teeth soaked in various kinds of wine. The acid content of white wines like Reisling destroys enamel much faster than reds like Rioja, say the researchers. They recommend white wine fans drink while...

Dentist Dropoff Leaves a Cavity
Dentist Dropoff Leaves a Cavity

Dentist Dropoff Leaves a Cavity

Fewer new grads, more real teeth mean spiking costs could drill consumers

(Newser) - The number of dentists graduating from dental school is plummeting just as the first generation of Americans with their full set of real teeth hit their golden years. And those graduates are much more likely now than in the past to be specialists in things like orthodontics and oral surgery....

Heart and Gum Disease Linked by Gene: Study

Periodontitis patients should cut out risk factors, scientists say

(Newser) - Scientists have identified a link between gum disease and heart disease, the BBC reports, finding the same genetic variation in a group of patients with heart disease and a group with severe periodontitis. “Now we know for sure that there is a strong genetic link, patients with periodontitis should...

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