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Senate OKs $1.2T Spending Bill, Avoiding Shutdown
Shutdown Averted in Late-
Night Senate Wrangling

Shutdown Averted in Late- Night Senate Wrangling

Biden signs bipartisan agreement reached despite conservative pushback

(Newser) - This file has been updated with President Biden's response. The Senate passed a $1.2 trillion package of spending bills in the early morning hours Saturday, a long overdue action nearly six months into the budget year that will push any threats of a government shutdown to the fall....

Bill Shuts Border if Migrant Number Hits 5K a Day
What to Know About
the New Border Bill
the rundown

What to Know About the New Border Bill

Senate bill sets migrant thresholds for closing the border, as House speaker calls it 'dead on arrival'

(Newser) - Senate leaders released their long-awaited immigration proposal Sunday, one that couples new border laws with aid to Ukraine ($60 billion) and Israel ($14 billion). It marks the start of what will be a busy, politically fraught week in both the House and Senate on the issue.
  • Border: The New York

Schumer: I've Never Worked This Closely With McConnell Before

Senate unveils $118B package pairing border policies with aid for Ukraine, Israel

(Newser) - Senators on Sunday released a highly anticipated $118 billion package that pairs border enforcement policy with wartime aid for Ukraine, Israel, and other US allies, setting off a long-shot effort to push the bill through heavy skepticism from Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, the AP reports. The proposal could...

Biden Signs Spending Bill to Keep Government Running

President touts 'crucial assistance to Ukraine'

(Newser) - President Biden on Thursday signed a $1.7 trillion spending bill that will keep the federal government operating through the end of the budget year in September 2023. Biden had a late Friday deadline to sign the bill to avert a partial government shutdown, the AP reports. The White House...

Manchin Unblocks Biden's Domestic Agenda

Holdout's deal with Schumer covers climate change provisions

(Newser) - Sen. Joe Manchin reached agreement with Senate Democratic leaders to support President Biden's domestic spending plan, legislation addressing health care costs, climate change, and other priorities. The deal reverses Manchin's position of two weeks ago, when he said he couldn't commit to the bill before economic data...

Biden's Spending Bill Could Be in Big Trouble

President, Manchin said to be at standstill

(Newser) - The $1.75 trillion spending bill passed by the House of Representatives last month faces a very uncertain future in the Senate. Sources tell media outlets including the Washington Post , CNN , and the AP that Sen. Joe Manchin continues to be the issue, remaining unconvinced regarding the cost of the...

House Finally Passes $1T Infrastructure Bill

But vote on social spending bill has been delayed

(Newser) - The House approved a $1 trillion package of road and other infrastructure projects late Friday after Democrats resolved a months-long standoff between progressives and moderates, notching a victory that President Biden and his party had become increasingly anxious to claim. The House passed the measure 228-206, prompting prolonged cheers from...

House Is Finally Ready to Vote on 2 Massive Bills

Votes on social spending, infrastructure bills expected Friday

(Newser) - Days after a stinging defeat in Virginia, Democrats are trying to move forward quickly with President Biden's agenda. Sources tell the Hill that after a long day of meetings Thursday, House Democrats are planning to vote Friday on a massive social spending bill as well as the infrastructure package...

Pelosi Says Paid Leave Is Back in Spending Bill

Not so fast, says Joe Manchin

(Newser) - Paid family and medical leave is back in the House's version of the Democrats' domestic spending bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday—but since Sen. Joe Manchin hasn't changed his position, the odds of it making it into the final bill may be slim. The paid leave...

Report: Paid Leave Axed From Spending Bill

Sources say it was torpedoed by opposition from Manchin

(Newser) - "We are not going to let one man tell millions of women in this country that they can’t have paid leave," Sen. Patty Murray said Wednesday of fellow Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin's opposition to family and medical paid leave in the party's hotly debated domestic...

Biden Gets Frank About Status of Spending Bill

Manchin, Sanders clashed in closed-door meeting on 'social economy' bill

(Newser) - According to GovTrack 's 2020 report card, Sens. Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders are 46 places apart on the politically right-to-left scale, with Manchin at 54 and Sanders at 100. Two senators tell Axios that the men were just as far apart during a heated closed-door meeting on the...

'No Room for Error' as Shutdown Deadline Nears

Stopgap bill would fund government agencies through early December

(Newser) - The White House told federal agencies last week to prepare for a government shutdown but it now appears that a shutdown will be avoided just before the deadline of midnight Thursday. The House and Senate are expected to vote on a short-term funding patch Thursday, but CNN reports that lawmakers...

Shutdown Looms as House Races to Vote on Funding Bill

Dems cut $1B in 'Iron Dome' funding

(Newser) - The House rushed headlong Tuesday into a vote on legislation to fund the government, suspend the federal debt limit, and provide disaster and refugee aid, forcing a showdown with Republicans who oppose the package despite the risk of a fiscal crisis. The federal government faces a shutdown if funding stops...

Trump Signs Bill to Avoid Shutdown During Election

Federal funding ran out at midnight

(Newser) - Federal funding ran out when the new fiscal year started at midnight, which would normally trigger a shutdown—but agencies waited for President Trump to return from a Minnesota rally and sign a stopgap spending bill. A similar funding lapse happened "with little consequence" for a few hours in...

White House Threatened Veto Over One Part of Spending Bill

Democrats added a 45-day limit on releasing future Ukraine aid

(Newser) - President Trump's aides told Congress this week that the president would veto the $1.4 trillion spending package passed Thursday if it came with a provision requiring him to release future aid to Ukraine quickly. Without a spending bill in place, the government could have shut down this weekend....

Congress Buys More Time to Avoid Shutdown

One-month spending bill goes to president

(Newser) - Impeachment isn't the only topic on Capitol Hill. The Republican-held Senate passed a temporary government-wide spending bill that would keep federal agencies running through Dec. 20 and avert a government shutdown after midnight Thursday. The spending bill, passed 74-20, would keep the federal government open for another month in...

Negotiators Strike Deal on Border to Avoid Shutdown

Measure has $1.4B for fences, not $5.7B for president's proposed wall

(Newser) - Congressional negotiators announced an agreement late Monday to prevent a government shutdown and finance construction of new barriers along the US-Mexico border, the AP reports. Negotiators tentatively agreed to far less money for President Trump's border wall than the White House's $5.7 billion wish list, settling for...

Trump Warns of 'Very Long' 'Democrat Shutdown'

President wants McConnell to use the nuclear option to pass House bill with wall funding

(Newser) - President Trump warned of a "Democrat Shutdown" of the government in Friday morning tweets, adding that "it will last for a very long time!" Having backed away from a temporary spending bill that would've funded the government until Feb. 8, Trump has thrown his support behind...

'Ridiculous Situation' Over: Trump Signs $1.3T Spending Bill

He said he felt he had to for the 'military,' but he's 'unhappy' about DACA and lack of funding for wall

(Newser) - He sent DC into a tizzy Friday morning by threatening to veto the $1.3 trillion spending bill that was passed by Congress, but by early Friday afternoon, President Trump said he'd sign off on the omnibus initiative after all, per CBS News . At a White House press conference...

Senate Passes Deal to Reopen Government
House, Senate Pass Deal
to Reopen Government

House, Senate Pass Deal to Reopen Government

Deficit protest caused brief shutdown

(Newser) - While most Americans were sleeping, the government shut down and reopened. The Senate passed a bipartisan spending bill early Friday—almost two hours after Sen. Rand Paul forced a government shutdown by blocking the vote for as long as he could in a protest against deficit spending. When the vote...

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