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Landslide Kills at Least 11 People at Illegal Gold Mine

19 others still missing in Indonesia

(Newser) - A landslide triggered by torrential rains crashed onto an unauthorized gold mining operation on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, killing at least 11 people, officials said Monday. Nineteen others were reported missing, the AP reports. About 35 villagers were digging for grains of gold on Sunday in a pit at the...

Teton Pass Road Collapses in Mudslide
Collapse Shuts
Mountain Highway

Collapse Shuts Mountain Highway

Teton Pass corridor will be closed indefinitely for repairs

(Newser) - Two days after a crack first appeared in a mountain highway connecting Idaho and Wyoming, the road collapsed in a "catastrophic landslide," officials said. The road connecting Victor, Idaho, with Jackson, Wyoming, was closed at the time because of a mudslide in another area, and no one was...

Papua New Guinea Fears 2K Dead in Landslide

New estimate exceeds most recent UN count

(Newser) - The Papua New Guinea government said a landslide Friday buried more than 2,000 people and has formally asked for international help, the AP reports. The government figure is around three times more than a United Nations' estimate of 670. In a letter seen by the Associated Press to the...

By the Numbers: California's Brutal Storm

Record rain, triple-digit winds, hundreds of mudslides

(Newser) - The slow-moving atmospheric river still battering California on Tuesday unleashed record rainfall, triple-digit winds, and hundreds of mudslides. Here's the historic storm, by the numbers, per the AP :
  • Downtown LA: In just three days, Los Angeles got soaked by more than 8 inches of rain—more than half the

Mudslide Barrels Through Town as Festival Was in Full Swing

Mudslide causes 'very significant' damage in Bardonecchia, Italy, but so far, no major injuries

(Newser) - Officials in a popular vacation town in the Italian Alps are now organizing a major cleanup job and searching for any possible missing people after a mountain mudslide came barreling through over the weekend. The AP reports that the streets of Bardonecchia are now coated in mud and debris after...

Crews Search for Victims of Resort Island Mudslide
Death Toll Rises After
Mudslides on Island

Death Toll Rises After Mudslides on Island

Victims include a 3-week-old boy swept away, officials say

(Newser) - Rescuers have recovered the bodies of seven victims, including a 3-week-old infant and a pair of young siblings, buried during mudslides early Saturday in a port city on the Italian island of Ischia. Officials on Sunday said the victims include the infant boy's parents, a 5-year-old girl and her...

Another Body Found After Devastating Landslide

Drivers swept to their deaths off Canada highway

(Newser) - The British Columbia Coroners Service has confirmed the discovery of three more bodies near the village of Pemberton, bringing to four the number of people who died in a landslide caused by heavy rains that swept vehicles off the road. The search continues for a fifth body, chief coroner Lisa...

Mudslide Levels Japan Town With Dozens Feared Dead

At least two were confirmed dead late Saturday

(Newser) - A gush of mud that swept away homes and cars in a resort town southwest of Tokyo left at least two people dead and about 20 missing, officials said Sunday. Ten people were rescued and as many as 80 homes buried in Atami, where hundreds of firefighters, military troops and...

First Came the Rain. Then, a Mudslide 'as Fast as a Car'

At least 19 are missing in Atami, Japan

(Newser) - A powerful mudslide carrying a deluge of black water and debris crashed into rows of houses in a town west of Tokyo following heavy rains on Saturday, leaving at least 19 people missing, officials said. Dozens of homes may have been buried in Atami, a town known for hot springs,...

Missing Cat Turns Up 3 Years After Disaster

Its owner was killed in California mudslide

(Newser) - A pet cat believed killed along with her owner in a huge mudslide has been found three years later. The Animal Shelter Assistance Program in Santa Barbara County says the calico named Patches was brought in as a stray last month and a microchip scan revealed her identity. Patches had...

Mudslides Isolate 300 Tourists in National Park

The vast Denali National Park and Preserve has only one road

(Newser) - Three hundred tourists are stranded in a national park in Alaska after heavy rains triggered mudslides and caused excess water from a culvert to damage a road, the AP reports. The superintendent of Denali National Park and Preserve closed Denali Park Road to all traffic at mile 30 on Friday....

He Celebrated His Birthday, Died in Mudslide the Next Day

4 kids among 17 confirmed dead in Calif. disaster

(Newser) - The oldest victim swept away in a California mudslide was Jim Mitchell, who had celebrated his 89th birthday the day before. He died in the Santa Barbara County enclave of Montecito with his wife of more than 50 years, Alice. The youngest, 3-year-old Kailly Benitez, was one of four children...

Death Toll Rises in California Mudslide as Searches Continue

Authorities say 17 people are now confirmed dead

(Newser) - Authorities now say 17 people have died in Southern California mudslides and another 13 are missing, the AP reports. The death toll rose Wednesday as searchers pulled two more bodies from the inundated area in the Santa Barbara County enclave of Montecito. Flash floods there on Tuesday swept immense amounts...

Sierra Leone Prepares for Mass Funerals

Mudslides kill more than 300, another 600 are still missing

(Newser) - Sierra Leone's government urged family members to come to the capital's overwhelmed mortuary Wednesday to identify their loved ones' remains as the West African nation prepared to bury hundreds of mudslide and flood victims , the AP reports. Crews continued the grim work of extracting bodies from tons of...

In Sierra Leone, 'Sounds of Wailing, Mourning Everywhere'

Nearly 400 bodies recovered after mudslide

(Newser) - "We have been through 10 years of war, then Ebola, and now this. Have mercy on Sierra Leone, Father," a bishop prayed Wednesday during a vigil in the country's capital of Freetown, where reports suggest 400 people are dead and another 600 are missing as a result...

Mudslides, Flooding Kill at Least 250 in Sierra Leone

More bodies expected to be found

(Newser) - Mudslides and torrential flooding killed at least 250 people in and around Sierra Leone's capital early Monday following heavy rains, with many victims trapped in homes buried under tons of mud, the AP reports. Survivors and volunteers dug through the mud and debris at times with their bare hands...

Massive Landslide Buries Iconic California Highway
New California Mudslide
Is Enormous

New California Mudslide Is Enormous

Part of Highway 1 in Big Sur is buried under 40 feet of rock, dirt

(Newser) - A massive landslide is the latest natural disaster to hit California's Big Sur, which relies heavily on an iconic coastal highway and tourism. Plus, it adds to a record $1 billion in highway damage from one of the state's wettest winters in decades. The weekend slide in Big...

'A Person!' Watch Woman Escape Mudslide

She is OK after close call in Peru

(Newser) - Mudslides in Peru have killed more than 60 people this month, per CNN , but an amazing video shows how one woman narrowly avoided joining that list. As an astonished onlooker shouts, "A person!" the woman identified as 32-year-old Evangelina Chamorro Diaz emerges from the fast-moving muck outside Lima,...

200 Families Missing After Mudslide

Mud has buried Sri Lankan villages

(Newser) - Torrential rains have sent landslides cascading over three villages in Sri Lanka, and at least 200 families were feared buried under the mud Wednesday, the Sri Lankan Red Cross says. Sixteen bodies have already been recovered and about 180 people have been rescued from the enormous piles of mud and...

Death Toll in Guatemala Mudslide Reaches 56

More than 300 people are still missing

(Newser) - A Guatemalan emergency official says the number of people killed when a hillside collapsed Friday on more than 100 homes has risen to 56. Julio Sanchez, a spokesperson for Guatemala's volunteer firefighters, says officials estimate that 350 people remain missing. The previous death toll was 30 and estimates of...

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