Delta Air Lines

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Flight Attendants' Pins Cause a Hubbub at Delta

Airline issues apology after commiserating with someone who complained about 'Hamas badges'

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines customer didn't like an accessory that two flight attendants sported, complained about it online, and received a sympathetic response from Delta—and now the airline is issuing an apology over its response. Per the Hill , the commotion started when someone put up a photo online...

Flight Turns Around After Fliers Received Spoiled Food

The Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was diverted to JFK

(Newser) - A group of Delta passengers flying from Detroit to Amsterdam on Tuesday night ended up having something bigger than jet lag to worry about. Fox Business reports the plane was diverted to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport "after reports that a portion of the Main Cabin...

Delta Jet's Emergency Slide Turns Up in Fitting Spot

It washes up by the beachfront home of a lawyer whose firm is suing Boeing

(Newser) - In the strange coincidence department: The emergency slide that fell off one of Delta's Boeing jets on Friday washed up in front of the oceanfront home of an attorney suing the manufacturer for a similar incident, reports the New York Post . The slide fell off the Boeing 767 as...

Emergency Slide Separates From Boeing 767-300

Delta flight returns to JFK after reports of loud noise

(Newser) - The flight crew on a Delta Air Lines flight declared an emergency after taking off Friday morning from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and returned instead of going on to Los Angeles. The airline said the crew reported a "flight deck indication related to the right...

These Are the Best Airlines in America

Alaska Airlines tops WalletHub's overall list for 2024

(Newser) - The safest airline in the US also happens to be the cheapest—and yet, not the best overall. That's according to WalletHub , which compared the nine largest US airlines and one regional carrier (SkyWest, which serves more than one major airline) across 13 metrics, including cost, delays, cancellations, injuries,...

Eclipse Flight Goes Off Course at Controllers' Instruction

FAA, Delta had suggested heavy traffic might disrupt airline plans

(Newser) - Passengers who booked a special flight to have an airborne view of totality during the eclipse on Monday were thwarted by air traffic controllers, Delta Air Lines said. The plane veered slightly off the path of totality when controllers would not allow it to make the turns planned so passengers...

Man With No Ticket Removed From Delta Flight, Arrested

He allegedly used a photo of a stranger's boarding pass to get on flight to Texas

(Newser) - Taking a photo of somebody else's boarding pass, using it to board a flight, and hiding in the lavatory earned a man a free trip to the Salt Lake County jail, not his intended destination of Austin, authorities say. According to a criminal complaint, Wicliff Fleurizard, 26, was removed...

Allegedly Drunk Pilot Arrested 35 Minutes Before NYC Flight
Scotland Jails US Pilot
Who Tried to Fly Drunk

Scotland Jails US Pilot Who Tried to Fly Drunk

Ex-Delta pilot Lawrence Russell, a recovering alcoholic, will spend 10 months behind bars

(Newser) - A former Delta Air Lines pilot from Georgia will spend 10 months in jail in Scotland for trying to fly a plane across the Atlantic with a blood-alcohol level more than two times the aviation limit. Lawrence Russell Jr., 63, of Fulton County was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty. He'...

Delta Flight Returns to Airport After Strange, Smelly Mess

Maggots fell from overhead compartment onto a passenger heading to Detroit from Amsterdam

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines flight en route from Amsterdam to Detroit had to turn back to the airport about two hours into its flight for a bizarre—and gross—reason: maggots. Fox2 Detroit reports that the slimy creatures fell onto a female passenger, seemingly out of nowhere. Flight attendants soon...

As Plane Taxied for Takeoff, a Part 'Rolled Off the Runway'

'One of your nose tires just came off,' pilot of Delta's Boeing 757 was informed in Atlanta

(Newser) - It's definitely better to discover a part fell off a passenger plane before it takes off rather than once it's in the air, but an incident in Georgia over the weekend has still spurred an FAA investigation after recent headlines over aircraft issues. A Delta Air Lines plane...

Flight to Detroit Diverted to Remote Canadian Base

Delta passengers spent the night in military barracks after aircraft has 'mechanical issue'

(Newser) - Some 270 Delta Air Lines passengers traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit ended up at a Canadian military base overnight after an unexpected detour. The airline says the Airbus A330 was diverted to Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay in the Labrador part of the province Newfoundland and Labrador, the Detroit Free ...

'Unruly' US Marshal in Hot Water After London Flight

Woman says he was drunk, touched her inappropriately

(Newser) - A deputy US marshal was detained in the United Kingdom on suspicion of acting inappropriately while intoxicated on a Delta flight from New York, the agency said Wednesday. The federal agent was one of two who flew to London Tuesday to bring back a person suspected of a crime when...

Co-Pilot Charged With Threatening to Shoot Captain Mid-Flight

Jonathan Dunn faces up to 20 years in prison on charge of interfering with flight crew on 2022 flight

(Newser) - As Delta passengers sipped coffee and stared at screens, the pilots steering their plane were engaged in an argument that resulted in one allegedly threatening to shoot the other. Jonathan Dunn, a former Delta co-pilot, was federally indicted Oct. 18 on a charge of interference with flight crew after allegedly...

CEO: Delta 'Went Too Far' With SkyMiles Changes

Airline to announce 'modifications' to appease frequent flyers in the coming weeks

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines will make changes to address backlash to an overhaul of its frequent-flyer SkyMiles program, CEO Ed Bastian said Monday. On Sept, 13, the airline announced customers would now earn frequent-flyer status based on the amount of money spent with the airline, rather than on the number of...

Flight Turns Around After Ill Passenger Triggers 'Biohazard'

Plane did a U-turn 2 hours into flight

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines flight was two hours into its planned eight-hour journey Friday when it had to do a U-turn, apparently for a very unpleasant reason. After departing Atlanta en route to Spain, an audio transmission between pilots and air traffic controllers that was posted to X indicates that...

11 Sent to Hospital After Turbulent Delta Flight

'Severe turbulence' struck as the plane approached Atlanta on Tuesday

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines Flight 175 landed safely in Atlanta on Tuesday, but with many injured people on board. At least 11 passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital after the flight, which set out from Milan, Italy, "experienced severe turbulence" in its approach to Atlanta, the airline...

Things Got 'Insane' on Plane Stuck on Tarmac in Las Vegas
Things Got 'Insane' on Plane
Stuck on Tarmac in Las Vegas
in case you missed it

Things Got 'Insane' on Plane Stuck on Tarmac in Las Vegas

Passengers were sickened by 'uncomfortable temperatures'

(Newser) - Delta Flight 555 might have felt more like Flight 666 for those who attempted to take it on Monday. The Atlanta-bound plane didn't end up leaving Las Vegas after passengers and at least one crew member needed medical assistance due to "uncomfortable temperatures" on the plane while on...

NTSB Says Broken Part Caused Rough Delta Landing

Boeing 717 landed at Charlotte airport without nose landing gear extended

(Newser) - Investigators say a broken part prevented pilots of a Delta plane from lowering the nose landing gear before landing last month in Charlotte, North Carolina. The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday that it sent the fractured part, called a lock link, to its laboratory for examination. The NTSB said...

Worker Sucked Into Jet Engine Died by Suicide: Officials

NTSB investigation into incident canceled after findings

(Newser) - The ramp worker who died after being "ingested" by a Delta Air Lines jet engine Friday night at San Antonio Airport died by suicide, authorities said. The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office on Monday ruled the man's death a suicide, and the NTSB investigation into the incident...

Flight Diverts After Passenger 'Wouldn't Calm Down'

'Unruly' man causes plane from Paris to US to land in Newfoundland, Canada, instead: officials

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines flight out of Paris on Friday had Detroit as its destination. But the plane took an unexpected detour to a third country after officials say an unmanageable passenger caused the aircraft to be diverted. FlightAware tracking data shows that Flight DL97 took off from Charles de...

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