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Editor Canned for Retweeting the Onion's Gaza Satire

Michael Eisen of eLife, who's Jewish with Israeli family, fired for satirical post on Palestinian civilians

(Newser) - The editor-in-chief of a prominent science journal has been fired after he retweeted an Onion article related to the Israel-Hamas war. Mediaite reports that Michael Eisen , who heads up the eLife journal and also serves as a geneticist at the University of California, let the world know of his dismissal...

Onion's Brief Fails to Sway SCOTUS in Parody Case

Ohio man was arrested, jailed for mocking local police department

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected the case that led to it receiving a very unusual brief last year. The court has turned away an appeal from an Ohio man who was arrested, jailed for four days, and put on trial for creating a Facebook page that parodied his local police...

Supreme Court Just Got What May Be Its Weirdest Brief of the Year

The Onion has filed a serious brief that still calls the high court 'total Latin dorks'

(Newser) - The Onion has some serious things to say in defense of parody. The satirical site that manages to persuade people to believe the absurd has filed a Supreme Court brief in support of a man who was arrested and prosecuted for making fun of police on social media. "As...

Musk Was Into Their Idea. Then His Millions Ran Out

Inside the short, ambitious life of Thud

(Newser) - Merriam-Webster defines "thud" as "a dull sound." That's what the creators of Thud unfortunately ended up getting, rather than the roar they were going for. In a lengthy piece for the Verge , Jacob Kastrenakes looks at what happened when two satirical whizzes were allowed to dream...

5 Years Later, The Onion Responds to Michael Cohen

Satirical site would love to take him up on his demand for a chat

(Newser) - Back in 2013, Michael Cohen wrote an email to the Onion complaining about a satirical item written about his biggest client, Donald Trump. In the email, Cohen demanded an apology, threatened legal action, and asked the editor at the time to contact Cohen "immediately to discuss." The Onion ...

The Onion Keeps Running Same Post After Mass Shootings

Headline and post satirize inability to stop them from recurring in US

(Newser) - "'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens" reads the headline on a widely shared Onion article after the Las Vegas shooting. If the headline sounds familiar, it's because the Onion has run essentially the same piece under the same headline at...

Univision Buys Controlling Stake in ... the Onion?

According to NPR report, satirical site fits in with company's millennial vision

(Newser) - "Area Satiric Publication The Onion Sold to Univision" sounds like the start of a jokey headline you'd read in—well, the Onion. But in this case, NPR is adding a (Seriously) to the end of that, indicating this is apparently no joke. Reporter David Folkenflik, citing two sources...

Ex-FIFA VP's Defense Strategy: Cite the Onion

Calls satirical article proof of US conspiracy

(Newser) - When defending yourself against allegations of corruption, it's best to have your facts straight. Unfortunately for Jack Warner, former vice president of FIFA and member of Parliament in Trinidad, that means avoiding what CNN calls a "spectacular public relations own-goal": gathering evidence from satirical paper the Onion. The...

How the Internet Ruined the Onion
How the Internet Ruined
the Onion

How the Internet Ruined the Onion

Farhad Manjoo isn't a fan of the site's new arch, digital-first, viral model

(Newser) - Once upon a time, an entire year ago, the Onion was a quaint, weekly newspaper, publishing only the very best fake news. Lately, that's all changed. Readers may have noticed the site getting a lot more biting, a lot more timely, and, to some Slate columnists , a lot less...

Syria's Internet Goes Dark

Online traffic disappears, with no official explanation

(Newser) - A major Internet security firm issued this ominous-sounding assessment today: "On closer inspection it seems Syria has largely disappeared from the internet." That's from Dan Hubbard at Umbrella Security Labs , and other monitoring companies have similarly reported that web traffic in the country has disappeared, notes the...

No Laughs Over Onion's Super Nasty Oscar Tweet

Satirical newspaper in hot water after calling Quvenzhane Wallis the c-word

(Newser) - Pro tip for the Onion: When your joke involves the c-word, it shouldn't also involve a 9-year-old girl. The satirical newspaper is in hot water for one of its Oscar tweets posted last night involving Best Actress nominee Quvenzhane Wallis. The Huffington Post has a screenshot: "Everyone else...

China Paper Falls for Onion's Sexiest Man: Kim Jong Un

'People's Daily' congratulates North Korean for 'sexiest man alive' honors

(Newser) - Forget Justin Timberlake: Kim Jong Un just brought sexy back. The Onion named the North Korean leader "Sexiest Man Alive" earlier this month , and the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party totally bought it. People's Daily reported the happy news today, and ran a 55-picture gallery to...

Iranian News Agency Duped by Onion Story
Iranian News Agency Duped by Onion Story

Iranian News Agency Duped by Onion Story

It said rural whites prefer Ahmadinejad over Obama

(Newser) - When we saw this post from Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency, we were pretty confused. Gallup, the propaganda outlet reported, had released a poll showing that rural whites preferred Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Barack Obama—in part because "they at least respected that Ahmadinejad doesn't try to hide...

GOP Rep Fooled by Onion's 'Abortionplex' Story

Rep. John Fleming outraged over fake Planned Parenthood facility

(Newser) - The Abortionplex, a fake business dreamed up by the Onion , has fooled quite a few naïve souls who were simply outraged when they read about it. Now you can add a Louisiana congressman to the list of people who, somehow, failed to figure out that the Abortionplex is a...

Fake Onion Tweets Prompt Scare at US Capitol

They report 'screams and gunfire'

(Newser) - The Onion seems to have registered a rare misfire in the joke department. It set off a scare at the US Capitol this morning with a fake tweet reading, “BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building," reports the Washington Post . A few others in a...

Onion Embarks on Quest to Snag Itself a Pulitzer

Push for respectability comes with publication's 1,000th issue

(Newser) - With its 1,000th issue (more or less) coming out this week, the Onion isn't just content to be America's top satirical newspaper: It wants a Pulitzer. It's not fussy at all about which Pulitzer—editors have submitted articles to the Pulitzer Board in categories like commentary...

Blog Tracks Down Real, Onion-Worthy Headlines

Example: 'God Caught Backing Multiple Candidates'

(Newser) - First came Literally Unbelievable , the blog devoted to people who mistakenly believe that Onion stories are actually true. So it was only a matter of time before Onion-Like popped up. The still-pretty-new blog is devoted to news headlines that are attached to true stories (really!) but sound tailor-made for...

Onion's 'Abortionplex' Gets Yelp Page

It's 'fun fun fun,' users rave

(Newser) - The Abortionplex started out as a whopper of an Onion tale , but took on a life of its own when a few Facebook users, believing it was true, got hilariously angry about it . Now it has spawned a Yelp page, complete with a 3.5-star rating based on more than...

These Facebook Users Think Onion Stories Are Real

'Literally Unbelievable' blog delights in people who think the 'news' is legit

(Newser) - The Onion bills itself as "America's Finest News Source," and lots of Facebook users agree. But we're referring here to those who don't quite get the whole satire thing: The Literally Unbelievable blog is devoted to people who take Onion stories as gospel (Planned...

Onion Punks Times With Tiger Beat Goof
 Onion Dupes New York Times 

Onion Dupes New York Times

Apparently Times ' editors don't read the teen-girl tabloid

(Newser) - Remember the time Barack Obama graced the cover of Tiger Beat magazine accompanied by the news that he had won the "slumber party" vote? Oh, wait a minute, that was a "news" story published by the Onion . Apparently, someone forgot to tell the New York Times, which included...

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