Army Corps of Engineers

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Unpublished Lincoln Letter About DC Defenses to Be Sold

President answered request for larger civil engineer corps

(Newser) - More than 160 years after it was written, a letter from President Abraham Lincoln sent during the Civil War has been discovered. Nathan Raab, a collector of Civil War artifacts, plans to put the letter up for sale , saying there's no record that it's ever been published or...

Another Pipeline Surprise: Dakota Site Is Shut Down

Federal judge says Dakota Access Pipeline must cease, at least temporarily

(Newser) - For three years, the Dakota Access pipeline has been bearing oil from a North Dakota shale basin to Illinois, per a 2017 permit granted by President Trump to do so. Now, a federal judge has delivered what Bloomberg calls a "stunning defeat" to the Trump administration and the oil...

Trump-Touted Firm Wins $1.28B Border Wall Contract

Fisher Sand and Gravel will get $1.28B to build 42 miles of wall near Tucson

(Newser) - A company favored by President Trump, which is the subject of an ongoing Defense Department inspector general review, has been awarded the biggest border wall construction contract yet, valued at $1.275 billion. CEO Tommy Fisher of North Dakota-based Fisher Sand and Gravel pushed his company’s design on conservative...

Farmer Faces $2.8M Fine for Plowing Field
Farmer Faces $2.8M Fine
for Plowing Field

Farmer Faces $2.8M Fine for Plowing Field

John Duarte is accused of disturbing California wetlands

(Newser) - California farmer John Duarte could be facing a $2.8 million fine—and may be ordered to pay millions more in wetlands mitigation—for an offense he describes thusly: "Planting wheat in a wheat field," something he says had been done many times previously. Duarte has been fighting...

Fire, Prayer Mark End of Pipeline Protesters' Camp

Dakota Access activists say blaze is part of the ceremony of leaving

(Newser) - The last people remaining at a Dakota Access pipeline protest camp prayed and set fire to a handful of wooden structures on Wednesday, hours ahead of a deadline set by the Army Corps of Engineers to close the camp. Protesters said burning the structures—which appeared to include a yurt...

Army Corps of Engineers Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline Route

'This is history,' says one organizer

(Newser) - US Army Corps of Engineers says it won't grant an easement for the Dakota Access oil pipeline in southern North Dakota, the AP reports. Corps spokeswoman Moria Kelley said in a news release Sunday that the administration will not allow the four-state, $3.8 billion pipeline to be built...

Feds: We're Not Evicting Pipeline Protesters

Army Corps wants 'peaceful and orderly transition'

(Newser) - The US Army Corps of Engineers says it isn't going to force more than 5,000 pipeline protesters off land where they've been camping since August— despite having told them that they need to leave. "The Army Corps of Engineers is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition...

Experts Warned of 'Catastrophic' Landslide in Wash.

'We’ve known it would happen at some point. We just didn’t know when.'

(Newser) - "This came out of nowhere," a county official said yesterday of the landslide that killed at least 14 and left 176 more missing in Washington. "This was a completely unforseen slide." But geologists have actually been making dire predictions about the hill that collapsed since the...

Army: Stopping Asian Carp Could Take 25 Years

Great Lakes solution will cost up to $18B

(Newser) - The fight to keep Asian carp from colonizing the Great Lakes could take longer than any war America has ever fought, the Army Corps of Engineers warns in a report commissioned by Congress. The report offered eight strategies to keep the invasive species from overwhelming the ecosystem and ruining a...

$7.3M US-Built Afghan Police Camp Sits Nearly Empty

Inspectors find Kunduz compound locked, unused

(Newser) - A $7.3 million, 12-building compound built by the US Army Corps of Engineers for the Afghan Border Police resembled a ghost town just two months after it was handed over to Afghan authorities, Reuters reports. Inspectors found just 12 personnel at the Kunduz province base camp, which had been...

Hundreds of US Levees Decrepit, Dangerous

Army Corps of Engineers finds trouble in survey of system

(Newser) - Apparently Hurricane Katrina wasn't enough to make America fix its levee system. Seven years after that disaster, hundreds of America's levees are poised to fail, the AP reports, based on an early look at the US Army Corps of Engineers' first ever inventory of the nationwide flood control...

Court Clears Army Corps of Liability for Katrina

Because the government can't be sued

(Newser) - The Army Corps of Engineers can't be held responsible for the devastation New Orleans suffered during Hurricane Katrina, a federal appeals court ruled today, overturning a lower court decision that could have left the government open to a host of lawsuits, CNN reports. The appeals court cited the "...

97 Boats Stranded on Sluggish Mississippi

Drought causing ships to run aground in vital artery

(Newser) - The drought is drying up the mighty Mississippi as well as farmers' fields. An 11-mile stretch of the river has been closed due to low water levels, stranding 97 boats while dredging is carried out, and navigation markers are replaced, CBS reports. Officials say it's not clear when the...

New Orleans' $15B Levees Nearly Done

But plenty of residents, experts say they're just not enough

(Newser) - Five years and $15 billion later, the US Army Corps of Engineers is just about done with a massive ring of protection designed to protect New Orleans from another Katrina. It's a 350-mile network of levees and flood walls that is by all accounts a massive improvement over the previous...

Jindal to US: We're Not Waiting for You
 Jindal to US: 
 We're Not 
 for You 


Jindal to US: We're Not Waiting for You

Sand berms will go without Army Corps of Engineers OK

(Newser) - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the state is not waiting for federal approval to begin building sand barriers to protect the coastline from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Jindal's defiant comments today came as oil pushed at least 12 miles into the heart of Louisiana's marshes. Two major pelican...

Army Corps' Negligence Led to Katrina Flooding: Judge

Feds could be on the hook for billions in damages

(Newser) - In an opinion that could open the federal government to billions in damage claims, a judge ruled today that the failure of the Army Corps of Engineers to maintain an outlet channel led directly to disastrous flooding in and around New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005....

It's Official: New Orleans Will Never Be the Same

(Newser) - Even if the government somehow managed to re-create pre-Katrina New Orleans, it couldn't guarantee the safety of the city and its residents, according to a new report. The Army Corps of Engineers is rebuilding levees in anticipation of a “100-year storm,” but for a city of New Orleans’...

Katrina Negligence Case Against Feds Goes to Court

(Newser) - Hurricane Katrina victims get their day in court beginning today, as a federal judge hears a lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers. Tens of thousands of New Orleans residents could win damages, in what lawyers are calling “the last case standing” against the government. “This is sort...

Second Engine Recovered From Hudson River

Couric lands first interview with Flight 1549's hero captain

(Newser) - The left engine of Flight 1549 was pulled from the Hudson River this afternoon, days after it was located with sonar, NY1 reports. Divers had held off on the recovery because of cold weather; warmer temperatures today allowed them to reach the engine and hoist it out of the water...

Little Progress on At-Risk Levees: Feds

State and local governments have done little despite post-Katrina crackdown

(Newser) - More than half the 122 US levees cited for being in disrepair after Hurricane Katrina still need to be fixed, according to Army Corps of Engineers data obtained by USA Today—with 18 states and Puerto Rico having levees considered unreliable in major floods. The worst offenders are Washington and...

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