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Mensa Welcomes Its Youngest Member Ever
Mensa Welcomes Its
Youngest Member Ever

Mensa Welcomes Its Youngest Member Ever

Parents of Kentucky 2-year-old Isla McNabb say she already reads at kindergarten level

(Newser) - Mensa has a new member, and she's still in diapers. Meet 2-year-old Isla McNabb of the Louisville suburb of Crestwood, Ky., a precocious little girl the IQ society says is now its youngest member ever. Isla's parents say even though she does standard toddler things—plays with toys,...

School Tells 8-Year-Old She's Arizona Material

Mexico City girl already has graduated from high school

(Newser) - The University of Arizona has asked an 8-year-old to consider going to college there—any time now. Adhara Pérez Sánchez of Mexico City already has graduated from high school and is working online toward two degrees there. She wants to study astrophysics at Arizona, the Arizona Republic reports....

Pa. Man Builds Most Creative Snowplow Ever

Jonathan Schill's cardboard-box contraption is a big online hit

(Newser) - Innovators often arise out of the most grueling circumstances, and Jonathan Schill is no exception. As the Chambersburg Public Opinion reports, the young Pennsylvania man was shoveling snow at his new home last Saturday when he got tuckered out after 15 minutes. He didn't have a snowplow to tap...

She Was a Prodigy. 'Pappoulis' Became Obsessed With Her

Atavist Magazine has the incredible story of Promethea Olympia Kyrene Pythaitha

(Newser) - You might expect the tale of a child prodigy would be an incredible one. But the story of Promethea Olympia Kyrene Pythaitha—born Jasmine Li Lysistrata, she gave herself the Greek name as she graduated from Montana State University with a math degree at age 13—is almost unimaginable. Raised...

9-Year-Old Genius Already Conquering College

William Maillis could speak full sentences at just 7 months

(Newser) - When Peter Maillis told his 7-month-old son William to go to bed, William replied, "I don't want to," KDKA reports. It was clear from very early on that William was no ordinary child, and he recently proved that once again by becoming—at 9 years old—one...

Genius Idea Gets Busted: Booze Pipeline

Ukraine officials find pipeline trying to send bootleg alcohol into Moldova

(Newser) - The details are scant thus far, but this is not your daddy's pipeline: Authorities in Ukraine say they have foiled plans to ship bootleg alcohol from Moldova to Ukraine via a pipeline, reports the AP . The SBU security service said on Tuesday that border guards in the country's...

12-Year-Old to Enter College—as a Junior

Tanishq Abraham gets accepted by two universities

(Newser) - Tanishq Abraham just got accepted by two California universities—not bad for a 12-year-old. The Sacramento boy, who graduated from high school at age 10 and received three associate's degrees from a community college last year, says he still hasn't decided which university to accept, NBC News reports....

He's College Grad, NASA Consultant, Pilot, Author. He's 17

Moshe Kai Cavalin isn't exactly sitting around

(Newser) - Moshe Kai Cavalin has two college degrees, but he's too young to vote. He flies airplanes, but he's too young to drive a car alone. Life is filled with contrasts for the 17-year-old from San Gabriel, Calif., who has dashed by major milestones as his age seems to...

10-Year-Old Graduates From High School

Tanishq Abraham wants to cure cancer, be president

(Newser) - Tanishq Abraham has modest goals for a 10-year-old—he'd like to cure cancer and become president. Which probably seems realistic to the Sacramento prodigy, because Abraham just became one of the youngest children to ever graduate high school, earning him a letter of congratulations from Barack Obama. "It...

16-Year-Old Graduates College—Before High School

Grace Bush used dual enrollment program to finish early

(Newser) - As a toddler, Grace Bush sat on her mother's lap while she " read to her every day for a few minutes so I could move on to do what I needed to do with my other" eight kids, Gisla Bush tells Reuters . Then at age 2, " I...

Awesome $1 Razor Ad Goes Viral
 Best Ad Ever Hawks $1 Razors 

Best Ad Ever Hawks $1 Razors

Dollar Shave Club offers 'f***ing great' razors, cheap

(Newser) - If you're tired of shelling out $19.99 for a pack of disposable razors, you might be interested in Michael Dubin's new start-up, Dollar Shave Club . And even if you're hairless or don't believe in shaving, you might be interested in Dubin's ad for the...

14-Year-Old Ready to Graduate UCLA

Moshe Kai Cavalin: All it takes is hard work

(Newser) - Moshe Kai Cavalin is about to graduate from UCLA … at the age of 14. But it's not his first experience with higher education. At the age of 8, he enrolled at East Los Angeles Community College, earning the first of two degrees the following year with a 4....

Biggest Geniuses of 2010 ... Picked by MacArthur Geniuses

Jon Stewart leads the pack of influential whizzes

(Newser) - The biggest intellectual, cultural, and technological achievements of the year were powered by these brains—some we know well, some we don’t. The Daily Beast got together with 20-plus recent winners of MacArthur “Genius” grant to determine the year’s smartest:
  1. Jon Stewart. Going beyond the biting Daily

Meet This Year's MacArthur 'Geniuses'

Journalists, scientists, artists among 24 awarded $500K grants

(Newser) - A newspaper reporter who refuses to forget decades-old murders is among 24 recipients of this year's $500,000 MacArthur Foundation "genius grants." As in previous years, a wide variety of fields are represented on the list of recipients: There is a novelist and an applied physicist, a photojournalist...

Even in Geniuses, Hard Work Trumps IQ
 Even in Geniuses,
 Hard Work Trumps IQ 

Even in Geniuses, Hard Work Trumps IQ

Latest research says greatness more due to sweat than brains

(Newser) - In today’s scientific age, research suggests that genius isn’t a “hard-wired” trait, writes David Brooks in the New York Times: instead, it suggests “a more prosaic, democratic, even puritanical” perspective. Greatness may start with “slightly above average” talent, but what counts is thousands of hours...

The 100 Biggest Brains in the World
The 100 Biggest Brains in the World

The 100 Biggest Brains in the World

The top living geniuses dominate fields from physics to animation

(Newser) - The Daily Telegraph jumps to point out that a quarter of its list of 100 living geniuses are British, and that that's one living genius per 2.5 million people—a higher proportion than for any other country. Americans still dominate the list, though, with a hefty 43 geniuses.
  1. Albert

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