Stephen Hawking

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Scientists See Breakthrough in Stem Cell Production

Research holds promise for Lou Gehrig's disease

(Newser) - A US team has made a breakthrough in stem cell research, growing new nerve cells from the skin of patients suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS. The work marks the first time disease-specific stem cells have been generated from a patient.The method could be used to tailor replacement...

The 100 Biggest Brains in the World
The 100 Biggest Brains in the World

The 100 Biggest Brains in the World

The top living geniuses dominate fields from physics to animation

(Newser) - The Daily Telegraph jumps to point out that a quarter of its list of 100 living geniuses are British, and that that's one living genius per 2.5 million people—a higher proportion than for any other country. Americans still dominate the list, though, with a hefty 43 geniuses.
  1. Albert

Stephen Hawking Test-Drives Zero Gravity

(Newser) - Paralyzed super-physicist Stephen Hawking completed a zero-gravity flight off the Florida coast yesterday—floating weightless and free of his wheelchair for 25-second busts. "It was amazing,"  Hawking said after the flight. "Space, here I come!" The American firm normally charges $3,750 for the experience,...

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