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Obama Picks San Antonio Mayor for Housing Secretary
Obama Picks San Antonio Mayor for Housing Secretary
says report

Obama Picks San Antonio Mayor for Housing Secretary

Julian Castro called possible future VP nominee

(Newser) - President Obama has chosen San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as the next housing secretary, Democratic insiders tell the New York Times . Castro, who has been mayor since 2009, was the 2012 Democratic National Convention's keynote speaker, and he has been named as a possible future VP candidate, the Times...

Sebelius Eyes Run for Senate: Report

Could face friend Pat Roberts in Kansas

(Newser) - She's only just leaving her post as health secretary, and under more than a bit of a cloud, but that doesn't mean Kathleen Sebelius' political career is over. Democratic insiders say her name is coming up quite a bit in discussions of potential Senate candidates in her home...

Sebelius: I Was Not Pushed Out

 'Wasn't an 
'meet the press'

Sebelius: Staying 'Wasn't an Option'

Stepping down was entirely her choice

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius went on NBC's Meet the Press today, where she made it clear that stepping down as Health Secretary was entirely her choice—a choice she made during the last presidential election. She didn't want to "leave along with a lot of my colleagues who left...

Obama: Sebelius Will 'Go Down in History'

He praises outgoing health chief, and his nominee to succeed her

(Newser) - President Obama made it official today, announcing that Kathleen Sebelius is indeed resigning as health secretary . Politico highlights a quote by Obama at today's ceremony in the Rose Garden that could probably work for both her supporters and critics: She will "go down in history" as the leader...

Health Chief Sebelius Is Resigning
Health Chief Sebelius
Is Resigning

Health Chief Sebelius Is Resigning

White House budget official Sylvia Mathews Burwell expected to replace her

(Newser) - ObamaCare may have rebounded from its disastrous start, but health secretary Kathleen Sebelius won't be around for the next phase, reports the Wall Street Journal . In fact, Sebelius already has submitted her resignation, and President Obama has accepted it, reports the New York Times . The move is expected to...

ObamaCare Signups Hit 2.1M
 ObamaCare Signups Hit 2.1M 

ObamaCare Signups Hit 2.1M

But that's below the initial target

(Newser) - More than 2.1 million Americans have now signed up for health insurance through ObamaCare's federal and state exchanges, Kathleen Sebelius announced today. That's below the original Dec. 31 target of 3 million signups, CNN reports, noting that the end of December marks the halfway point of the...

Sebelius Calls for HealthCare.gov Investigation

She thinks HHS needs to improve how it handles contracts

(Newser) - Many in Washington are calling for an investigation into HealthCare.gov's disastrous debut—and now, that includes the woman who was in charge of it. In a blog post today, Kathleen Sebelius announced that she has asked Health and Human Services' inspector general to look into the website's...

'Fixed' ObamaCare Is Really 'Mission Accomplished'
This Is Obama's 'Mission Accomplished' Moment

This Is Obama's 'Mission Accomplished' Moment

WSJ , Daily Caller compare launch to Iraq

(Newser) - We've already heard ObamaCare compared to Hurricane Katrina ; now, as the site proclaims improvements , pundits are drawing parallels to the Iraq War. In the Wall Street Journal , editors write that "the only thing missing from Sunday's relentlessly upbeat progress report was President Obama in front of a...

Consultants Red-Flagged ObamaCare —in March

Nobody was looking at big picture, McKinsey found

(Newser) - Add consulting firm McKinsey & Co. to the list of who can now say "I told you so" about the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare. A private consulting team brought in to assess the mammoth project warned back in March that the launch of HealthCare.gov could be risky—and...

Republicans Turn Up Heat on Sebelius (Sort of)

President stands by health secretary despite (some) pressure from GOP

(Newser) - Ten Republican senators sent a letter to President Obama yesterday demanding that he fire Kathleen Sebelius over ObamaCare's online debut, but Obama wasted no time in reaffirming his support for the embattled Health and Human Services secretary. "If a similar rollout from any other national company or private-sector...

Big Changes Coming to Mental Health Coverage

New rules require mental illnesses to be treated like physical ones

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius will reveal a new set of insurance parity rules today that require insurers to treat mental illness just as they would any physical illness, The Hill reports. The regulations will affect the majority of Americans with insurance, and among other things, they will ensure soldiers with traumatic brain...

Sebelius: 'Delay Is Not an Option'

Secretary pressed on ObamaCare 'navigators'

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius was on Capitol Hill for another grilling today, this time from the Senate Finance Committee, in which she defied calls from both sides of the aisle to delay parts of the implementation of the ObamaCare. "Delaying the Affordable Care Act would not delay people's cancer or...

Sebelius: I'm Sorry, Blame Contractors

As Republicans grill her and Democrats prop her up

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius apologized for ObamaCare's flubbed web debut in her testimony on Capitol Hill today, but stopped short of falling on her sword. "Access to HealthCare.gov has been a miserably frustrating experience for way too many Americans," she said, according to Fox News . "You deserve...

6 ObamaCare Questions for Sebelius as She Hits Hot Seat

She testifies before Congress today

(Newser) - Kathleen Sebelius is testifying before Congress this morning in eagerly anticipated remarks about problem-plagued HealthCare.gov, but you may not hear anything new. Politico reports that her eight pages of prepared testimony are, almost verbatim, the same as the testimony offered to Congress yesterday by head of the Centers for...

GOP Blasts Sebelius as 'Laughingstock of America'

Lawmakers continue push to shove her 'out the door'

(Newser) - It's probably never positive for your career if Ted Cruz is calling for your head , but GOP Sen. John Barrasso is looking at last night's SNL Cold Open—which ripped HealthCare.gov and Kathleen Sebelius —and declaring Sebelius "the laughingstock of America. She's lost considerable...

SNL Piles On HealthCare.gov
 SNL Piles On HealthCare.gov 

SNL Piles On HealthCare.gov

Site has helpful links like Kayak, so you can fly to Canada for cheap drugs

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live is the latest to rip the government's lumbering HealthCare.gov website, with Kate McKinnon appearing in last night's Cold Open as Kathleen Sebelius to give frustrated users a little troubleshooting advice. For example, "Have you tried restarting your computer? Sometimes it helps to turn...

Cruz: Fire Sebelius Over ObamaCare
 Cruz: Fire 
 Sebelius Over 


Cruz: Fire Sebelius Over ObamaCare

McCain thinks it's been a 'fiasco,' Pelosi sees room for improvement

(Newser) - Ted Cruz is less than impressed with ObamaCare's bumpy rollout, and would like Kathleen Sebelius' head to roll as a result, Politico reports. "Absolutely, she should resign. Why? Because the program she has implemented, ObamaCare, is a disaster. It’s not working, it’s hurting people all across...

Stewart Grills Sebelius on ObamaCare: 'Am I Stupid?'

Launch was 'rockier' than planned

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has some concerns about ObamaCare, and on last night's Daily Show , he made sure the health secretary knew about them. Stewart questioned the market-based approach to health care, and he kept asking Kathleen Sebelius why businesses were allowed to delay involvement for a year while individuals must...

2nd Family Sues Sebelius Over Organ Transplant

Judge rules that 11-year-old can go on adult waiting list

(Newser) - This might help explain why health secretary Kathleen Sebelius didn't think it was wise to intervene on organ-donor rules in the case of a young girl needing a lung transplant. One day after that family sued and won the right to have the 10-year-old placed on the adult waiting...

Judge's Ruling Clears Way for Girl to Receive Lung

Federal judge says Sarah Murnaghan eligible to be on adult donor list

(Newser) - The odds that 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan will get a life-saving lung transplant just shot up dramatically. A federal judge in Philadelphia ruled this afternoon that Sarah is eligible to receive a lung from the adult donor list, reports AP . Normally, kids younger than 12 can't do so, but the...

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