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Microsoft's New Search Engine: Bing

'Decision engine' gives users more control over results

(Newser) - Microsoft wants “Bing” to replace “Google” as your verb of choice for Internet search, PC World reports, with CEO Steve Ballmer unveiling the search engine today at a conference in California. Bing—already available for a test run—will be fully rolled out by Wednesday. The runner-up name...

Ballmer Opens Up Windows 7 Beta

Beta version of Vista successor available to the public starting tomorrow

(Newser) - Windows 7 Beta will be launched to the public tomorrow, Steve Ballmer told the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday. The Microsoft chief, filling the keynote slot held by Bill Gates in the previous 11 years, told the audience that the operating system would be a return to the "special sauce"...

Search Gamble May Just Work for Microsoft
Search Gamble May Just Work for Microsoft

Search Gamble May Just Work for Microsoft

'Desperate,' 'brilliant' cash-back plan will sap Google's base

(Newser) - Many are pooh-poohing Microsoft’s cash-back search scheme, but Michael Arrington of TechCrunch thinks it’s going to work—and be a major pain in Google’s side. With search-market share at a mere 9.1% (and falling), Microsoft has little to lose, Arrington argues, because search is a winner-takes-most...

Microsoft Will Play in Traffic
 Microsoft Will Play in Traffic 

Microsoft Will Play in Traffic

Company's Clearflow service latest to offer congestion avoidance

(Newser) - Driving could get a little easier thanks to a new directions mapping service that helps users avoid traffic jams. Microsoft is launching the free system, called Clearflow, today. It predicts congestion patterns on both highways and side streets and will be available for 72 US cities on the company’s...

Microsoft and Yahoo May Not Be Enough to Fell Google

Is bigger better, or just bigger problems?

(Newser) - A Microsoft/Yahoo combination would pose a greater challenge to Google, but it's not at all clear the search engine behemoth would be greatly affected, NPR reports. Google owns about 60% of the search market—three times that of Microsoft and Yahoo combined. And, perhaps more to the point, it is...

Vista, Office Spur Microsoft to Huge Growth

23% gains in first quarter; new PC sales drive gains

(Newser) - Microsoft yesterday reported a 23% leap in net income and its best revenue growth since the dot-com boom, making it an isolated winner in a tumbling market. The announcement drove up the company's shares 10% in after-hours trading. The sales of new PCs with Windows installed helped drive the gains,...

China Blocking Users From US Search Engines

Some speculate it's retaliation for giving Dalai Lama the Congressional Medal

(Newser) - Chinese searchers trying to visit Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search are being redirected to the Chinese search engine Baidu, according to tech news sources. Speculation has it that the Chinese government is blocking the American engines because officials are angry that the US awarded the Dalai Lama the Congressional...

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