John D. Rockefeller

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Feds Give Up the Ghost on Standard Oil Breakup

Justice Department wants to drop century-old antitrust efforts

(Newser) - After more than a century, the Justice Department is dropping its effort to break up Standard Oil. A federal court was asked Tuesday to toss out the decree that required John D. Rockefeller to give up control of 37 subsidiaries that helped his company monopolize the oil industry, the Wall ...

Rockefeller's Great-Grandson Killed in Plane Crash

Small aircraft went down outside NYC

(Newser) - A family spokesman says the pilot of a small plane who died in a crash outside New York City today was Richard Rockfeller, great-grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller. The aircraft took off just after 8am and went down after hitting some trees west of the airfield, authorities...

Nine Senators Hold Key to Health Reform

Baucus leads 'Board of Directors' in tough bipartisan negotiations

(Newser) - If Barack Obama succeeds in overhauling America's health care system by the end of 2009, he'll have to thank a bipartisan group of nine senators charged with developing a bill that can muster 60 votes. The "Board of Directors"—named by Max Baucus, Obama's go-to figure for health...

Bush, Advisers Misled US on Iraq: Senate Report

Dem-led committee blasts administration; Republicans dismiss 'partisan exercise'

(Newser) - The Bush administration distorted facts in justifying the invasion of Iraq and overstated Saddam Hussein’s links to al-Qaeda, a long-delayed report from the Senate intelligence committee concludes. Bush and his advisers also ignored doubts about Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction in constructing their case for military...

Rockefellers' Green Revolt Fails at Exxon

Bid to open leadership to global warming debate fails

(Newser) - A shareholder revolt at Exxon Mobil by descendants of company founder John D. Rockefeller has failed to force management to split up the dual chairmanship and CEO roles of Rex Tillerson. The proposal to appoint an independent chairman in part to stimulate board debate about global warming garnered 40% of...

Rockefellers Pump Exxon Execs for Changes

Family wants independent chairman, climate change initiatives

(Newser) - Executives at Exxon are bracing for an onslaught from the Rockefeller family, whose patriarch founded the oil firm’s predecessor a century ago, the Wall Street Journal reports. Led by John D. Rockefeller’s great-granddaughter, the family wants Exxon to pursue renewable forms of energy and appoint an independent chairman.

Rockefeller Clan Launches Green Revolt at Exxon

Demand new chairman, green agenda

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil is facing a shareholder revolt by most of John D. Rockefeller's 300 descendants, who are pushing for the mammoth company to go greener, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Rockefellers are campaigning for Exxon to develop new energy technology, cut greenhouse gas emissions and appoint a new independent...

Senate Brokers Truce With Bush on Domestic Spying

Includes immunity for phone companies

(Newser) - Senate Democrats and Republicans have brokered a deal on legislation regarding the White House domestic spying and wiretapping program—including a highly controversial grant of immunity to telecommunication companies that co-operated with warrantless wiretaps. The deal marks a victory for the White House because Democrats had to kill a House...

Dems Demand Torture Memos
 Dems Demand Torture Memos

Dems Demand Torture Memos

Anger erupts over secret approval for extreme interrogation techniques

(Newser) - The disclosure by the New York Times of secret Justice Department memos greenlighting the use of torture techniques on terror suspects has triggered an uproar on Capitol Hill. Democrats have demanded to see the memos, which authorized head-slapping, sleep deprivation, freezing, a near-drowning technique called water boarding and other painful...

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