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Baltimore to Trump: 'Better to Have a Few Rats Than Be One'

The 'Baltimore Sun' is having none of the president's criticism of Elijah Cummings' district

(Newser) - Charm City isn't exactly bothering to be charming after the president of the United States attacked Baltimore as a "very dangerous & filthy place" that is the "Worst in the USA” and a "rat and rodent infested mess." The Baltimore Sun pulled zero punches in...

Reporter Finds He's Allergic to Newspapers

Irony not lost on Baltimore Sun veteran

(Newser) - It's not just "politicians and police spokespeople" who are allergic to newspapers, a longtime Baltimore Sun reporter says in a hilarious letter to colleagues explaining why he's going to be wearing gloves around the office from now. Michael Dresser, who covers the political beat in Annapolis, says...

Whistleblower Gets Plea Deal in NSA Case

White House had hoped to send message on leaks

(Newser) - A White House attempt to crack down on classified leaks is fizzling with a misdemeanor plea deal, reports the Washington Post . Former NSA official Thomas Drake will plead guilty to using a government computer to share information with an unauthorized person— who happened to a be a Baltimore Sun reporter...

Tribune Company Files for Bankruptcy

Financing billions in debt becomes too onerous in down economy

(Newser) - The Tribune Company filed today for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, due to mounting debt and an inability to pay interest in the floundering economy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tribune’s profits declined 83% in the third quarter, making it difficult to finance $12 billion in debt. The company has...

Chicago Tribune Editor Resigns Amid Cutbacks

Ann Marie Lipinski ends 7-year run in job 'not the fit it once was'

(Newser) - Chicago Tribune editor Ann Marie Lipinski handed in her resignation today after 7 years in the top post at the Tribune Company's flagship paper. Lipinski's departure comes a week after the 161-year-old newspaper told its staff it would eliminate about 80 newsroom jobs amid a broad effort to cut costs...

'Wire' Spotlight Burns Paper
'Wire' Spotlight Burns Paper

'Wire' Spotlight Burns Paper

Show's creator defends portrayal of real-life newsmen

(Newser) - The portrayal of battered, prize-grubbing  and unscrupulous journalists in HBO's “The Wire”—based loosely on creator David Simon’s years at the downsizing Baltimore Sun—has provoked a furious internet outcry from some former colleagues who can't help but recognize themselves, the Washington Post reports. One highly regarded...

Critics Love Wire 's Media Turn
Critics Love Wire's Media Turn

Critics Love Wire's Media Turn

Final season 'paints realistic portrait of newsroom'

(Newser) - Entering its last season, HBO's urban drama The Wire "succeeds strikingly at getting what's wrong just right," Tom Shales writes in the Washington Post. “Written and acted to the highest standards of the best TV drama,” the show has dealt with drugs, job loss, and school...

Wire's Architect Begins His Final Chapter

David Simon put whole life, love of Baltimore into HBO's hit drama

(Newser) - The final season of HBO critical darling The Wire lands in January, and will revolve around the newsroom—the last unscripted setting from creator David Simon’s own experience. The show has tackled drug runners, cops, dockworkers, and inner-city schoolchildren “with sociological precision,” reports New Yorker’s Margaret...

8 Stories
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