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Among Charges in Capitol Riot, a 'Bizarre Claim' About Russia

FBI investigating whether Pa. woman swiped computer from Pelosi office to sell to Russians

(Newser) - An engraved nameplate apparently isn't the only thing swiped from Nancy Pelosi's office during the Capitol riot. The FBI filed an arrest warrant Sunday against Pennsylvania woman Riley June Williams, with charges linked to the Jan. 6 attack in DC including entering a restricted building, disrupting the orderly...

New Wrinkle in Census Debate: a Dead Man's Hard Drives
Dead Man's Hard Drives
Add Surprise Census Wrinkle
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Dead Man's Hard Drives Add Surprise Census Wrinkle

Critics say GOP strategist's work shows citizenship question is about helping Republicans

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is expected to rule in a matter of weeks on whether the Trump administration can add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Now, however, a new wrinkle has emerged on the whole issue in an unusual way—via the hard drives of a deceased Republican strategist....

Hopes for Future Novels From Terry Pratchett Literally Crushed

Late fantasy author's hard drive flattened by steamroller

(Newser) - Fans' hopes for future novels from the late Terry Pratchett were literally crushed last week as the fantasy author's old hard drive fell victim to a steamroller, the Guardian reports. Following Pratchett's death from Alzheimer's in 2015, friend and fellow author Neil Gaiman told the Times that...

Sheriff's Workers Smash Hard Drive for New Sheriff

Good news is ... new lawman has fewer emails to read?

(Newser) - Here's a treat for an incoming sheriff: The outgoing staff apparently pulverized the last sheriff's hard drive and left behind none of his files. Not only that, there was blood on the drive's remains. An outgoing sergeant at the Broward Sheriff's Office in Florida told Internal...

No Data Retrieved From Lanza's Smashed Hard Drive

Effort to do so was ultimately unsuccessful

(Newser) - A computer found at Adam Lanza's home had been smashed and the hard drive damaged with a hammer or screwdriver, and investigators now say they have been unable to recover data from it that could shed light on the motive for the Connecticut school shooting, reports the New York ...

New Computer Engineers: Bacteria

Magnetic microbes could lead way to faster hard drives

(Newser) - Future computer hardware designers may look to bacteria as a guide. Researchers in Britain created miniscule magnets by mimicking a bacterial process; these magnets could help us build the smaller, faster hard drives of tomorrow, the BBC reports. A bacterium called Magnetospirilllum magneticum creates the world's most magnetic mineral,...

Superman's Memory Crystals Inch Closer to Reality--as Glass Hard Drives

 Memory Crystals 
 Inch Closer to 
in case you missed it

Superman's Memory Crystals Inch Closer to Reality

Hard drives could soon be made from glass

(Newser) - The “memory crystals” Superman used to hear messages left by his parents are no longer just science fiction. Researchers in Britain have found a way to store computer data on glass by reorganizing its atoms. A laser creates miniscule dots, known as voxels, in silica glass. Light passing through...

Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud
Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud

Pogoplug Ideal for Taking Personal Info Out of Cloud

Storage device makes it easy to access your hard drive remotely

(Newser) - The Pogoplug device seems like the perfect solution for people who want to access and share their files over the Internet but are wary of storing their personal data "in the cloud," writes Katherine Boehret. The $129 device allows users to access hard drives or other devices connected...

Computer Whiz Records Life as 'E-Memory'

Microsoft researcher saves audio, video experiences on hard drive

(Newser) - Philip K. Dick, eat your heart out. Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell is recording his entire life with video and audio equipment and storing it on a hard drive to keep it safe, CNN reports. The 350 gigabytes of data—which include scans of receipts and PDFs of every Web site...

Apple Will Roll Out iPods With Cameras

(Newser) - Apple will unveil a new line of iPods complete with point-and-click cameras on Sept. 9, Apple Insider reports. In addition to the 3.2-megapixel camera—which, according to a “Taiwanese rumor site,” will grace the probable last-generation hard-drive iPod in addition to the Flash-based Nano and Touch—Apple...

Toshiba to Make Solid-State PC Disks

Joins competitors in effort to create demand for flash memory

(Newser) - Toshiba will start making flash-based solid-state drives for laptops, the company said Monday. The Japanese memory chip maker is trying to create more demand for flash chips, reports Reuters. Solid-state drives, which offer a faster boot-up than hard disk drives, are used in portable devices, but aren't mainstream yet in...

Google Plans Remote File Storage
Google Plans Remote File Storage

Google Plans Remote File Storage

Long-rumored 'Gdrive' might become reality within months

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal reports on a new service under development at Google that would allow users to store personal files on the search giant's own hard drives, making them available via the Internet to multiple devices. The new service, as yet unnamed but known among bloggers as Gdrive, could...

Nobel Hard Drive Tech Revived
Nobel Hard Drive Tech Revived

Nobel Hard Drive Tech Revived

(Newser) - Hard disk space is about to quadruple, says Hitachi, thanks to this year’s Nobel Prize-winning physicists. The company today announced it had developed a new technology for passing data between the disk and the disk-reading heads which shrinks the heads and allow for disk storage of up to 4...

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