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So Long, Midwest: Tornado Alley Has a New Favorite Target

Instances of tornadoes in Great Plains are down, while they're more frequent in the Southeast

(Newser) - Parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska have long been such rich tornado-magnets that the area was less-than-charmingly dubbed "Tornado Alley ." But as NBC News reports, Tornado Alley looks to be picking itself up and moving south, with researchers noting a pattern in recent years of fewer twisters...

4 Members of Same Family Killed in Alabama Tornadoes

They lived in 2 separate houses on the same road

(Newser) - Four of the people killed in tornadoes in Alabama last week were members of the same family. Robert Gardner Jr., 70, and Deanna Marie Corbin, 59, lived at one house on Sandy Ridge Road in Prattville, and Christopher Allen Corbin Jr, 46, and Tessa Celeste Desmet, 21, lived at another...

Alabama Reports Tornado Deaths
Alabama Reports
Tornado Deaths

Alabama Reports Tornado Deaths

Two young children are found on a Selma rooftop after twister passes

(Newser) - A giant, swirling storm system billowing across the South spurred a tornado on Thursday that killed at least six people in central Alabama. Details about the fatalities were not immediately available. The storm shredded the walls of homes, toppled roofs, and uprooted trees in Selma. Brick buildings collapsed, cars were...

Boy, His Mom Killed by Tornadoes That Swept the South

Widespread destruction reported

(Newser) - The severe storm system currently lashing the US brought at least 21 tornadoes that ripped through Louisiana over a 24-hour period Tuesday into Wednesday. A total of 49 tornado reports came in across the South during that time period, including twisters in Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Florida, and CNN reports...

Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in 2 States
Tornadoes Wreak
Havoc in 2 States

Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in 2 States

At least one person is dead and dozens hurt in Texas, Oklahoma after bout of extreme weather

(Newser) - Tornadoes tore through parts of Texas and Oklahoma on Friday, killing at least one person, injuring dozens of others, and leaving dozens of homes and buildings in ruins. Tornadoes hit hard in McCurtain County, Okla., in the southeastern corner of the state. Cody McDaniel, the county's emergency manager, confirmed...

One Dead, Dozens Hurt After 'Catastrophic' Tornado

Michigan declares state of emergency after twister sweeps through Gaylord

(Newser) - "The town is devastated." That was the assessment Friday of Jordan Awrey, a member of the City Council in Gaylord, after a tornado swept through the Michigan town on Friday, killing one and wreaking havoc on buildings, cars, and other structures. Michigan State Police say 44 people were...

Friday Night Twister Slams Into Wichita

And other parts of Kansas, where some homes were 'completely blown away' by twister

(Newser) - A tornado that barreled through parts of Kansas damaged multiple buildings, injured several people, and left more than 6,500 people without power, officials said Saturday. Officials said the twister moved through parts of southeast Wichita and Andover on Friday evening, per the AP . Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said...

US Logged Record Number of March Tornadoes

National Weather Service counts 218

(Newser) - If it feels like you've been hearing about tornadoes a lot lately , there's good reason. The National Weather Service says the US logged 218 in March, a record high for the month. The previous mark was 192 in March 2017. As ABC News reports, many of the 2022...

TV Weatherman Calls Kids on Air With Tornado Warning

Everyone in DC meteorologist Doug Kammerer's home is OK after Thursday storm

(Newser) - Powerful storms swept through the area around Washington, DC, this week, prompting multiple tornado warnings , but for one local TV weatherman reporting on the extreme conditions, it all hit a little too close to home—literally. Per NPR , Doug Kammerer, the head meteorologist for NBC Washington, was on air Thursday...

Girl on Breathing Machine Saved After Tornado Tosses Home 30 Feet

She was trapped inside but is 'doing fine'

(Newser) - With the tendrils of a killer tornado bearing down on her family through the darkness, Dea Castellanos heard the rain and wind outside as she sat on her living room couch. Her daughter, who has muscular dystrophy and is on a breathing machine, was in another room. The next thing...

'Our Neighbor's House Is in the Middle of the Street'

2 are killed, multiple others injured after tornado system hits Texas, Okla., then La., Miss.

(Newser) - A tornado tore through parts of New Orleans and its suburbs Tuesday night, flipping cars, ripping roofs off homes, and killing at least one person in a region that was pummeled by Hurricane Katrina 17 years ago. Parts of St. Bernard Parish, which borders New Orleans to the southeast, appeared...

Warnings Were Delayed as Iowa Tornado Approached

But a systems analyst doubts it made much of a difference

(Newser) - A computer glitch could have turned deadly in Iowa. Before Saturday's tornado outbreak , in which the death toll stands at 7, a government computer system was experiencing an unrelated technical problem that overloaded the network, and National Weather Service warnings were delayed as a result, the Des Moines Register...

After 'Unimaginable Destruction,' a Family Loses 4 Members

Tornado in Winterset, Iowa, kills grandma, as well as son-in-law, 2 grandkids visiting from Missouri

(Newser) - The deadly tornadoes that swept through central Iowa over the weekend caused "unimaginable destruction," per Gov. Kim Reynolds. But for one family, the tragedy hit particularly hard, as four members hiding out in a house in Madison County perished during the storm. KMBC reports that 37-year-old Michael Bolger,...

Powerful Tornado Leaves 6 Dead in Iowa

'This is the worst anyone has seen in a very long time'

(Newser) - Six people were killed Saturday when a tornado swept through central Iowa, damaging buildings and knocking down trees and power lines, authorities said. Emergency management officials in Madison County said four were injured in addition to those killed when the tornado touched down in the area southwest of Des Moines...

Family of Amazon Driver Killed in Tornado Is Suing

Father wants to know why Bezos went to space 'but couldn’t make it to Edwardsville'

(Newser) - The family of one of six Amazon workers killed when a tornado ripped through a warehouse in southern Illinois last month is taking the company to court. The lawsuit filed Monday says contract driver Austin McEwen, 26, and other employees were ordered to keep working at the Edwardsville facility Dec....

Workers at Candle Factory Sue Employer After Tornado

They accuse Mayfield company in Kentucky of refusing to let them leave before storm

(Newser) - Update: Employees of a candle factory in Kentucky that was decimated by a tornado over the weekend are suing their employer. The workers accuse Mayfield Consumer Products of endangering their lives by refusing to let them go home as the storm approached, reports the AP . The company denies the allegation....

Baby Seemed Fine After Tornado. She Wasn't

A number of children were killed in Friday devastation

(Newser) - When the tornadoes hit Kentucky Friday night, the Koon family sheltered in a bathroom until they were sucked outside and blown across the street by the strong winds. Initially, 2-month-old Oaklynn, whom the family had strapped into her car seat to keep her safer, seemed to have suffered only minor...

Kentucky Tornado: Not as Many as Feared Dead in Candle Factory

Governor confirms 64 deaths statewide as of Monday morning

(Newser) - Update: As of Monday morning, Kentucky has confirmed 64 deaths from the weekend's tornadoes. Gov. Andy Beshear said that "undoubtedly there will be more," per CNN , perhaps as many as 80. He added that 105 residents of the state remain unaccounted for. Some of the fatalities occurred...

Tornado Carries Family Photo 130 Miles Away
How a 1942 Photo
Flew 130 Miles

How a 1942 Photo Flew 130 Miles

Kentucky family's photo ends up in Indiana during tornadoes

(Newser) - There's a happy ending to at least one story coming out of the weekend's devastating tornadoes , Fox News reports. On Saturday, the morning after the storms, Katie Posten walked outside to find an old photograph stuck to the windshield of her car in New Albany, Indiana. She posted...

Amazon Drivers Died in Warehouse as Tornado Ripped Through

6 dead in Illinois

(Newser) - Six people died in an Amazon warehouse in Illinois on Friday when six states were hit by a devastating swarm of tornadoes . Austin J. McEwen, 26, was a cargo driver for the company who was sheltering with colleagues in a bathroom when he was killed, Reuters reports. Employees tell the...

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