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Taco Bell Considering Big Change to Its Menu

Fast-food company may permanently offer fries to compete with McDonald's

(Newser) - Taco Bell may soon be asking if you want fries with your taco—and not just on special occasions. The Mexican-inspired fast-food chain is considering making fries a permanent menu item as it aims to bring in more customers for lunch. Taco Bell launched nacho fries as a limited-time menu...

Couple Finds Preserved McDonald's Fries From 1959
While Replacing TP Holder,
Couple Makes Surprising Find
in case you missed it

While Replacing TP Holder, Couple Makes Surprising Find

'Very well preserved' bag of McDonald's fries was hidden in the wall of their Illinois home

(Newser) - Opening up a small hole in their bathroom wall to replace a built-in toilet paper holder, Rob and Grace Jones of Crystal Lake, Ill., looked inside and spotted a towel hiding something inside. "We were expecting the worst. We were both like, 'Oh, my gosh, we're going...

Gunmen Open Fire at Cockfight
Gunmen Kill 20 at Cockfight

Gunmen Kill 20 at Cockfight

Police say Mexico City assailants used a fish-and-chips van for camouflage

(Newser) - Update: Police investigating a mass shooting in Mexico's Michoacan state that left 20 people dead say the gunmen staged their ambush by hiding in a fish-and-chips van, reports the BBC . The assailants drove to a ranch that was home to an illegal cockfighting ring in a food van that...

McDonald's Restaurants Here Are Rationing Their French Fries

Flooding around Vancouver has delayed potato imports, triggering shortage in Japan

(Newser) - McDonald's Japan says recent flooding in Canada means it's now having to ration its french fries. The fast-food restaurant chain will block all sales of medium- and large-size fries for the remainder of the year, beginning Friday, according to a release. "Import delays have occurred for potatoes...

Fast Food Giant's Fries Are About to Be Transformed
Fast Food Giant's Fries
Are About to Be Transformed
in case you missed it

Fast Food Giant's Fries Are About to Be Transformed

Wendy's vows that its new french fries will stay hotter, crispier longer

(Newser) - In recent taste tests , Wendy's french fries have done ... OK, but not great. Those mediocre rankings may soon change, as the fast-food chain has announced it's bestowing upon its fries what CNN Business calls "a makeover for the COVID era." Wendy's President Kurt Kane revealed...

After Ominous French Fry Headlines, Some Reassurance

'NYT' spoke with processors who say it's all good

(Newser) - A flurry of headlines took over the internet on Tuesday: "French fry shortage possibly looming" was Fox News' take. It, like countless others, reported on a dearth of potatoes in North America after crops were damaged by cold, wet weather. CNN framed the situation as one in which processors...

Restaurant Owners Physically Threatened Over New Fry Shape

Leslie and Jim Parsons dare switch to straight-cut fries at Bolley's Famous Franks

(Newser) - What has a Maine woman worried for her family's safety? French-fry fury, that's what. Some customers are getting so worked up over the switch from crinkle-cut to straight-cut fries at Bolley's Famous Franks in Waterville, Maine, that co-owner Leslie Parsons is posting online to ease the rage,...

McDonald's Offering Free Fries Every Friday

Giveaway will last rest of 2018

(Newser) - National French Fry Day fell on a Friday the 13th this year, but McDonald's is going to make it happen on a lot of other Fridays. The chain says it will give away free french fries every Friday for the rest of 2018 to customers who download the McDonald'...

Eat Fries? You're Not Doing Your Life Span Any Favors
Want to Live Longer?
Put the Fries Down
new study

Want to Live Longer? Put the Fries Down

It's the frying and the salt that's the problem

(Newser) - Potatoes are a relatively healthy vegetable, packed with enough fiber, vitamins, and micronutrients to "counterbalance the detrimental effects of their high glycemic index," researchers note in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition . Unfortunately, it is what we do to them before we eat them that drains all the...

Eating a Cop's Fries Is Apparently Illegal

A Maryland woman learned that the hard way

(Newser) - Stealing food off a friend's plate might be acceptable, but it's best not to take such liberties with a police officer. Police tell Fox 5 that a 26-year-old Maryland woman and a friend started a conversation with an officer at a DC restaurant on Wednesday, then the first...

McDonald's Venezuela: No Fries, Want Yuca?

All franchises are out of potatoes

(Newser) - Forget the French fries. How about a side of yuca with that Big Mac? Venezuela's more than 100 McDonald's franchises have run out of potatoes and are now serving alternatives like deep-fried corncakes or yuca, a starchy staple of traditional South American cooking. McDonald's is blaming a...

Burger King Tries to Woo You With Low-Cal Fries

'Satisfries' to be rolled out today

(Newser) - Burger King is hoping to lure back hungry-but-calorie-conscious customers with a new menu item: low-fat fries. The chain says the "Satisfries" being introduced across the country today have 20% fewer calories than its regular fries—and 30% fewer than McDonald's fries, reports the Wall Street Journal . The new...

London Olympics Bans Non-McDonald's Fries

Fish and chips the sole exception

(Newser) - Spectators at the London 2012 Olympics who want fries with that are going to have to go to McDonald's. The organizing committee has informed the 800 food retailers at 40 Olympic venues across Britain that the fast food chain's sponsorship deal gives it "sole rights to sell...

Burger King Rolls Out Wider New French Fries
 Burger King Fattens Up Fries 

Burger King Fattens Up Fries

Fast food chain rolls out new spuds Monday

(Newser) - The big fight among fast food chains is over who has the best fries—and in an effort to increase its standing, Burger King has changed its recipe for the first time since 1998. The new fries will be thicker (just a tad wider than a No. 2 pencil), have...

Congress Declares Pizza a Vegetable

In school lunches, at least

(Newser) - Thanks to Congress, pizza is still considered a vegetable—at least where school lunches are concerned. Proposed new school lunch standards from the USDA would have limited potatoes in school lunches (think French fries) and stopped counting less than a half-cup of tomato sauce as a vegetable (think pizza), but...

US Shuns Veggies, Wants Fries With That

Just 23% of Americans eat vegetables 3 times a day

(Newser) - Michelle Obama may be telling you to do it, Glenn Beck says you don't have to, and Bill Clinton may actually be doing it, but Americans just aren't eating their fruits and vegetables, reports the New York Times in a look at American eating habits. Even with the rise...

Michelle Hits 142 at Hula Hoops
 Michelle Hits 142 at Hula Hoops 

Michelle Hits 142 at Hula Hoops

But the über-fit first lady just can't do double dutch

(Newser) - The president isn't the only Obama with impressive hoops prowess: Michelle managed 142 swivels of a hula hoop yesterday during a "healthy kids fair" on the White House lawn. Jumping rope double dutch? Not so much. The first lady also gave a pep talk about eating right to about...

Michelle Obama Walks the Walk on Fitness, Health

First lady joins administration's push for more positive habits

(Newser) - The Obama administration's push for better fitness and nutrition starts at the top, with the gym-rat president and garden-planting first lady setting the bar high for a nation of couch potatoes. It's all about moderation, Michelle Obama tells Prevention magazine. "My message to women: Do what makes you feel...

Chip-Makers Agree To Cut Carcinogen
Chip-Makers Agree To Cut Carcinogen

Chip-Makers Agree To Cut Carcinogen

Calif. settlement would limit acrymalide, a byproduct of cooking

(Newser) - Potato chip companies have agreed to settle a California lawsuit that charged them with not warning consumers about a cancer-causing chemical in their snacks, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Frito-Lay, Kettle, and the company that makes Cape Cod potato chips will lower the levels of acrylamide in their products and...

Obama and Sarkozy Rendezvous in Paris

Dem attends press conference with French president in brief visit; London next

(Newser) - Barack Obama received an enthusiastic Paris reception today from President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said, “The French have been following him with passion”—and that the Democrat’s “adventure … rings true in the hearts in minds” of his country. The two men discussed cooperation on climate change,...

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