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A Meal So Bizarre the Epic Review Went Viral
A Meal So Bizarre the
Epic Review Went Viral
in case you missed it

A Meal So Bizarre the Epic Review Went Viral

Dinner at Michelin-starred Bros restaurant was more akin to abstract art, says chef in defense

(Newser) - You may have read a review or two by a food critic panning a restaurant. It's a safe bet you've never read a review quite as scathing or memorable as the one by travel writer Geraldine DeRuiter at her blog The Everywhereist . The headline provides a sense: "...

Michelin Star Awarded to Vegan Restaurant
A Michelin Star First in France

A Michelin Star First in France

Vegan restaurant wins a star

(Newser) - A vegan restaurant in France has been awarded a Michelin star, a first for the legendary eatery honors. ONA, which stands for Origine Non Animale, was launched in Ares, near Bordeaux, in 2016 after a crowdfunding campaign and a loan from a green bank—because traditional banks in the country...

Chef Takes Fight Over Michelin Star to Court

He says inspectors slandered his soufflé

(Newser) - A chef in France is suing the Michelin guide for downgrading his rating by a star, complaining that the prestigious guide sent inspectors so incompetent that they thought his "virtual scallops" were "real coquilles Saint-Jacques when they were made from a base of burbot livers from Lake Geneva"...

What May Be World's Best Sushi Place Now Has No Stars

Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo no longer ranked by Michelin because it's too exclusive

(Newser) - The 2020 Michelin Guide for Tokyo includes 226 restaurants with at least one star, more than any other city, per Eater . But a restaurant widely regarded as the world's best for sushi isn't one of them, reports the Guardian . Sukiyabashi Jiro—where former President Obama reportedly had the...

Famous Chef Says This Spice Cost Him a Michelin Star

France's Marc Veyrat says saffron fooled inspector into thinking pedestrian cheese was used

(Newser) - Marc Veyrat is world renowned, recognized for both his wild herb-based fare and his trademark look—a "wide-brimmed black Savoyard hat and smoke-tinted glasses," per the Guardian . What the 69-year-old French chef doesn't want to be known for, however, is losing a coveted star in the Michelin...

One of the World's Top Chefs Is Dead
One of the World's
Top Chefs Is Dead

One of the World's Top Chefs Is Dead

Joël Robuchon was 73

(Newser) - It's tough to know which accolade to list first: that Joël Robuchon was dubbed "chef of the century" in 1989 or that he won a record-setting 32 Michelin stars in 2016. The French chef, regarded as one of the world's best, has died of cancer at...

Michelin Guide Lets Chef Do Something Unprecedented
Chef Makes an
Unusual Request,
Michelin Grants It

Chef Makes an Unusual Request, Michelin Grants It

It has allowed Sebastien Bras to give up his stars

(Newser) - In an unprecedented move, the Michelin guide allowed a three-star chef to withdraw his restaurant from its prestigious listings on Tuesday. Sebastien Bras had announced in September that he didn't want Le Suquet restaurant in southern France to figure in the guide anymore because of the huge pressure involved....

Michelin Star Is Great Honor One Hotel No Longer Wants

Boath House joins French chef in asking to have stars removed

(Newser) - People haven't distanced themselves from a star this quickly since Mel Gibson. The BBC reports a week after a top French chef asked for his three Michelin stars to be removed , a luxury hotel in Scotland made the same request of the star it's held for the past...

Acclaimed 3-Star French Chef: I Want Out of Michelin

Sebastien Bras has had it with the pressure of being in the guide

(Newser) - To receive a Michelin star, let alone three, is a coveted honor for most chefs. But Sebastien Bras isn't most chefs, announcing Wednesday he wants his restaurant, Le Suquet in Laguiole, France, out of the famous guide due to the pressure, the Guardian reports. The three-star chef made his...

Top Chef Must Pay $1.3M After Customer Eats Wire

Jury wanted to 'send a message' to chef Daniel Boulud, says lawyer

(Newser) - Perhaps the last thing you'd expect while dining at a Michelin-starred chef's restaurant: to swallow an inch-long piece of wire from a cheap grill brush that was embedded in your coq au vin. Yet that's what happened to Barry Brett in February 2015 while he was eating...

Tokyo Is World's Gourmet Capital: Michelin

...for the 6th year in a row

(Newser) - Want a fancypants meal—or 15? Head to Tokyo, which has more three-Michelin-star restaurants than any city in the world ... again. The top honor goes to Tokyo for the sixth year running (it overtook Paris in 2007 ), reports Reuters , with 15 restaurants claiming the maximum number of stars. Bloomberg...

London Poised to Beat Paris as Foodie Haven: Michelin Boss

City now home to 60 restaurants with Michelin stars

(Newser) - Looks like London's not just meat and potatoes anymore. After 16 British restaurants got their first Michelin star yesterday and three their second, the city is rivaling Paris as a destination for fine dining. In total, London boasts 60 starred restaurants; four of those have three stars and eight...

Japan Eclipses France as Culinary King
 Japan Eclipses France 
 as Culinary King 
michelin guide

Japan Eclipses France as Culinary King

But skeptics take issue with Michelin Guide assessment

(Newser) - Japan has overtaken France as the fine dining capital of the world—at least according to the latest Michelin Guide, reports ABC News . The newly released 2012 edition of the influential guide has bestowed 29 Japanese eateries with a 3-star rating—the highest possible grade—compared with 25 in France....

Michelin-Starred Spot Sued for Serving Up Homophobia

Tight uniforms 'showed off my figure,' complains London waiter

(Newser) - Dim Sum isn't the only thing on the menu at Yauatcha, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London. Managers and customers also serve up homophobic remarks and sexual harassment, a gay ex-waiter is charging. Vincent Ma, 31, is beginning legal proceedings against the Soho hot spot. He says he was constantly subjected...

Haute Cuisine Hides Out in Uruguay

Celebrity chef launches ritzy restaurant in the middle of nowhere

(Newser) - Nine hours in a plane from Miami, 125 miles through the Uruguay countryside, and 15 minutes down dirt roads will bring you to the ritzy restaurant Garzón, where a plate of ravioli will set you back $48. Garzón, in the village of the same name, is Argentinian celebrity...

Michelin 'Star Wars' Unappetizing for Chefs
Michelin 'Star Wars' Unappetizing for Chefs

Michelin 'Star Wars' Unappetizing for Chefs

French master Roellinger latest to step back citing exhaustion, pressure

(Newser) - Being awarded 3 stars from the Michelin Guide was once the highest honor for any chef, but non plus, reports Gourmet. Changing tastes and fancy-food fatigue have now pushed three of France’s biggest culinary kings to close their doors—by choice. "Running a three-star restaurant is an honor,...

Disappearance Turns Grand Gourmet Tour Into Manhunt

Swiss man vanishes 40 stops into trek to 68 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars

(Newser) - Swiss motorcycle courier Pascal Henry was more than halfway through his quest to visit every Michelin three-star restaurant in the world when he vanished June 13, the Independent reports. At Spain’s El Bulli, Henry went to his car to retrieve his wallet and never returned, leaving a restaurant journal...

Michelin Guide Goes Interactive
Michelin Guide Goes Interactive

Michelin Guide Goes Interactive

Gastronomy bible's website lets amateur cooks weigh in

(Newser) - Before it was the last word in gastronomy, the Michelin Guide was a free book designed to spur travel, and hence sell tires. Now, it’ll be free once more, thanks to a revamped Web strategy, BusinessWeek reports. Michelin’s redesigned site will not only give away more content, it’...

Michelin Stuns Critics, Gives Ramsay 2nd Star

Vulgar chef's restaurant is only NY newbie to get coveted grade

(Newser) - Michelin parted with NY critics today by branding 2 stars on Gordon Ramsay’s namesake restaurant, halting the ex-soccer player's recent ratings drop. Ramsay, known for his crude tongue, was the only newbie to take the double-star in Manhattan; none earned a coveted third. Michelin saved its biggest hit for...

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