Kennewick Man

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Hundreds Attend Funeral for 8.4K-Year-Old Man

20-year Kennewick Man dispute is over as 'Ancient One' is laid to rest

(Newser) - The ancient bones of the Kennewick Man have been returned to the ground. More than 200 members of five Columbia Plateau tribes and bands gathered at an undisclosed location over the weekend to lay the remains of the man they call "the Ancient One" to rest, according to an...

'Kennewick Man' Mystery Over: He's Native American
'Kennewick Man' Mystery Over: He's Native American
study says

'Kennewick Man' Mystery Over: He's Native American

Finding might lead to his burial

(Newser) - Kennewick Man is not only "one of the most important human skeletons ever found in North America," in the words of the Guardian , it's also one of the most controversial. Now a new DNA study might—but only might—bring finality to the debate over the "...

To Be, or Not: That Is the Question for Irregular Verbs

Study shows language evolves à la Darwin, less-used forms die off

(Newser) - Irregular verbs, much like the Kennewick Man, evolve. But, much like the woolly mammoth, sometimes they vanish altogether, and linguists and evolutionary theorists have teamed up to compute their extinction times—in terms of half-lives. The study, published this week in Nature, shows that irregular forms of lesser-used verbs are...

9,300-Year-Old Bones Shouldn't Be Buried

Tribes' claims on skeleton inspire ire of National Review editors

(Newser) - The Senate Indian Affairs Committee has made a two-word correction to federal law that jeopardizes the study of pre-Columbian history, National Review's editors argue. The 9,300-year-old bones known as Kennewick Man—featured on a Time cover after they were unearthed in 1996—are the subject of a dispute between...

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