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N. Korea's New Move Assures Some, Concerns Others

It appears to be dismantling Punggye-ri nuclear-test site, but experts aren't so sure

(Newser) - Satellite imagery shows North Korea has already begun dismantling its Punggye-ri nuclear-test site ahead of a promise to destroy it entirely in front of international journalists. The removal of buildings and rail lines observed by 38 North on May 7 appear in line with Kim Jong Un's promise over...

Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Appears Over Europe

Clues point to undisclosed Russia accident

(Newser) - A nuclear accident happened somewhere in Russia or Kazakhstan during the last week of September and was kept very quiet, the French nuclear safety institute IRSN has concluded after analyzing a mysterious radioactive cloud that appeared over Europe last month. IRSN researchers say they detected high levels of ruthenium 106,...

Among Our Big Nuclear Problems: a Single Wrench

Billions may be required to fix the decaying weapons stockpile

(Newser) - Just 10 days before the deadline to wrap up nuclear negotiations with Iran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is expected to announce today that there are "systemic problems across the nuclear enterprise," at least according to two Pentagon studies. Senior defense officials tell the New York Times that academic...

Syrian Coalition OKs New Gov't, Rebels Grab Nuke Plant

Leader will be chosen within 10 days: coalition member

(Newser) - Syria's leading opposition group agreed today to establish a transitional government at the same time rebels said they had taken over the nuclear facility that Israel bombed in 2007, the Jerusalem Post reports. A top member of the Syrian National Coalition said the group will choose a leader within...

Chernobyl Victims Still Face Greater Cancer Risk

Study's timing amid Japan nuclear crisis pure coincidence

(Newser) - It’s been almost a quarter of a century, but kids who consumed contaminated milk or affected cheese soon after the Chernobyl crisis still face a heightened thyroid cancer risk, a study finds. Researchers have kept tabs on 12,500 subjects who were under 18 and lived near Chernobyl when...

Iran Begins Fueling Nuclear Reactor

What UN sanctions?

(Newser) - Trivialities like UN sanctions aside, Iran began loading fuel into its first nuclear reactor today—with Russian engineers assisting to ensure the plant produces only energy and not, say, warheads. The plant at Bushehr itself apparently doesn't concern the outside world so much as Iran's other uranium enrichment activities, but...

Iran OKs Plans for 10 Nuke Plants

Tehran thumbs nose at UN demands to cease program

(Newser) - The Iranian government approved a plan today to build 10 industrial scale uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion of the program in defiance of UN demands it halt enrichment. The decision comes only days after the UN nuclear watchdog agency censured Iran over its program and demanded it halt the...

Leak Forced Obama's Hand on Iran Nukes

(Newser) - Yesterday's surprise announcement at the G20 summit of the existence of a hidden Iranian nuclear enrichment facility wasn't the way President Obama planned to handle the information, Politico reports. His hand was forced by a reporter who learned of a letter in which Iran notified the UN's nuclear watchdog agency...

Iran Offers US Meeting With Nuke Experts

Ahmadinejad says country wants to buy 'medicinal' uranium

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he’d be willing to let Iran’s nuclear scientists meet with experts from the US and other world powers in an effort to alleviate suspicions about the country’s nuclear program. Iran also intends to attempt to buy uranium from the US during international negotiations next...

Obama's Forcing Israel to Attack Iran
 Obama's Forcing 
 Israel to Attack Iran 

Obama's Forcing Israel to Attack Iran

President accused of 'outsourcing' action against Iran's nuclear program

(Newser) - An Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities now looks inevitable and President Obama appears to be doing his best to speed the process along, Bret Stephens writes in the Wall Street Journal. The president has accepted Iran's offer for talks—despite Iran making it clear that its nuclear program won't...

Oops: US Publishes Secret List of Nuclear Sites

(Newser) - Funny, what you can stumble onto on the web. A government agency put up 266 pages of "highly confidential" government information about the nation's nuclear facilities, including precise locations (with helpful maps) of where uranium is stored, reports the New York Times. The information was being compiled for release...

CIA Chief Warned Israel Against Attacking Iran

Panetta told that Israel won't bomb Iran without first alerting Washington

(Newser) - CIA director Leon Panetta was sent on a secret mission to Israel earlier this month to warn the country's leaders against launching a surprise attack against Iran, the Times of London reports. Panetta asked for—and received—assurances from Israel's hawkish new government  that the country would not bomb Iranian...

New Reactors Could Boost Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

US hasn't fought massive project amid national turmoil

(Newser) - Pakistan is building two of the largest plutonium-producing reactors in the developing world—facilities that experts say could bolster the nuclear arsenal of a country fraught with turmoil. The US hasn’t publicly condemned the project, MSNBC reports, even though it makes Pakistan “the only country rapidly building up...

Israel Hones Ability to Launch Strike on Iran

(Newser) - Israel is engaging in a bit of saber rattling directed toward Iran, the Times of London reports. The military is beefing up its air arsenal and training to be ready to strike Iran’s nuclear sites at a moment's notice. “Israel wants to know that if its forces were...

US May Drop Nuclear Condition for Iran Talks

Country may be allowed to continue enriching uranium after talks begin

(Newser) - The Obama administration is considering dropping the long-standing US insistence that Iran shut down its nuclear facilities before talks begin, insiders tell the New York Times. The proposal—which represents a major policy shift—would allow Iran to continue enriching uranium for a period during talks, possibly in return for...

Israeli Prez on Iranian Prez: 'We'll Strike Him'

Peres: "We'll strike" Amadinejad if Obama's anti-nuclear efforts fail

(Newser) - Israel's new government continued its saber-rattling with Iran today, threatening to strike the country if President Obama's diplomatic overtures fail, the Jerusalem Post reports. Echoing the hardline rhetoric of new Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres issued a warning to Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "We'll strike him" ...

US Puts UAE on Fast Track to Nuclear Power

Abu Dhabi could have electricity program by 2017

(Newser) - An Arab state may be on the fast track to developing nuclear power—with the help of the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. American experts have been jetting to Abu Dhabi in recent few months to support the UAE’s nuclear aspirations, which could be speedily realized by 2017...

Buffett Gains Big Say on Nuclear Power

New deal gives longtime skeptic clout about industry's future

(Newser) - Warren Buffett’s $4.7 billion agreement to rescue Constellation Energy Group this week netted the billionaire investor more than just a utility. Buffett now will have a big say in the future of nuclear power in the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. He has long been skeptical of...

Iran to Launch War Games
 Iran to Launch War Games 

Iran to Launch War Games

Sessions will train troops, test weapons

(Newser) - Iran’s military will start 3 days of war games tomorrow amid talk of a US or Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities, which Israel and the West say may house weapons operations, Reuters reports. The “maneuvers” will involve anti-aircraft defense systems, Iranian media said, and are meant to...

N. Korea Suspends Nuclear Shutdown

Country threatens to restore weapons plant to working order

(Newser) - North Korea has halted the disablement of its nuclear facilities and says it may restore a reactor that can make material for atomic weapons, Reuters reports. Analysts say the move, which follows a visit to arch-enemy South Korea by pseudo-ally and Chinese President Hu Jintao, appears to be an effort...

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