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What We Know About Russia's Arrest of a US Journalist
What We Know About Russia's
Arrest of a US Journalist
the rundown

What We Know About Russia's Arrest of a US Journalist

Evan Gershkovich is accused of spying, a charge the 'Wall Street Journal' refutes

(Newser) - American journalist Evan Gershkovich is now the subject of news stories rather than the reporter of them. On Thursday, he became the first US journalist held as an alleged spy in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Here is what is known about his case:
  • Charges: Moscow says

Russia Security Agency Arrests Wall Street Journal Reporter

Evan Gershkovich is being held on espionage charges

(Newser) - Russia says it has arrested an American reporter on espionage charges for allegedly trying to obtain classified information. The FSB security agency, the main successor to the KGB, said Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich was "collecting information about one of the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, which...

Cop Detains, Handcuffs WSJ Reporter Outside Bank

Dion Rabouin was interviewing people outside bank branch in Phoenix

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal says it is deeply concerned by the way one of its reporters was treated by police in Phoenix. New York-based reporter Dion Rabouin tells ABC15 he was working on a story about savings accounts and decided to do some man-on-the-street interviews outside a Chase Bank branch...

In Era of 'Adult Incivility,' Look to Little Leaguers

Jason Gay of 'WSJ' reflects on viral moment

(Newser) - The moment went viral earlier this month, so there's a decent chance you've seen video of the Little League batter comforting the distraught pitcher who inadvertently hit him in the head with a pitch. If you haven't, or even if you have, Jason Gay of the Wall ...

2 Murdoch Newspapers Go After Trump
2 Murdoch
Go After

2 Murdoch Newspapers Go After Trump

'New York Post' and 'Wall Street Journal' publish scathing editorials

(Newser) - Is Rupert Murdoch parting ways with Donald Trump? The conservative editorial pages of two of his US newspapers have published blistering editorials against the former president in the wake of the most recent Jan. 6 hearing , notes CNN .
  • Wall Street Journal: In an editorial headlined, "The President Who Stood

Most Trusted News Source Is ... the Weather Channel?
Most Trusted News Source
Is Bit of a Surprise
in case you missed it

Most Trusted News Source Is Bit of a Surprise

52% of Americans trust the Weather Channel in latest YouGov poll

(Newser) - When it comes to the weather, most of us are on the same side of things—or, at least we're all watching and believing the same reports. That's according to YouGov , a UK market research firm whose latest poll on the media found that the most trusted news...

Stop Demanding Guests Take Off Shoes in Your House

'WSJ' writer makes her case in terms of hygiene, practicality, and personal well-being

(Newser) - If cleanliness is next to godliness, then Kris Frieswick has just declared herself a heathen. Sort of. That's because the writer has declared, via a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, that she's not inclined to take her shoes off in homes where people are expected to do so,...

Hack of News Corp Is Blamed on China

Publisher of the 'Wall Street Journal' says journalist data was stolen

(Newser) - News Corp, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, said Friday that hackers breached its system and stole data from journalists and other employees. A cybersecurity firm investigating the intrusion said Chinese intelligence-gathering was believed to be behind the operation, the AP reports. The news company, whose publications and businesses include...

Slick Series About Jesus Upends Crowdfunding Strategy

'The Chosen' is breaking new ground on that front, reports the 'Wall Street Journal'

(Newser) - Like any Hollywood-esque production depicting Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, The Chosen needed plenty of extras for the scene. The twist here: In this case, the extras actually paid for the privilege, with most shelling out at least $1,000 each. Welcome to the unusual—and successful—production model of...

WSJ Responds to 'Parsons of the Press'

Editorial board defends printing Trump letter, 'even if his claims are bananas'

(Newser) - After an uproar over a letter to the editor from Donald Trump, the Wall Street Journal's opinion desk has fired back against what it calls the "progressive parsons of the press," a group that apparently includes members of the paper's newsroom. An editorial published Thursday defended...

WSJ Slammed for Printing Letter From Donald Trump
WSJ Reporters Aren't Happy 
About Letter From Trump

WSJ Reporters Aren't Happy About Letter From Trump

Paper's opinion side published election claims newsroom had debunked

(Newser) - Wall Street Journal reporters aren't happy about a letter to the editor from a certain Donald J. Trump of Palm Beach that was published Wednesday. CNN reports that the decision to publish the letter—which claimed the 2020 election was "rigged" and included a long list of debunked...

An Expert on Retirement Retires Himself
A Retirement Researcher
Retires Himself

A Retirement Researcher Retires Himself

David Ekerdt was well prepared for the life shift, but even he is learning some things

(Newser) - For more than four decades, David Ekerdt studied aging and retirement. So you'd think that when Ekerdt retired himself from his post as a professor at the University of Kansas—as he did 18 months ago—he would be well prepared for the life change. But in an essay...

Facebook Begs to Differ With Scathing Investigative Report

Company says 'Wall Street Journal' series is 'riddled with flaws'

(Newser) - Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a series of investigative articles about Facebook, and now the company is pushing back by describing the stories as "riddled with flaws" and "deliberate mischaracterizations," per Insider .
  • "At the heart of this series is an allegation that is just

What Both Sides Get Wrong About the Capitol Riot

'Wall Street Journal' editorial board criticizes Republicans and Democrats

(Newser) - The harrowing testimony of four officers on duty during the Capitol riot has prompted the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal to weigh in, and the editorial has plenty of criticism for both Democrats and Republicans. It blasts two "false narratives" that have emerged, one pushed by...

Senator Accuses Left of Distorting His Words

Ron Johnson defends comparison between Capitol riot and Black Lives Matter unrest

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin took much flak last week when he told interviewer Joe Pags that he was never concerned about his safety during the Capitol riot. "Now, had the tables been turned—Joe, this could get me in trouble—had the tables been turned, and President...

Somebody Put a 'Yay!' in a COVID Article

Wall Street Journal runs a correction on story about restrictions

(Newser) - A rare bit of cheerleading found its way into a Wall Street Journal news article, but it wasn't entirely clear what the message was. "The stray word 'Yay!' was inadvertently inserted," a correction in the Monday paper said, "during editing of an article on...

Call for GOP to Drop Trump Draws Anger

Wall Street Journal had listed the party's election losses under the former president

(Newser) - In an editorial this week, the Wall Street Journal built a case for the Republican Party leaving Donald Trump in its rearview mirror. Listing the party's election losses of the House, Senate, and White House under Trump, the newspaper's editorial board decided Trump's a drag. Referring to...

Wall Street Journal Calls on Trump to Resign

Editorial says president crossed a constitutional line this week

(Newser) - Calling President Trump's actions this week "a far greater dereliction of duty" than his communications with Ukraine that led to his impeachment, the Wall Street Journal has called for his resignation. "This would be the cleanest solution," the editorial says, "since it would immediately turn...

Here's the Latest Fallout From Dr. Biden Op-Ed

Northwestern denounces author, 'Wall Street Journal' editor stands by the piece

(Newser) - Northwestern University is making sure to point out that it does not agree with the controversial op-ed about Dr. Jill Biden written by one of its former lecturers. In fact, it calls Joseph Epstein's suggestion that Biden drop the honorific since she's not a medical doctor "misogynistic....

Chris Christie Speaks Out on His 'Serious Failure'

Former NJ governor regrets not wearing a mask at Rose Garden event, implores others to

(Newser) - Chris Christie is pushing for people to wear face masks, and he has good reason to push for them: He caught COVID-19 himself after attending the Rose Garden event last month for Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, and now he's regretting how lax he was about safety protocols. "...

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