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Cornel West: Biden May Have 'LBJ Moment'

Independent candidate suggests president will drop out of the race

(Newser) - Cornel West is sure he'll be on the ballot for the 2024 presidential election as an independent candidate . But the Harvard prof isn't sure that President Biden will be one of his opponents. "I think he's going to have an LBJ moment [and] pull back,"...

Researcher: Spoilers Don't Matter

Researcher: Spoilers Don't Matter

Psychology study suggests people still enjoy shows if they know the ending

(Newser) - The next time you inadvertently let a spoiler slip about a popular show, just explain to your angry friend that science say it's fine. Yeshiva University psychology professor Anna-Lisa Cohen makes the case in a New York Times essay, one that draws from a study by her and others...

Here's a Bold Strategy for Reading Your Next Novel

Skip to the end, advises a book lover

(Newser) - The writer who covers the books beat at the Guardian has some advice for fellow readers that might sound like heresy: When you're halfway through a novel, skip ahead and read the ending. Danuta Kean does this routinely and makes the case that knowing how things turn out doesn'...

Man in HBO's Sights for Leaking Game of Thrones Secrets

They call him the 'Spanish Spoiler'

(Newser) - Prison is coming (perhaps) for a guy who has been spilling spoilers for upcoming Game of Thrones episodes, US News reports. The man, who IDed himself in an English-speaking YouTube video as 43-year-old Jose Senaris from Spain, says he's a digestive surgeon who also writes for a well-known Spanish...

Emmys Spoil a Bunch of Shows, Outrage Ensues

Twitterverse not happy with one of last night's montage

(Newser) - Whoops: Viewers watching the Emmys last night were dismayed when a montage celebrating shows that came to a close this year gave away the endings of many of those shows, Sky News reports. Among the series spoiled: Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Nurse Jackie, Parenthood, and Boardwalk Empire. "Welcome...

Google Patent Would Protect You From Spoilers

System would flag potentially ruinous posts on social media

(Newser) - Google has received a patent designed to ease the pain of a modern malady: the spoiler. As Quartz reports, the system would sniff out potentially painful posts from people in your social network and warn you about them. You could then block those posts if you so choose. For it...

New Netflix Site Will Spoil Everything for You

Including some of the most popular movies and TV shows of all time

(Newser) - "What you are about to see cannot be unseen." That's the warning you'll get right before you enter Netflix's new website dedicated solely to spoilers for popular movies and TV shows. It’s almost unavoidable to be forewarned about what's going to happen on...

Here's a Guide for Discussing Spoilers

Wired offers a guide

(Newser) - Spoilers are a scourge of the Internet age: Between social media and entertainment sites, it can be tough to avoid learning what happened in the latest Game of Thrones before you watch it. Making things even more complicated, a Wired survey finds that people have very different views of proper...

Teacher's Weapon on Bad Behavior: GoT Spoilers

He's actually read the books, you see

(Newser) - A Belgian teacher has come up with possibly the smartest idea ever to keep his students in line: The math teacher, knowing the kids in his class love Game of Thrones, has threatened to reveal upcoming deaths on the show if they act out during class. The teacher has read...

Family Guy Hints at Big Changes
 Family Guy 
Hints at Big 
Spoiler alert

Family Guy Hints at Big Changes

Future episodes suggest Brian's resurrection

(Newser) - Spoiler ahead: The apparent death of a favorite Family Guy character may not have marked his end. Brian the dog is set to appear in future episodes, Entertainment Weekly reports, including one Dec. 15 in which "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he...

Tragedy Strikes on Family Guy

See below for surprising spoiler

(Newser) - Major spoiler alert: A member of the Family Guy family died in last night's episode, and apparently it wasn't a joke. Brian the dog was hit by a car during a street hockey game with baby Stewie, the Huffington Post reports. His last, not-so-funny words: "You’ve...

Whoops: WWE Match Results Leak Online

'Dolphins1925' has posted them all on Reddit

(Newser) - You guys, I think … I think professional wrestling might be fake. OK, OK, so that's not exactly a revelation, but the suspension of disbelief has been just a little bit harder lately, thanks to a Reddit user with the handle "Dolphins1925." He has correctly predicted the...

Girl Coder, 17, Rules All-Guy Field at Hackathon

Jennie Lamere's Twivo blocks TV show spoilers from your Twitter feed

(Newser) - Jennie Lamere was the only girl competing at a Boston hackathon last month, and the only of 80 coders who competed solo. So when the 17-year-old New Hampshire native took 10 hours and 150 lines of code to come up with a gizmo that lets you block Twitter spoilers for...

Kevin Bacon Apologizes for Tweeting Spoiler

He gives away plot twist in TV show 'The Following'

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon has inadvertently given his Fox TV show The Following a big dose of publicity, but not in the way diehard fans will appreciate. We won't give it away here, but Bacon served up a major plot twist on Twitter before deleting the tweet and apologizing, reports the...

You Need to Stop Live-Tweeting TV

 You Need to Stop 
 Live-Tweeting TV 

You Need to Stop Live-Tweeting TV

You'll spoil it for others—and yourself: Daniel Carlson

(Newser) - If you've ever had a television show spoiled by live-tweeters, you'll probably appreciate Daniel Carlson's directive: "Step away from the keyboard," he begs viewers, because "live-tweeting ruins everything." Yes, he's annoyed at plot spoilers—but more importantly, he points out on Pajiba...

7 Bizarre TV Finales

 7 Bizarre TV 
live up to these, 'lost'

7 Bizarre TV Finales

Was it all a dream? For some of these shows, yes

(Newser) - Warning: Spoilers ahead. In anticipation of Sunday’s sure-to-be-baffling Lost finale, the BBC remembers seven of the most bizarrely memorable series enders:
  • The Colbys: In this Dynasty spin-off, main character Fallon is abducted by aliens.
  • Roseanne: We found out that most of the stuff that happened was really just the

'Lost' Delivers Mind-Blowing Finale
 'Lost' Delivers
 Mind-Blowing Finale 

'Lost' Delivers Mind-Blowing Finale

Critics try to get minds around season's end

(Newser) - The fourth season of "Lost" came to an explosive conclusion last night, and as usual it left its devotees thrilled, bewildered, and scurrying toward Wikipedia. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune found herself pausing, rewinding, and having “14 different kinds of reactions in two hours.” As promised,...

Spilling Spoilers Is a Deathtrap for Indy Extra

Furious Spielberg drops the hammer

(Newser) - A spoiler-filled interview with his hometown Oklahoma paper proved as dangerous as a rolling ball of death for an extra in the new Indiana Jones movie. Steven Spielberg is furious that the 24-year-old violated his non-disclosure agreement, the Post reports. “Who knows whether that particular person will ever work...

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