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For 3rd Time in 50 Years, a Rebuff From Baseball Hall of Fame

No new class this year, though Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens came closest in voting

(Newser) - The Baseball Hall of Fame won’t have any new players in the class of 2021 after voters decided no one had the merits—on the field or off—for enshrinement in Cooperstown on this year's ballot. Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens were the closest in voting...

Hall of Fame Mystery: Who Voted Against Jeter?

He was 1 vote shy of unanimous election

(Newser) - Known for two decades as No. 2, Derek Jeter is now linked to the number 1—as in, who was the lone Hall of Fame voter who didn't put a check mark next to his name? Jeter came within one vote of being a unanimous pick on Tuesday, falling...

ESPN Cans Curt Schilling for 'Unacceptable' Facebook Post

He shared controversial thoughts on transgender issues

(Newser) - An "unacceptable" Facebook post about transgender bathroom laws was the final straw for ESPN, which fired Curt Schilling Wednesday. The former All-Star pitcher, who had worked at the network since 2010, shared a meme, which can be seen here , that showed an overweight man in tight, ripped women's...

Curt Schilling Loses Gig for Comparing Muslims to Nazis

ESPN yanks him from Little League broadcast

(Newser) - Retired baseball player Curt Schilling discovered today that when it comes to retweeting Hitler memes, sometimes it's one strike and you're out. The New York Daily News reports ESPN removed Schilling from his gig covering the Little League World Series, and the former pitcher could face further punishments...

Curt Schilling: I Have Cancer
 Curt Schilling: I Have Cancer 

Curt Schilling: I Have Cancer

ESPN hasn't said if he'll remain on TV

(Newser) - Curt Schilling has been diagnosed with cancer, the World Series hero and ESPN personality revealed yesterday. "I've always believed life is about embracing the gifts and rising up to meet the challenges," he said in a statement released by ESPN . "We've been presented with another...

Rhode Island Sues Schilling
 Rhode Island Sues Schilling 

Rhode Island Sues Schilling

Gov. Lincoln Chafee calls deal a "grave injustice"

(Newser) - Rhode Island wants its money back. The state filed a lawsuit today against retired Red Sox great Curt Schilling and his business partners, seeking to win back money lost in its $75 million loan guarantee to his failed video game company 38 Studios, the Providence Journal reports. Gov. Lincoln Chafee...

Curt Schilling May Sell the Bloody Sock

He used it as collateral to get loans for his video game company

(Newser) - Cooperstown might be about to lose a priceless piece of baseball history.* Curt Schilling apparently pledged the famous "bloody sock" he wore during Game Two of the 2004 World Series as collateral when taking out loans for his now-defunct video game company, 38 Studios, the Boston Globe reports,...

Curt Schilling: Firm's Collapse Cost Me My Baseball Fortune

Ex-Red Sox pitcher blames Rhode Island governor

(Newser) - Retired MLB all-star Curt Schilling says he lost more than $50 million of his own money, likely his entire career's worth of earnings, when his video game company fizzled and declared bankruptcy. The former Red Sox pitcher spoke on Boston radio station WEEI-FM for the first time since the...

Curt Schilling Nixes Run for Kennedy Seat

Former Red Sox star says Mass. effort 'just did not make sense'

(Newser) - Curt Schilling won’t be jumping into the political ring after all. The Red Sox legend ruled out a run for Ted Kennedy’s senate seat last night on Joe Buck Live, saying it “just did not make sense.” Schilling, an outspoken conservative, had publicly considered running, and...

Red Sox Hero Schilling Won't Nix Run for Kennedy Seat

Retired pitcher has been vocal Republican supporter in recent elections

(Newser) - Curt Schilling, the volubly Republican All-Star pitcher who helped the Boston Red Sox end their 86-year World Series drought, has “been contacted” about a run to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, he tells NECN. “I do have some interest in the possibility,” Schilling, 42, writes on...

Pitcher Schilling Retires at 42

(Newser) - Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling says he's retiring from baseball. The 42-year-old right-hander who won World Series championships with Arizona and Boston announced on his blog today that he's leaving after 23 years with "zero regrets." Schilling missed all of last season with a shoulder injury. For his...

But Wait, A-Rod Wasn't Alone
But Wait, A-Rod Wasn't Alone

But Wait, A-Rod Wasn't Alone

Jackson, Schilling wonder why no one's divulging the other 103 steroid users from '03

(Newser) - Amid all the questions about Alex Rodriguez's alleged steroid use, two big ones have been overlooked: Who are the other 103 players who tested positive in 2003, and why have no other names surfaced? Yankees legend Reggie Jackson brought this up to the New York Post, and perhaps surprisingly, Boston's...

Blogging Pitcher Should Stick to Sports
Blogging Pitcher Should Stick
to Sports

Blogging Pitcher Should Stick to Sports

Sidelined Schilling opines on McCain, Ramirez (still!)

(Newser) - Curt Schilling may be headed for retirement, but that hasn't stopped the pitcher-turned-blogger from tackling politics—he's a big McCain fan—and pressing issues such as Manny Ramirez. The moonshot outfielder "had not been a member of the Red Sox for over a month" when Schilling last weighed in,...

Curt Schilling: A Very Human Superman
 Curt Schilling:
 A Very Human

Curt Schilling: A Very Human Superman

Love him or hate him, departing ace was a compelling figure

(Newser) - Plenty of fans adore Curt Schilling, plenty more harbor less admiring thoughts about him, and Kevin van Valkenburg, writing in the Baltimore Sun, feels a little bit of both. As the Red Sox pitcher faces a season-ending surgery, a look back at his career shows a gifted athlete with a...

Best Baseball Reads for Opening Day
Best Baseball
Reads for
Opening Day

Best Baseball Reads for Opening Day

Slate highlights blogs, articles to kick off the season

(Newser) - Want to get a literary start on the baseball season? Slate sports columnist Josh Levin highlights four great reads appropriate for opening day, including outspoken Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's blog 38 Pitches, where his output hasn't slowed despite the shoulder injury keeping him off the field. Other recommendations:

Rehab Mandate Has Schilling Frustrated, Resigned

Ace wanted surgery, but Sox docs ruled it out

(Newser) - Red Sox postseason phenom Curt Schilling is irked that he isn't able to follow the advice of his favorite surgeon, Dr. Craig Monroe, and get biceps surgery. However, he vows to go along with Boston's prescription of a cortisone shot, followed by a strengthening and conditioning regimen, reports the Boston...

Sox, Injured Schilling At Odds Again

Aging ace wants shoulder operation; Boston opposed

(Newser) - The Boston Herald reports that Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has a major, possibly season-threatening injury. The 41-year-old, due to earn a guaranteed $8 million in 2008, wants surgery, on the advice of the surgeon who operated on him in 1995; the team, however, has other ideas.

Schilling: Take Back Clemens' Cy Youngs

If Rocket doesn't clear his name, he's guilty, pitcher opines

(Newser) - If Roger Clemens doesn’t fight to clear his name, then he’s guilty in Curt Schilling’s book, and his post-1997 stats should be cleared from the record books. “There aren’t many options as a fan other than to believe his career 192 wins and 3 Cy...

Schilling Sticks with Sox for $8M
Schilling Sticks with Sox
for $8M

Schilling Sticks with Sox for $8M

1-year contract for 39-year-old includes hefty $2M weight clause

(Newser) - The champion Red Sox locked up aging ace Curt Schilling with a one-year, $8 million contract with an additional $6 million in incentives, including $2 million if he stays below a certain weight. Schilling opined on his blog that he could net up to $15 million on the open market,...

So Long? Schilling Files for Free Agency

Aging ace wants 1-year deal but price may be too steep for Boston

(Newser) - On the same day that duck boats paraded the World Series champion Red Sox around Boston the team’s veteran hurler, Curt Schilling, filed for free agency. Schilling was part of two championship teams in Boston, including the club’s first in 86 years, but told a radio audience that...

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