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Inside Nvidia's Crazy 10-for-1 Stock Split

AI company's market value, revenue are going bonkers

(Newser) - Nvidia has begun trading for the first time on the basis of a new 10-for-1 stock split , one that gives investors nine additional shares for every one that they already own, reports the AP . The chipmaker has seen soaring demand for its semiconductors, which are used to power artificial intelligence...

AI Frenzy Lifts Wall Street to Record Highs
Nvidia Is Now a $3T Company

Nvidia Is Now a $3T Company

It hits milestone as AI frenzy sends S&P 500, Nasdaq to record highs

(Newser) - Wall Street barreled to all-time highs Wednesday as its frenzy around artificial-intelligence technology keeps sending stocks higher.
  • The S&P 500 jumped 62.69 points, or 1.2%, to 5,354.03, beating its record set two weeks ago.
  • The Nasdaq composite rallied even more, it rose 330.86 points,

Report: Musk Redirected AI Chips Bound for Tesla

Move raises more concerns about conflicts of interest ahead of shareholder vote

(Newser) - Tesla investors are preparing to vote on a pay package for Elon Musk worth around $56 billion, and a report on his handling of Nvidia chips may add to concerns about his commitment to the company. According to emails seen by CNBC , the Tesla CEO told the chipmaker to redirect...

If a Nvidia Investment Is Too Rich for You, Good News

A looming stock split will make shares more affordable

(Newser) - A blowout earnings report from Nvidia lifted the Nasdaq Composite to a fresh record on Thursday, rising 0.7% as of 12:45pm ET. Nvidia itself rose 10.8% in the wake of its Wednesday report, which saw revenue up 262% in the latest quarter compared to a year earlier...

Nvidia Says Revenue Has More Than Tripled

AI chipmaker is 'poised for next wave of growth'

(Newser) - Nvidia on Wednesday overshot Wall Street estimates as its profit skyrocketed, bolstered by the chip-making dominance that has made the company an icon of the artificial intelligence boom. Its net income rose more than sevenfold compared to a year earlier, jumping to $14.88 billion in the first quarter from...

Nvidia Says Revenue Has More Than Tripled

AI boom has put company's chips in high demand

(Newser) - Nvidia Corp., which has seen its value skyrocket over the past year thanks to soaring demand for its graphics chips used for artificial intelligence, posted stronger-than-expected results Wednesday for its latest quarter, with its revenue more than tripling from a year earlier. Nvidia reported revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter...

'Grand Theft Auto' Hacker Going to Hospital Prison for Life

Arion Kurtaj, who has severe autism, expressed intent 'to return to cybercrime as soon as possible'

(Newser) - An 18-year-old member of the Lapsus$ hacking group who leaked gameplay from the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI last year has been sentenced to an indefinite stint in a prison hospital. Arion Kurtaj of Oxford, England, was found unfit to stand trial due to severe autism. A London jury was...

Nvidia Reports Astronomical Sales Growth

Revenue doubled year-on-year, chip maker says

(Newser) - Computer chip maker Nvidia has rocketed into the constellation of Big Tech's brightest stars while riding the artificial intelligence craze that's fueling red-hot demand for its technology. The latest evidence of Nvidia's ascendance emerged with Wednesday's much-anticipated release of the company's quarterly earnings report, the...

Stocks Rise After Report on Cooling Inflation
Nvidia Closes With
Market Cap Over $1T

Nvidia Closes With Market Cap Over $1T

Markets welcomed report on cooling inflation

(Newser) - Stocks rose Tuesday after a cooler reading on inflation cemented Wall Street’s bets for the Federal Reserve to hold off on hiking interest rates this week. The US stock market has been on a roll amid hopes the economy can avoid a severe recession and inflation will fall enough...

Nvidia's Market Cap Is Now $1T
Nvidia Enters a
Highly Exclusive Club

Nvidia Enters a Highly Exclusive Club

Its market cap hit $1T on Tuesday

(Newser) - Nvidia has joined the exclusive club of companies with a $1 trillion market capitalization as the chipmaker benefits from the growing use of artificial intelligence. Nvidia Corp. joins tech titans like Alphabet and Apple in the $1 trillion club. Its stock rose 5% in Tuesday trading, eclipsing $408 per share....

Nvidia Is Now Worth Almost $1T Thanks to AI Boom

'Guidance for the ages' lifted chipmaker's value by $184B in a single day

(Newser) - A massive surge in the stock of chipmaker Nvidia has rocketed it into the ranks of the world's most valuable companies. After the company forecast that its second-quarter earnings would be $11 billion, $4 billion more than Wall Street was expecting, its stock rose 24% Thursday, boosting its value...

Despite Export Ban, Top Chinese Nuke Lab Uses US Chips

It's 'insanely difficult to enforce' restrictions on sales overseas, former trade official says

(Newser) - The China Academy of Engineering Physics, the country's top nuclear weapons research and development facility, was one of the first institutions put on a US export blacklist in 1997—but it doesn't seem to have had much trouble acquiring restricted items. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis...

This Year's Stock Market Rise Has a Potential Hitch

It hinges on 5 big stocks, which makes investors worried

(Newser) - If your 401(k) has done well in 2021, a Goldman Sachs analysis points to five key reasons:
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia
  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Tesla

Here Are the 10 Best US Companies to Work For

Facebook is No. 1, based on analysis of Glassdoor reviews

(Newser) - For most of us, a good portion of our days is spent toiling at work, and while not everyone has the luxury to "do what you love," there are companies that can make the day-to-day grind substantially more pleasant. The 24/7 Wall St. ranking of the best companies...

Mystery Crop Circle Was PR Stunt

UFO enthusiasts not happy

(Newser) - No aliens involved: A California crop circle that got worldwide attention after its discovery was actually a publicity stunt for chip maker Nvidia. The 310-foot circle in a barley field 100 miles southeast of San Francisco contained the number 192 in Braille, which turns out to have been a reference...

CES' Hot New Gadget Is Your Car

New vehicles sprout 4G; Google announces Open Automotive Alliance

(Newser) - The big news from the Consumer Electronics Show—where the expected theme is "the connected car"—is a plan to make your new vehicle a little more like your smartphone. General Motors and Audi tell the Wall Street Journal they have plans to give their vehicles built-in 4G...

1M Android Forum Users' Data Hacked

Yahoo attack also hit Gmail, Hotmail, AOL

(Newser) - Another major security breach has emerged a day after news of a Yahoo hack targeting 450,000 users, this time at an online forum for Android users. Hackers snagged user IDs, email addresses, passwords, and more in an attack on Android Forums' more than 1 million users, ZDNet reports. An...

Chipmakers Get Graphic in 'Battle Royal' for Future

Intel, Nvidia and AMD jockey over advanced imagery for PCs

(Newser) - Three Silicon Valley companies are jockeying to plot the future course for chips that create the most realistic computer graphics, the Wall Street Journal reports. "All of them agree that graphics are the field where the battle is going to be fought," one analyst says of Intel, Nvidia...

Nvidia Goes After Intel With New Chip

Both companies want to cash in on booming graphics market

(Newser) - Chip maker Nvidia is going after industry giant Intel in the market for cheap, high-quality PC graphics. Nvidia will roll out special graphics chips for Intel-based computers costing about $500, the Wall Street Journal reports, a segment Intel currently dominates.   Both companies want to cash in on consumer lust...

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