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Did Mel Snag Another Young Musician?

Gibson spotted with Nadia Lanfranconi

(Newser) - Mel Gibson has been spotted around Hollywood with a young, attractive aspiring musician who's not from around here—no, not Oksana Grigorieva . New galpal Nadia Lanfranconi does resemble Oksana, though, the New York Post notes, but she's from Italy, not Russia. Gibson denies the two are romantically involved,...

Mel Gibson: 'Forgive Me for What?'

I 'didn't hurt anyone,' he says in interview

(Newser) - Is Mel Gibson the least self-aware actor of all time? He appears so in a rare interview with this week, in which Gibson—he of the anti-Semitic drunk-driving rants and various racial slurs —says he doesn't exactly know what Hollywood has against him. It's not...

15 Strange Celebrity Friendships
 15 Weird Celebrity Friendships 

15 Weird Celebrity Friendships

You wouldn't guess these pairs hang out as often as they do

(Newser) - Paris Hilton is good friends with ... Kathy Griffin? Yep. You might expect the comedian would spend her time mocking the socialite, but they've actually been spotted shopping and sunbathing together. Fox News rounds up 14 more "unlikely celebrity BFFs":
  • Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken: The supermodel once wrote

Latest Person to Want Mel Restrained: His Stepmom

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson says actor has screamed at her many times

(Newser) - Mel Gibson can't even get along with his own family, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ . Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, the actor's 78-year-old stepmother who married his father in 2001, recently filed for a restraining order against Mel, claiming he has screamed at her numerous times—once...

It's Divorce for Mel Gibson's Dad, 93

Is Hutton Gibson the victim of elder abuse?

(Newser) - So much for enjoying one's golden years. Mel Gibson's 93-year-old dad yesterday filed for divorce from his 70-something wife of 10 years. Though TMZ reports that Hutton Gibson marked the typical "irreconcilable differences" on his filing, the site also reports that the Gibsons apparently believe Teddy Joye...

Yet Another Mel Gibson Audio Rant Released

Screams at Joe Eszterhas in latest recording

(Newser) - Continuing his tendency to get caught on tape sounding like a crazy person, Mel Gibson is heard in newly released audio ranting at screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. Eszterhas gave the recording to The Wrap , one week after coming out swinging against Gibson, with whom he almost collaborated on a film about...

Mel Gibson Glad Lennon Was Shot: Screenwriter

And he 'hates Jews,' adds Joe Eszterhas

(Newser) - Yet another potential reason to dislike Mel Gibson: He was happy when John Lennon was shot, says screenwriter and almost-collaborator Joe Eszterhas. And that's only part of a laundry list of serious complaints Eszterhas bares about Gibson now that the two have had a major falling out over a...

Move Over, Kirk: 14 More Anti-Gay Celeb Comments

Mel Gibson, Donald Trump have also made controversial statements

(Newser) - Kirk Cameron isn't backing down from his recent comments that homosexuality is "destructive" to civilization, and it turns out he has a bit of company in Hollywood. The Huffington Post rounds up 14 other celebrities who've been slammed for making anti-gay comments—only some of whom apologized:...

Mel Gibson Loses Half His $850M Fortune his ex, as part of divorce

(Newser) - In what's believed to be the largest Hollywood divorce settlement in history, Mel Gibson is having to cough up $425 million—half of his estimated fortune—to ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore. The two, married 31 years and parents to seven children, didn't have a prenuptial agreement, so Moore...

Robert Downey Jr: It's Time to Forgive Mel

RDJ begs Hollywood to let Gibson work

(Newser) - Mel Gibson now has someone other than Jodie Foster in his corner: Robert Downey Jr. "Unless you are without sin—and if you are, you are in the wrong f***ing industry—you should forgive him and let him work," RDJ said of Gibson while accepting the American Cinematheque...

Mel Gibson: I Don't Have a Jewish Problem

His camp tells TMZ he has no anti-Semitic leanings

(Newser) - So why would Mel Gibson decide to produce a movie about a famed Jewish warrior given his, er, Jewish problem? Easy, explains TMZ . Gibson doesn't think he has a Jewish problem. It quotes sources "very close" to Gibson as insisting that he doesn't hate Jews and that,...

Oy Vey! Mel's Next Film's About Jewish Warrior

He's producing story of Judah Maccabee

(Newser) - Five years after Mel Gibson derailed his career with a DUI arrest and infamous anti-Semitic rant, the actor's attempt at returning to the Hollywood pantheon has taken a rather ironic turn: Gibson will produce a movie about one of the greatest Jewish warriors of all time, Judah Maccabee, reports...

Oksana Loses a Fortune in Mel Gibson Settlement

She gets $750K, after walking away from $15M

(Newser) - The soap opera that was the Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva court fight is finally over, and Gibson will have to shell out a $750,000 settlement to his ex-girlfriend to go toward the care of their 2-year-old daughter, reports the New York Post . He also must continue to pay for Grigorieva'...

Meet Stella Mouzi, Mel Gibson's New 'Gothic' Girlfriend
 Mel Gets a 'Gothic' Galpal 

Mel Gets a 'Gothic' Galpal

Stella Mouzi is from Greece, wears a lot of black

(Newser) - Hard as it may be to believe, there’s still at least one woman out there who’s willing to date Mel Gibson. Her name is Stella Mouzi and she’s a “gothic model.” What does that mean? Well, the New York Daily News describes the Greek-born beauty...

For Mel Gibson, Best New Movie Promotion for 'The Beaver' May Be Silence
 Gibson on Beaver: 'I Faked It' 

Gibson on Beaver: 'I Faked It'

Star comes out of shell a bit at Cannes, but Foster does most talking

(Newser) - A hand puppet has been doing most of the public speaking for Mel Gibson since the release of The Beaver, but the AP notes that the star emerged slightly during the movie's Cannes premiere yesterday. Gibson turned up on the red carpet—after skipping an earlier news conference—and...

Would a Therapist Really Prescribe a Puppet?

Yes, but not exactly the way Mel Gibson claims in 'The Beaver'

(Newser) - Are puppets really used for therapy, the way Mel Gibson's character claims to use his in The Beaver? GIbson's character claims the puppet, as prescribed by his therapist, is meant to "create a psychological distance between himself and the negative aspects of his personality," although in...

Movie Review: 'The Beaver' Stars Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster
Shockingly, Gibson Not One
of Beaver's Many Problems
movie review

Shockingly, Gibson Not One of Beaver's Many Problems

Jodie Foster directs film about depressed man and his puppet

(Newser) - Jodie Foster directs The Beaver, the story of a seriously depressed man who starts speaking by way of a beaver hand-puppet. The film’s not great, but Mel Gibson is at the top of his game:
  • "There are all kinds of problems with The Beaver. Ironically, Mel Gibson isn'

Oksana Drops Charges Against Mel Gibson

Her lawyer makes surprise move in court today

(Newser) - We apparently listened to all those Mel Gibson tapes for no good reason: Ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva dropped domestic violence charges against Gibson today, reports TMZ , which says both the judge and Gibson's attorney were "visibly shocked" at the move. An order of protection keeping Gibson away from her...

Mel Gibson Gives First Major Interview Since Phone Call Drama, Says Leaked Audio Tapes Were 'Edited'
Mel Gibson on Crazed Calls:
The Tapes Were Edited
the big interview

Mel Gibson on Crazed Calls: The Tapes Were Edited

Actor sits down for first major interview since all the drama

(Newser) - Mel Gibson is finally speaking out after those crazy audio recordings of conversations he had with ex Oksana Grigorieva leaked—perhaps because his new movie, The Beaver, opens May 6. Highlights from Deadline :
  • On his reaction to the tapes: “Who anticipates being recorded? Who anticipates that? Who could anticipate

Jodie on Mel: People Say Nasty Things When Drunk

'People have struggles in life,' director says

(Newser) - Beaver director Jodie Foster says she has no regrets about casting her old friend Mel Gibson as her co-star, despite the star's headline-grabbing personal life. Foster says she knows moviegoers might be wary of Gibson—who pleaded guilty to domestic abuse last week—but she's willing to defend him. "...

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