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Here Are the 10 Best Colleges in the US

Princeton University is No. 1, per new 'WSJ'/College Pulse rankings

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal is out with its annual college rankings , prepared in conjunction this year with College Pulse, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, an Ivy League takes the top spot. Princeton University is No. 1, and the Journal says that instructors, a rigorous curriculum, and ample resources all play a part...

Harvard Astrophysicist's 'Wild' Alien Claims Rankle Peers

Avi Loeb believes he's recovered alien-made metal

(Newser) - Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb has been pursuing answers to questions many colleagues would rather he leave in the realm of the speculative. One of those questions sent him on a quest to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for what he believes is alien gold, so to speak. More...

DOE Looking Into How Harvard Admits Students

Harvard's legacy, donor admissions in the spotlight after SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action

(Newser) - A landmark ruling last month by the US Supreme Court struck a blow against using affirmative action in college admissions, and soon after that decision, murmurs began intensifying on an adjacent controversy—legacy and donor admissions. Now, one of the Ivy Leagues is under the microscope over the practice: The...

New Lawsuit: If It's About Merit, End Legacy Admissions

After Supreme Court loss on affirmative action, minority groups challenge Harvard

(Newser) - A civil rights group is challenging legacy admissions at Harvard, saying the practice discriminates against students of color by giving an unfair boost to the mostly white children of alumni. It's the latest effort in a growing push against legacy admissions, the practice of giving admissions priority to the...

Jacinda Ardern Announces a New Gig for the Fall

Former New Zealand PM has been appointed to multiple fellowships at Harvard

(Newser) - If you've been wondering what Jacinda Ardern has been working on since she stepped down as New Zealand's prime minister earlier this year, her plans for the fall seem to be coming together, with "a stint of quiet reflection within academia overseas," notes CNN . The former...

Walking-and-Talking Gets Harder in Middle Age
Gets Harder in Middle Age
new study

Walking-and-Talking Gets Harder in Middle Age

Researchers spot 'subtle' changes in gait if people are multitasking starting at age 55

(Newser) - For those 55 and over who have discovered that sometimes things just don't click like they used to, researchers have news: It's not just you. A new study suggests the feeling that it's not as easy to multitask while walking once you reach your mid-50s is real...

Allegations of Brutal Culture Hit Harvard Women's Hockey

The Athletic explores 'mental health Hunger Games' of coach Katey Stone

(Newser) - Katey Stone is the winningest coach in women's college hockey, having racked up more than 500 victories in her 27 seasons at Harvard. But a story at the Athletic suggests the 56-year-old Stone has cultivated a toxic culture, with the parent of one recent player describing it as a...

100+ Students Walk Out to Protest Harvard Professor

Professor John L. Comaroff is off administrative leave, teaching again

(Newser) - Professor John L. Comaroff was placed on unpaid administrative leave last year after two internal investigations found he had violated Harvard University's sexual harassment policies. But the leave has now ended and he continues to teach at the school. To protest that, more than 100 students flooded into, and...

Harvard Makes Groundbreaking Choice for Its Next President

Claudine Gay, a political participation expert, will be the school's first Black leader

(Newser) - Harvard University announced Thursday that Claudine Gay will become its 30th president, making her the first Black person and the second woman to lead the Ivy League school. Gay, who is currently a dean at the university and a democracy scholar, will become president July 1. She replaces Lawrence Bacow,...

US News College Rankings Take Another Hit

Deans of Harvard, Yale law schools cite issues with magazine's methodology, will no longer participate

(Newser) - Harvard and Yale consistently show up in college ranking top 10 lists, but there's one notable list their law schools won't be cooperating with in the future. The heads of those schools at the two elite universities announced Wednesday they'll no longer be willing participants in the...

Scientist's Monkey Research Is Put on Blast: 'I'm Horrified'

PETA, animal behavior experts slam Harvard's Margaret Livingstone for her work; others defend her

(Newser) - A Harvard neuroscientist is drawing backlash for her studies on infant monkeys, as is the scientific journal that referenced the research. Per Science , Margaret Livingstone has studied the primates for more than four decades, specifically monkeys' vision. In some of the experiments she's done, in order to see how...

These Are the Top 10 US Colleges and Universities

MIT tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Where to go to college is among the biggest decisions we make, affecting not only our future in general, but also our wallets (or our parents' wallets). WalletHub wanted to see which colleges and universities proved the best-performing options at the lowest cost for undergrads, analyzing the data on 900-plus...

Texas System Set to Overtake Harvard as Nation's Richest

University of Texas system manages millions of acres of oil-rich land

(Newser) - In the late 1800s, theTexas government donated millions of acres of land considered almost entirely worthless to fund the higher education system, believing grazing rights would bring in a little money. But oil was discovered on the west Texas land in 1923, and the following 99 years made the University...

Descendant Asks Harvard for Ponca Chief's Tomahawk
Harvard Gives Artifact
Back to Chief's Tribe

Harvard Gives Artifact Back to Chief's Tribe

Campus museum had held Standing Bear's tomahawk since 1982

(Newser) - Update: A tomahawk that once belonged to Chief Standing Bear is back with his tribe. A museum at Harvard University turned over the artifact to members of the Nebraska and Oklahoma Ponca tribes in a ceremony on June 3, the AP reports. The tomahawk had been in Harvard's possession...

Harvard Should Have No Native American Remains. It Has 7K

Leaked report says it has only repatriated 3K of the 10K it had over the last 32 years

(Newser) - Harvard University holds human remains belonging to 7,000 Native Americans though a 1990 federal law bars that very thing, according to a draft report from a school committee commissioned to look into the issue last year. The unfinalized report from the Steering Committee on Human Remains in Harvard Museum...

Harvard: We Benefited From 'Profoundly Immoral Practices'

University releases 130-page report on its connections with slavery

(Newser) - Harvard University set out to uncover and record "every discoverable connection between Harvard and slavery," reports the Boston Globe . The result—the product of three years of work by faculty and student researchers—is a 130-page report that makes clear that the connections were there, and persisted for...

Lawyer: Harvard Wants Students to 'Shut Up' About Harassment

3 students sue, alleging university ignored complaints about professor John Comaroff

(Newser) - Harvard for years ignored sexual harassment complaints against a renowned professor who threatened to derail the careers of those who reported him, according to a new lawsuit. The suit, brought by three graduate students, claims officials failed to remove John Comaroff, a professor of anthropology and African and African American...

Supreme Court to Hear Pivotal College Race Case

Harvard and UNC accused of discriminating against Asian-American applicants

(Newser) - The conservative-dominated Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a challenge to the consideration of race in college admissions, adding another blockbuster case to a term with abortion, guns, religion, and COVID-19 already on the agenda. The court said it will take up lawsuits claiming that Harvard, a private institution,...

Victim of Harvard Jobs Scam: 'How Could I Be So Stupid?'

'NYT' digs in to the fraudsters who targeted Nidhi Razdan, others

(Newser) - "How could I be so stupid?" It's the question that repeats in Nidhi Razdan's brain. She's the former NDTV news anchor who in January revealed she had been the victim of a sophisticated scam: one in which she quit her high-profile job to take a position...

Harvard Prof Who Concealed China Ties Could Get 26 Years

Charles Lieber convicted of 6 counts, including failure to disclose a Chinese bank account

(Newser) - A Harvard professor was convicted Tuesday of lying about his involvement in a Chinese recruitment program as part of the Justice Department's controversial effort to crackdown on Chinese influence in US research. Jurors convicted nanoscientist Charles Lieber, a former chair of Harvard's chemistry department, of two counts of...

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