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New Fillings Can Repair Teeth From the Inside

They stimulate stem cells to regrow dentin: scientists

(Newser) - Imagine a world without root canals. It's possible with what the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry calls "a new paradigm for dental treatments." Scientists at Nottingham and Harvard universities say they've developed dental fillings that stimulate stem cells to regrow and heal damaged teeth. Researcher...

How Chewing Gum Makes Your Mouth Healthier
How Chewing Gum Makes
Your Mouth Healthier

How Chewing Gum Makes Your Mouth Healthier

It captures a whole lot of bacteria

(Newser) - Have a mouth full of cavities? You can maybe blame those teachers who wouldn't let you chew gum in class. Gum gets some scientific analysis in a study titled "Quantification and Qualification of Bacteria Trapped in Chewed Gum" published in PLOS ONE yesterday (and, it should be noted,...

New Molecule Can Cavity-Proof Your Teeth
New Molecule Can
Cavity-Proof Your Teeth
study says

New Molecule Can Cavity-Proof Your Teeth

Researchers hope to add it to toothpaste, mouthwash

(Newser) - Say goodbye to cavities: Two researchers have discovered a new molecule that can kill cavity-producing bacteria and even make your teeth cavity-proof for hours, just by staying in your mouth for a full minute. The scientists named the molecule Keep 32, after the 32 teeth humans have, and they say...

Dental Health: Cavities Can Be Contagious
 Cavities Are Contagious 

Cavities Are Contagious

Sharing bacteria can spread tooth decay

(Newser) - Candy and cookies aren’t the only cavity culprits: tooth decay can actually be contagious, scientists have found. That’s because cavities result from bacteria hanging around in your mouth—and these germs can be passed from person to person, the New York Times reports. It’s a noted problem...

Bottled Water: Bad News for Your Teeth?

The lack of fluoride can contribute to tooth decay, dentists warn

(Newser) - As if bottled water didn’t have a bad enough rap already , it turns out it can also contribute to tooth decay. Many dentists and pediatricians are concerned that children who only drink bottled water may experience more cavities, thanks to the fact that most bottled water does not contain...

Coming Soon: Cavity Fills Without Drills

Finally, relief for those who dread the dentist

(Newser) - If the thought of the dentist’s drill has you squirming in your chair, some good news: Soon, the dreaded instrument may no longer be needed to fill certain cavities. Dentists are experimenting with a new treatment called Icon, which can stop the progress of cavities that are not too...

Sweet! 'Lolly Lover' Kid Wins Dream Job as Candy Taster

How sweet it is

(Newser) - A lollipop-obsessed boy has won a dream job right out of a Willy Wonka fantasy: he's going to become a British candy company's taster for a year, reports the Telegraph. "I'm sure the next year is going to be a real adventure," said 12-year-old Harry Willsher, who'll be...

US Faces Tooth Decay Crisis
US Faces Tooth Decay Crisis

US Faces Tooth Decay Crisis

Millions of uninsured leave cavities untreated

(Newser) - American dentists are getting richer—but teeth are getting worse. A half century of  improvement in dental health is being thrown into reverse because 100 million Americans have no dental insurance and can't afford care, reports the New York Times. It's far more than a cosmetic issue. Two children died...

6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth
6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth

6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth

Keep your smile form scaring small children by avoiding these six dental mishaps

(Newser) - Nothing ruins a smile more then a set of filmy yellow teeth. Newsweek says you can keep your set sparkling by avoiding these habits:
  1. Constant coffee or tea sipping—stains teeth.
  2. Frequent snacking on sweets—increases the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Not drinking water after a meal—water washes

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