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He Asked Somebody to Stop Vaping Near Toddler. The Man Stabbed Him

Paul Schmidt was killed outside a Starbucks location in Vancouver

(Newser) - A man stabbed to death by a stranger outside a Starbucks in Vancouver was "just trying to protect his daughter," his mother says. Kathy Schmidt says 37-year-old Paul Stanley Schmidt was stabbed after he asked a stranger to stop vaping next to his toddler daughter, the Vancouver Sun...

Biden, Trudeau Set to Announce Immigration Deal
Biden, Trudeau Set to
Announce Immigration Deal

Biden, Trudeau Set to Announce Immigration Deal

Biden is visiting Canada for first time as president

(Newser) - President Biden arrived in Ottawa on Thursday night and he is set to announce a deal with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Friday to resolve an immigration loophole Canada has been seeking action on for years. The agreement will allow each country to turn back asylum seekers that arrive at...

Tourism Agency Sorry for Sexualizing City Name

Effort to embrace jokes about Regina, Saskatchewan, went awry

(Newser) - Regina, capital of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, knows all about the jokes on how the pronunciation of the city's name rhymes with "vagina." The Washington Post reports that a recent effort by a tourism organization to embrace the gag went awry, leading to accusations the campaign...

Bewildered Judge Defends Right to Flip Someone Off

Flipping the bird is 'a God-given' right, rules Canada's Dennis Galiatsatos

(Newser) - Flipping the bird is "a God-given" right in Canada, a judge has ruled following a dispute between neighbors, a case the judge suggested he'd like to literally throw out the window. "To be abundantly clear, it is not a crime to give someone the finger," Quebec...

After 9 Years, Nordstrom Packs Up Stores in Canada
Nordstrom to Leave Canada

Nordstrom to Leave Canada

Retailer says it can't envision a way to make a profit there

(Newser) - Nordstrom expanded into Canada in 2014 with plans to be there for the long haul, the company's chief executive said Thursday. Instead, the retailer is shutting its 13 Canadian stores—seven of which are Nordstrom Rack locations—and laying off 2,500 employees, the Wall Street Journal reports. "...

TikTok Kicked Off Government-Issued Devices in Canada

App 'presents an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security'

(Newser) - Canada has become the latest country to crack down on TikTok over data collection policies seen as unsafe. Officials said Monday that the Chief Information Officer of Canada had decided, after a review, that the Chinese-owned social media app should not be allowed on government devices because it "presents...

The Canadian 'Super Pig' Could Be Coming for Us

The massive pigs are as hardy as they are destructive

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a movie: an "incredibly intelligent, highly elusive" pig that's both massive and impervious to cold temps due to its size and ability to tunnel as many as six feet under the snow. And it's apparently coming for us. The Guardian reports...

Singer Tweaks 'O Canada' at NBA All-Star Game

Jully Black sang 'our home on native land'

(Newser) - Canadian singer-songwriter Jully Black caused a stir with a small change to her country's national anthem before the NBA All-Star game in Salt Lake City Sunday night. Instead of singing "O Canada, our home and native land," Black clearly sang "O Canada, our home on native...

Witnesses: Bus Driver Deliberately Crashed Into Daycare

2 children killed, 6 injured in Montreal-area crash

(Newser) - The bus driver accused of driving into a Montreal-area day care center Wednesday, killing two 4-year-olds and hurting six other children, has been charged with first-degree murder, the AP reports. Pierre Ny St-Amand, who is detained at a hospital, faces nine charges in total; they also include attempted murder, aggravated...

Migrants Bused From NYC Are Crossing Canadian Border

Quebec official calls development 'surprising'

(Newser) - Migrants from Latin America and beyond have been arriving at the border of a land of opportunity to the north—and New York City has been sending them there. The New York Post reports that National Guard soldiers have been helping to distribute free tickets at New York's Port...

Court Acquits Man Who Stabbed Wife 'Involuntarily'

Canada's Jean-Luc Charles Perignon was ruled to be 'effectively asleep'

(Newser) - A Canadian man who definitely stabbed his wife has been found not guilty of the crime. In a stunning case of "automatism," British Columbia's Supreme Court found Jean-Luc Charles Perignon was "effectively asleep" when he stabbed his then-wife, Debra, in the back with a kitchen knife...

Groundhog Day Took a Tragic Turn in Quebec

Organizers announced death of 'Fred la Marmotte'

(Newser) - Groundhog Day took a somber turn in Quebec Thursday when organizers announced that the groundhog, Fred la Marmotte, had died during hibernation. Roberto Blondin delivered the sad news after 40 minutes of music and dancing at the event in Val-d'Espoir, the CBC reports. "In life, the only thing...

Canada's New Booze Guidelines May Be 'a Bit Shocking'
Canada's New
Booze Guidelines
May Be 'a Bit
in case you missed it

Canada's New Booze Guidelines May Be 'a Bit Shocking'

New recommendation for beer-swilling Canadians: no more than 2 drinks per week

(Newser) - In Canada, the legal drinking age is between 18 and 19, depending on location. But new guidelines from the nation's Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction not only discourage young people from throwing one too many back—the center is now warning everyone away from more than two...

Man Stuck in Airport for 7 Months Gets His 'Perfect Ending'

Syrian refugee Hassan Al Kontar granted Canadian citizenship, meaning a family reunion is imminent

(Newser) - Hassan Al Kontar has felt like a Canadian since the moment he arrived in British Columbia in 2018, after seven months spent in limbo in a Malaysian airport. But now it's official. The Syrian refugee who was previously granted asylum and permanent residency in Canada received his Canadian citizenship...

8 Teen Girls Swarmed, Killed a Stranger: Cops
Cops Name Man Who
8 Girls Allegedly Swarmed

Cops Name Man Who 8 Girls Allegedly Swarmed

Toronto residents charged with second-degree murder of man outside homeless shelter

(Newser) - The man who was stabbed to death in December in what police have called a "swarming" attack was on Tuesday identified as Ken Lee; he had previously been described as a 59-year-old who was residing in Toronto's homeless shelters. The Guardian reports Lee was attacked near the main...

TV Reporter Has Scary Medical Incident Live on Air

Canada's Jessica Robb says she is now OK

(Newser) - A Canadian television reporter experienced a scary medical issue while reporting live on air during the Sunday evening news. Jessica Robb of CTV Edmonton was reporting from the field when she began struggling with her words and apparently also struggling to remain standing. "Sorry, Nahreman, I’m not feeling...

New Survey Is Bad News for Polar Bears

Numbers in Canada decline more than expected

(Newser) - Polar bears in Canada's Western Hudson Bay—on the southern edge of the Arctic—are continuing to die in high numbers, a new government survey of the land carnivore has found. Females and bear cubs are having an especially hard time, per the AP . Researchers surveyed Western Hudson Bay—...

Daughters Say Condo Gunman Was Controlling, Abusive

5 victims of Toronto-area shooting identified as board members, partners

(Newser) - The three daughters of the gunman who killed five people in a Toronto-area condo building Sunday night say they cut their ties with him years ago and they "are in absolute shock and utter devastation at the events that have transpired." In a statement to the Toronto Star...

Condo Shooting Happened Night Before Eviction Hearing

Lawyers for Toronto-area building said Francesco Villi was 'ungovernable'

(Newser) - A suburban Toronto man who was killed by police after authorities say he fatally shot five people in his condominium building, including three members of the condo board , had a court hearing scheduled for the next day to determine if the building's management could evict him. Francesco Villi, 73,...

This 'Bovine Revolution' Has Lasted for Months

Cows who escaped from Quebec dairy farm in July keep evading capture, wreaking havoc on fields

(Newser) - In late July, a herd of 20 or so cows escaped from their dairy farm in St.-Severe, Quebec, after a thunderstorm spooked them, causing them to bust out of their pen. They've been on the lam ever since—annoying some by tearing up local farms, and earning the...

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