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Town Entranced by Mystery Shipwreck That Washed Ashore

The race to learn about the vessel, thought to be from the 19th century, is on in Newfoundland

(Newser) - A small community in Newfoundland got a surprise visit from the sea this January from a 100-foot-long shipwreck—and locals have rallied around learning whatever they can about it before it disappears back into its depths. CBS News reports that the ship washed up along JT Cheeseman Provincial Park, located...

Scientists Followed 20 Polar Bears. Their Findings Are Grim

The creatures are starving as climate change causes ice melt and they can't access main prey

(Newser) - Imagine being a nursing mom who can't produce milk because you're starving, or trying to swim more than 100 miles after not eating for days. Those are just a couple of the scenarios Time notes are now plaguing polar bears in the Arctic as sea ice continues to...

Cops: Man Killed Wife, Their 3 Children, Teen Relative

Bodies found at various locations in Manitoba over the weekend

(Newser) - A Canadian man has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife, three young children, and a 17-year-old female relative, per the AP . Royal Canadian Mounted Police say Ryan Howard Manoakeesick, 29, has been charged in the deaths of his 30-year-old wife and the...

Teacher Accused of Selling Kids' Drawings Online

Quebec school board investigates Mario Perron, whose website offered student portraits at $118

(Newser) - A teacher near Montreal is under investigation after his students reportedly discovered their artwork for sale on his personal website. A student at Westwood Junior High School in the Montreal suburb of Saint-Lazare Googled Mario Perron's name and found the website of the self-described "multidisciplinary studio artist,"...

Winter Games Cut Back Due to Lack of Winter

Lack of snow raises fears of worsening drought in Canada's British Columbia

(Newser) - There will be just two outdoor sports at British Columbia's upcoming Winter Games. "A lack of snowpack on the mountain at Troll Ski Resort and the absence of heavy snowfall in the forecast" prompted the BC Alpine, Freestyle BC, and BC Snowboard organizations to withdraw from the event,...

Police Chief Apologizes in Hockey Sex Assault Case

Chief 'not happy' it took nearly 6 years for arrests to be made

(Newser) - It took more than five years for the NHL players accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Ontario in 2018 to be arrested , and now Canadian police are apologizing to the woman. "I want to extend, on behalf of the London Police Service, my sincerest apology to the victim,...

500-Pound Stuffed Polar Bear Stolen

Canadian authorities are asking the public to keep an eye out for suspicious online sales

(Newser) - It was so cold at Canada's Lily Lake Resort on January 22 that security patrols at the hotel were canceled—so an opportunistic group of thieves broke in and stole a 500-pound, 12-foot-tall stuffed polar bear. Somehow no one even noticed the massive animal, which had undergone taxidermy, was...

At 99, She Gains World Records and 'Confidence' in the Pool

'I'm even starting to feel a bit proud of myself,' says Canada's Betty Brussel

(Newser) - Betty Brussel learned to swim in the canals of Amsterdam, where she grew up during the Great Depression. But it wasn't until her mid-60s, after she moved to Canada with her husband and raised three children, that she took up competitive swimming. Three decades later, the 99-year-old has become...

Man Who Accused Government of Starting Fires Actually Started 14 of Them

Arsonist pleads guilty to starting 14 of Canada's fires last summer

(Newser) - During Canada's record-breaking wildfire season , Brian Paré took to social media over the summer to pooh-pooh the idea that climate change was behind the fires and instead accuse the Canadian government of setting them as part of a conspiracy to make people believe in climate change. But it turns...

Don't Let Moose Lick Your Car, Canada Warns

Moose learned they can satiate their winter cravings from road salt residue

(Newser) - There are plenty of reasons to exercise caution while driving in winter—and car-licking moose is apparently one of them. In the most Canadian of warnings, Parks Canada issued a recent missive on Facebook that cautions motorists not to stop and allow moose wandering the roadways to taste their cars....

Controversial FDA Decision a Milestone on Drug Prices
Controversial FDA Decision
a Milestone on Drug Prices
the rundown

Controversial FDA Decision a Milestone on Drug Prices

Agency will let Florida be the first state to import drugs in bulk from Canada

(Newser) - Americans are known to head across the border into Canada to buy their prescription drugs at cheaper costs. Now, for the first time, a state government has received approval to do the same thing on a much larger scale. In a decision described as historic, the Food and Drug Administration...

Plane Set to Land on Frozen Lake Didn't Quite Make It

10 rescued in rough conditions after small Air Tindi plane crashes in Canada's Northwest Territories

(Newser) - Passengers on a small plane that crashed in Canada this week are fortunate to be alive after a rescue at a remote site in the Northwest Territories. Today in BC reports that the Air Tindi aircraft, a De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, went down shortly before 1pm local time on...

NBA Player Denied Entry Into Canada for Game

Sources, media outlets say denial likely has to do with Miles Bridges' legal issues

(Newser) - The Charlotte Hornets player who was arrested for alleged domestic violence against the mother of his two children last year has been denied entry into Canada from the US, and did not play in the Hornets' game against the Toronto Raptors on Monday night. Miles Bridges, who pleaded no contest...

Flight to Detroit Diverted to Remote Canadian Base

Delta passengers spent the night in military barracks after aircraft has 'mechanical issue'

(Newser) - Some 270 Delta Air Lines passengers traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit ended up at a Canadian military base overnight after an unexpected detour. The airline says the Airbus A330 was diverted to Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay in the Labrador part of the province Newfoundland and Labrador, the Detroit Free ...

2 Charged in Murder of Canadian Entrepreneur and His Partner

Daniel Langlois, Dominique Marchand believed to have been ambushed in car

(Newser) - Two Americans, Jonathan Lehrer and Robert Snider, have been charged with murdering Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand, the Canadian entrepreneur and his partner found dead in a burned-out car last week in Dominica. Lehrer owns property adjacent to the eco-resort owned by Langlois and Marchand, and had been involved in...

Escaped Kangaroo Punches Canadian Cop

They've made it an honorary member of K9 unit

(Newser) - Police officers east of Toronto dealt with a situation Monday that their training probably never covered: an escaped kangaroo. The animal hopped over its handlers and escaped late last week during what was supposed to be a brief stop at the Oshawa Zoo en route to Quebec. Staff Sgt. Chris...

Trudeau Slams Meta After News Deal With Google

Google will pay $74M a year to Canadian news industry

(Newser) - Canada's government said Wednesday it reached a deal with Google for the company to contribute $100 million Canadian dollars annually to the country's news industry to comply with a new Canadian law requiring tech companies to pay publishers for their content. The agreement removes a threat by Google...

Canada's Wild Pig Headache Could Become US Problem
'Super Pigs' Edge
South Into US

'Super Pigs' Edge South Into US

States weigh strategies to contain destructive crossbreeds

(Newser) - An exploding population of hard-to-eradicate "super pigs" in Canada is threatening to spill south of the border, and northern states like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana are taking steps to stop the invasion. In Canada, the wild pigs roaming Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba pose a new threat, the AP...

Plane Crash Mystery Was 'Inexplicable'—Until It Wasn't

Police said it seemed 2 decades old

(Newser) - A Canadian hunter came upon the site of an apparent plane crash near Kamloops, British Columbia, on Nov. 3 and alerted police. The Guardian reports the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's initial investigation only deepened a seemingly "inexplicable" mystery: The bush plane wreckage had no motor, wings, doors, or...

The Phony Will Worked— Until His Ex Got Suspicious

'Toronto Life' unravels story of ex-cop, his mistress, and the money they stole from a dead man

(Newser) - In one sense, the story by Katherine Laidlaw in Toronto Life recounts a straightforward, depressing crime: When an elderly man with dementia died without a will and seemingly without relatives, a couple successfully schemed to illegally obtain his estate of more than $800,000. They pulled it off because Adellene...

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