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Suit Seeks $5M Damages Over Mac-and-Cheese Prep Time

Suit accuses Kraft Heinz of misleading advertising over 3.5-minute prep time

(Newser) - According to the packaging, it takes just 3.5 minutes to prepare Velveeta Shells & Cheese. According to Amanda Ramirez, that’s not true when one accounts for the time it takes to remove the lid, add water, and stir in the cheese sauce (not to mention waiting for that...

Subway: Stick a Fork in This Lawsuit, It's Done
Subway Tuna Lawsuit
Has Taken a New Turn

Subway Tuna Lawsuit Has Taken a New Turn

3rd version of complaint claims sandwich chain's tuna contains cattle, pork, chicken DNA

(Newser) - Update: The first version of a lawsuit against Subway claimed its tuna wasn't really tuna. The second, which was dismissed, said the tuna wasn't the right kind of tuna. Now, in a new amendment to that proposed class-action complaint, the plaintiffs say testing has found animal proteins in...

Fiji Water Has a Zinger for Its Own Photobombing Model

And a counter-lawsuit

(Newser) - It should have just been a quirky moment that went viral, but now Mashable reports that there's real bad blood between Fiji Water and the woman formerly known as the Fiji Water Girl. Fiji is countersuing Kelleth Cuthbert (real name Kelly Steinbach), who found internet fame following her uncanny...

'Anti-Natalist' Suing Parents for Having Him Without His OK

His lawyer mom's good-natured retort: 'I will destroy you in court'

(Newser) - New vocab word for the day: anti-natalism . If you need a quick primer on what it means, just ask Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old from India who's suing his parents based on just that philosophy. To wit: He doesn't think they had the right to force him to be...

Woman Sues Candymaker for Its Sugar-Filled Jelly Beans
Woman Sues Candymaker
for Its Sugar-Filled
Jelly Beans

Woman Sues Candymaker for Its Sugar-Filled Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly's response: This is 'nonsense'

(Newser) - Most people know that jelly beans contain sugar. A California woman, however, says she was left in the dark and now wants retribution. Jessica Gomez says she purchased Jelly Belly's Sport Beans—advertised as a supplement for carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins—believing the candy had a lot less sugar...

The 5 Most Frivolous Lawsuits of 2016

You better believe 'monkey selfie' made the list

(Newser) - These are the five silliest and most frivolous lawsuits of 2016, and if you disagree, you can sue. The Institute for Legal Reform picked its annual 10 most ridiculous lawsuits by having 5,000 people rank the most popular stories on Faces of Lawsuit Abuse . Here are the top five:

Judge Dismisses Starbucks Suit, Says Even Kids Would Get This

California man's case alleging misleading beverage sizes: done

(Newser) - If you don't assume that ordering an iced drink at Starbucks could include an ample amount of ice in that drink, and that said ice will count toward the stated liquid volume of that beverage—well, you're not smarter than a fifth-grader. That's basically the gist of...

1-Star Review for Overfed Betta Fish Nets $1M Lawsuit

Never fear, Gordy recovered; common sense, not so much

(Newser) - In what amounts to much ado about a Betta fish, Ars Technica picks up the case of a Texas couple who went on vacation last year, and did what many traveling pet owners do: They hired a pet-sitting service, a simple act that has now resulted in "numerous death...

Monks Don't Brew Leffe. A Man Is Suing Because of It

It's not exactly brewed in smaller quantities, as Henry Vazquez believed it to be

(Newser) - In the year 1240, Leffe came into being , brewed by Belgian monks at the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Leffe. The French Revolution put an end to the brewing in the 1790s, but the reestablishment of the abbey in 1929 was followed, 23 years later, by its restart, though no longer at...

Man Accused of Killing Ex Sues NYC Subway

Cops say he tried to kill himself, but he blames MTA

(Newser) - A man who was hit by a NYC subway train last October and lost both feet is suing the New York City Transit Authority—which may sound reasonable, except for the fact that prosecutors say he threw himself on the tracks in a suicide bid after stabbing a New Jersey...

Man Sues Actress for Staring at Him Through TV

Frivolous lawsuit takes advantage of lax new law in China

(Newser) - Zhao Wei, one of China's most famous actors, has an intense stare in her role as domineering matriarch in the TV show Tiger Mom. In fact, she's so intense that a viewer is now suing her, claiming he has suffered "spiritual damage" from the evil eye she'...

Court: Yes, Sizzling Skillet Is Hot; No, You Can't Sue

Patron sued when he got burned while praying over skillet

(Newser) - A New Jersey appellate court says a man cannot seek damages for burns he suffered while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling steak fajita skillet. The ruling made public today upheld a lower court ruling that dismissed his lawsuit. The man claimed a waitress didn't warn him...

Baseball Fan Busted Napping Sues ESPN

Andrew Rector also suing Yankees, MLB, 2 announcers for defamation

(Newser) - There's no napping in baseball. When 26-year-old Yankees fan Andrew Rector fell asleep during a game against the Red Sox on April 13, an ESPN cameraman lingered on his snoozing face and two announcers launched into a diatribe that included the words "stupor, stupid, fatty, and unintelligent"—...

NY Man Sues for Every Penny on Earth
 NY Man Sues for 
 Every Penny on Earth 
in case you missed it

NY Man Sues for Every Penny on Earth

...and then some

(Newser) - Anton Purisima is a man who knows how to think big. The New Yorker has filed a 22-page handwritten suit in a Manhattan court for two undecillion dollars. The sum, written as two followed by thirty-six zeros, is likely a record for a demand in a lawsuit, the New York ...

Coach Sues Little Leaguer for $600K

But now says he'd drop the suit for an apology

(Newser) - A former California Little League coach is backpedaling after suing one of his players for more than half a million dollars. Alan Beck's suit claims that the 14-year-old "carelessly threw his helmet" while rounding the bases after a walk-off hit in March, KCRA reports. Beck says the helmet...

Pianist Faces Jail Over Incessant Practicing

Neighbor says it caused psychological damage

(Newser) - Spanish prosecutors want to send a young pianist to jail for more than seven years after a neighbor accused her of causing psychological damage and noise pollution. The plaintiff—identified only as Sonia B.—claims she suffered from noise contamination between 2003 and 2007 owing to the five-days-a-week, eight-hour...

How Smoking Ban Increases Bowling Shoes Lawsuits

Bowlers go outside to smoke, then fall; but New York state is on the case

(Newser) - It has to be the granddaddy of unintended effects of New York state's 10-year-old ban on indoor smoking: more lawsuits from clumsy bowlers. As the Albany Times-Union explains, bowling centers have seen a spike in lawsuits in recent years from bowlers who step outside for a smoke while wearing...

Faulkner Estate Sues Over Midnight in Paris Quote

Incredibly common quote said with attribution

(Newser) - Maybe you've heard William Faulkner's famous quote, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Well, don't you dare repeat it. Because Faulkner Literary Rights, a company that owns the rights to many of the literary giant's works, is suing Sony Pictures...

Credit Cards Hit Clients With 'Robo-Signed' Lawsuits

Courts flooded with cases based on slim or falsified evidence

(Newser) - Looks like mortgage foreclosures aren't the only things banks "robo-signed." A glut of credit card lawsuits is revealing that card issuers have the same tendency to use shoddy, incomplete, or erroneous documents against clients, the New York Times reports. Companies like American Express, Citigroup, and Discover have...

Kanye, Kim Sued ... for al-Qaeda Ties

Entire Kardashian Klan involved, claims Jonathan Lee Riches

(Newser) - As if you didn't already have enough reasons to hate Kanye West and Kim Kardashian , now a man is suing them for alleged ties to al-Qaeda. Jonathan Lee Riches—who, you will certainly not be surprised to hear, holds the Guinness World Record for "World's Most Litigious...

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