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Tipping Culture Is Surprisingly Big on TikTok

Users give a collective $11M per day

(Newser) - If you ever considered showing off your skills on TikTok, here's a little incentive. MarketWatch says that users are shelling out a collective $11 million per day in tips. Now the app is "poised to become the highest earning mobile app ever—approaching the $15 billion milestone in...

DoorDash Tests Warning About Not Tipping
DoorDash Tests Warning
About Not Tipping
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DoorDash Tests Warning About Not Tipping

As in, are you sure you don't want to?

(Newser) - Try to place a DoorDash order without adding a tip, and you might just receive a warning. The food delivery company is testing a new message that may pop up when you try to order sans tip on its app, CNN reports. It asks, "Orders with no tip might...

South Park Creators' Eatery Outlaws Tipping

At Colorado's Casa Bonita, servers and bartenders will instead make $30 an hour

(Newser) - In September 2021, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the animated sitcom South Park, purchased Casa Bonita, a sprawling 52,000-square-foot Mexican restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, that was featured in one of the show's episodes. The pair shuttered the eatery, which had declared bankruptcy before they purchased it,...

How to Avoid 'Guilt Tipping'
How to Avoid 'Guilt Tipping'

How to Avoid 'Guilt Tipping'

Don't be swayed by 'emotionless piece of software,' writes NYT's Brian X. Chen

(Newser) - If you're like New York Times columnist Brian X. Chen, you've noticed "seemingly arbitrary tip requests" pop up when making digital payments for everything from food to vehicle repairs. Chen was recently "taken aback" when he was given the option to tip 10% to 30% on...

Looking for Big Tips? These States Deliver

Delaware tops the list of Toast's quarterly 'Restaurant Trends Report'

(Newser) - Online eatery platform Toast is out with its quarterly "Restaurant Trends Report," for Q4 of last year, and among such stats as delivery orders during the Super Bowl, the site examined the state of tipping nationwide. Toast looked at average tips across the US and found that Cleveland...

After 2 Drinks at Starbucks Drive-Thru, He Was Out $4.5K

Jesse O'Dell was charged for a gratuity he didn't authorize, and getting the money back was a pain

(Newser) - An Oklahoma man's visit to his local Starbucks drive-through put him out not only the cost of the two venti drinks he purchased—he was also charged nearly $4,500 for a gratuity he didn't authorize. KOKI and NBC News report that Jesse O'Dell's Jan. 7...

Women Decide to Tip Like Crazy During Illinois Road Trip
Women Decide to Tip Like
Crazy During Illinois Road Trip
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Women Decide to Tip Like Crazy During Illinois Road Trip

Brandy Macumber, Tamara Bane of Iowa collected money via Venmo and gave it out

(Newser) - Two Iowa women wrapped up their fourth "BFF Road Trip" on Monday, and this year's vacation involved something unusual: media attention. That's because Brandy Macumber and Tamara Bane of Winterset decided to pump up their travels to Illinois by adding a "Tip Our Next Server Mission,...

Bartender Cracks Case of Burned Key West Buoy

He remembered suspect who ordered 3 rounds and never left a tip

(Newser) - Police in Key West trying to find the suspects who vandalized an iconic local landmark in the early hours of New Year's Day got some help from a bartender with a good memory for bad tippers. After authorities shared video of the two suspects setting a Christmas tree on...

Restaurant Server's Massive Tip Turns Out to Be Trouble

Arkansas woman was let go after telling customer she couldn't keep her $2,200

(Newser) - Surprising a server with an unexpectedly large tip is a heartwarming trend . But a waitress in Arkansas recently got an unpleasant surprise after her pleasant surprise, getting fired from a restaurant where she and another server had just been given a $4,400 tip. Ryan Brandt and a coworker waited...

NH Restaurant Patron Leaves One Heck of a Tip

The $16K on a $37 tab was split among the whole staff

(Newser) - For a couple of chili cheese dogs, some pickle chips, and a few drinks, $37 is a pretty reasonable tab. Now add $16,000. The bartenders at Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire, were pretty excited about that. Until they spotted the five-figure tip, the most noteworthy...

City's 'Tip War' Brings In $34K for Restaurant Workers

Fans of 2 hometown colleges are trying to one-up each other in Cincinnati

(Newser) - It started on Jan. 9 with a message from a Cincinnati burger joint. "To the gentleman and his daughters who left this incredibly generous tip this afternoon, with big smiles on our faces, we want to say, thank you!" Zip's Cafe posted on Facebook , thanking the patrons...

Customer's Tip Brightens Holidays for 28 Eatery Workers
He Came In, Ate,
and Left. His Tip Sent
Workers Into Shock
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He Came In, Ate, and Left. His Tip Sent Workers Into Shock

Thanks to generous $5.6K gift to Toledo eatery, 28 employees each have an extra $200 in hand

(Newser) - As it's been for many business owners during the pandemic, 2020 has been a tough year for Moussa Salloukh, the chef and owner of Souk Mediterranean Kitchen in Toledo, Ohio. He tells CNN that the restaurant, which he opened in October 2019, "was a tribute to my mother,...

Another Big Name Accepts 2020 Tip Challenge

Tom Selleck leaves $2,020 tip at NYC restaurant

(Newser) - Tom Selleck left a hefty and symbolic tip at a New York City restaurant. The actor left an extra $2,020 along with a note paying homage to his fellow Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg, reports People . Wahlberg left the same-sized tip at a Massachusetts restaurant in November. "For...

'Year-End Victory' for Restaurants May Not Please Servers

Labor Dept. says employers can mandate tipped workers share their tips

(Newser) - New changes to Labor Department rules are being called a "year-end victory" for the restaurant industry, per the National Restaurant Association—though servers who rely on tips to boost their sub-minimum-wage pay may not be giving it an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Fox Business reports on a revision made final Tuesday...

Donnie Wahlberg Makes 2020 a Good Number Again

That was the size of the tip he left in a Massachusetts restaurant

(Newser) - Actor Donnie Wahlberg recently left a $2,020 tip at a Massachusetts restaurant, continuing his habit of leaving generous gratuities to brighten the days of wait staff. The Band of Brothers and Blue Bloods actor and former member of boy band New Kids on the Block left the tip on...

A Bartender Got a Tip Worth $2. It Turned Into $50K

Missouri's Taylor Russey says customer's gratuity was a Powerball ticket

(Newser) - Most watering hole patrons don't offer lottery tickets as gratuities, but one regular at Missouri's Bleachers Bar does it quite often—and a bartender at the O'Fallon establishment is now a $50,000 winner because of it. CNN reports on Taylor Russey's windfall, which came about...

How a $3 Tip Launched a Delivery-App Uproar
How a $3 Tip Launched
a Delivery-App Uproar
the rundown

How a $3 Tip Launched a Delivery-App Uproar

DoorDash just changed its policy after a reporter's first-person story

(Newser) - A journalist's first-person story about working as food-app delivery person seems to have stirred up a hornet's nest over the subject of tipping—and prompted one big company, DoorDash, to change its policy. The issue revolves not just around how much to tip but how much of that...

Man Tips Servers $22K in Hotel Bar, Gets Arrested

'He'll probably need that for legal fees'

(Newser) - Joel Boyers was removed from the JW Marriot bar in Nashville on Monday and charged with public intoxication and possessing a firearm while intoxicated, but some people there will still remember him fondly: Before he was arrested, he tipped his servers $22,000. Police say they were contacted by the...

Waitress Gets $400 Tip, Then a Bigger Surprise
Waitress's $400 Tip Was
Just the First Surprise

Waitress's $400 Tip Was Just the First Surprise

Couple will pay off student loans of Cayla Chandara

(Newser) - It's not every day you get a 200% tip. For Hawaiian waitress Cayla Chandara, that was only the beginning. Chandara, 22, struck up a conversation with a friendly Australian couple last week at the Thai restaurant where she works in Waikiki. They got to talking and she mentioned her...

Couple Leaves Waitress 'Tip'— That Her Place Is in the Home

Woman in SC is single and 'humiliated'

(Newser) - A waitress in Greenville, SC, says she is "humiliated" and "heartbroken" by a handwritten "tip" she received, in lieu of a monetary tip, from a couple last week who scolded her for working outside the home, WIS-TV reports. After noting that she is a "good waitress"...

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