Alaska Airlines

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These Are the Best Airlines in America

Alaska Airlines tops WalletHub's overall list for 2024

(Newser) - The safest airline in the US also happens to be the cheapest—and yet, not the best overall. That's according to WalletHub , which compared the nine largest US airlines and one regional carrier (SkyWest, which serves more than one major airline) across 13 metrics, including cost, delays, cancellations, injuries,...

FBI: Airliner's Loss of Panel May Have Been a Crime

Investigation concerns Boeing's deferred prosecution agreement

(Newser) - Boeing skirted criminal liability by reaching a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department three years ago on charges that it had defrauded regulators during the certification process for 737 Max jets. The period much like a probation hasn't quite expired yet, and that could become a problem for...

Feds: Student Pilot Tried to Storm Cockpit 3 Times

Alaska Airlines flight attendant blocked door with a beverage cart

(Newser) - After a 19-year-old student pilot tried to open a cockpit door on an Alaska Airlines flight three times, he was placed in flex cuffs and a flight attendant blocked the door with a beverage cart, according to an affidavit from a federal air marshal. Nathan Jones has been charged with...

Boeing Supplier Used Dawn Liquid Soap as Lubricant

It's one of the anomalies that turned up in an FAA audit

(Newser) - After a door plug flew off an Alaska Airlines jet, the FAA took a closer look at the Boeing manufacturing process for the 737 Max. The New York Times has details from the six-week audit, which flagged "dozens of problems" at Boeing and supplier Spirit AeroSystems. However, two in...

Boeing Tells Congress It Can't Find Records About That Door

Maybe there's no documentation of work on the failed panel, company tells senator

(Newser) - Boeing has acknowledged in a letter to Congress that it cannot find records for work done on a door panel that blew out on an Alaska Airlines flight over Oregon two months ago, the AP reports. "We have looked extensively and have not found any such documentation," Ziad...

Boeing Laments 'Only Course of Action' After Latest Flub

Deliveries may be delayed after supplier finds faulty drilled holes in fuselage of Max 9 jets

(Newser) - As Boeing tries to stanch the bleeding after a plethora of recent problems , there's a new issue to contend with. An employee with Spirit AeroSystems, which manufactures fuselages for Boeing, made an unsettling discovery last week: badly drilled holes on some of the airplane bodies that Spirit was making,...

Report: Bolts Were Missing When Plane Left Factory

Workers apparently failed to reinstall them at Boeing plant, 'Wall Street Journal' reports

(Newser) - Mystery solved? Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that bolts needed to secure a door plug on an Alaska Airlines aircraft were missing when the Boeing 737 Max 9 left the factory. The sources say workers apparently failed to reinstall the bolts when they opened or removed the panel at...

Loose Bolts Found on 'Many' Boeing Planes: 'I Am Angry'

CEOs of Alaska Airlines, United Airlines suggest they may be done with Max model jets

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines has been examining its entire fleet of Boeing 737 Max 9 planes ever since a terrifying incident earlier this month, when a panel on one of its jets flew off, leaving a gaping hole in the side of the aircraft. On Tuesday, the airline's "incredulous" CEO...

After Boeing Mishap, Talk Turns to Infant Safety

FAA recommends, but does not require, they be in a separate seat

(Newser) - As we continue to digest the story of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282's mid-air blowout , people are wondering about the wisdom of letting babies sit on a parent's lap during flights. To recap, a piece of the Boeing 737 Max 9's bodywork detached while airborne, and nearby passengers...

This Is the Least Surprising Lawsuit of 2024

Complaint filed on behalf of passengers who were on Alaska Airlines flight when door plug blew off

(Newser) - There was bound to be fallout from the Alaska Airlines plane that lost a door plug last week , and the first of it is here in the form of a lawsuit. As Axios reports, a Seattle firm has filed a proposed class-action complaint Thursday on behalf of six passengers and...

Cockpit Recording Was Lost After Alaska Airlines Incident

Recording was overwritten after just 2 hours

(Newser) - Investigators looking into last week's door plug blowout on an Alaskan Airlines flight aren't getting any help from the aircraft's cockpit voice recorder: It was overwritten after just two hours, a time limit that some officials consider woefully inadequate. The National Transportation Safety Board has long pushed...

Alaska Airlines Incident Exposes Another Scary Vulnerability

Cockpit door flew open when plane rapidly depressurized

(Newser) - Following the September 11, 2001, attacks, aircraft manufacturers and federal regulators worked together to secure airplane cockpits so bad actors would not be able to gain access to the controls. An exception was put in place, however, for the rare case of a rapid depressurization; in that case, it was...

Missing Piece of Boeing Jet Found in Backyard
Plane That Lost Door Plug
Had Previous Issues
the rundown

Plane That Lost Door Plug Had Previous Issues

Alaska Airlines restricted its use over water because of pressurization warnings

(Newser) - The missing piece of a Boeing 737 Max 9 passenger jet has turned up in a backyard near Portland, Oregon. Sunday's discovery of the large piece, called a door plug, should help investigators better understand the stunning incident on Friday in which it blew off mid-flight, endangering an Alaska...

Alaska Airlines Restores, Then Pulls Some 737 Max 9s
Alaska Airlines Backtracks
on Clearing 737 Max 9s
the rundown

Alaska Airlines Backtracks on Clearing 737 Max 9s

FAA says more work might be required after part of fuselage blew out in midair

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines had to take a step backward Sunday in returning its 65 737 Max 9 aircraft to service after hearing from the Federal Aviation Administration. The airline inspected and put 18 of the planes back online Saturday, a day after part of the fuselage blew out during one of...

If You Think You've Had a Scary Flight, This May Beat It

Alaska Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Oregon after panel flies off, leaving huge hole

(Newser) - A flight from Oregon took a frightening turn as the weekend kicked off, though no one was hurt. KING 5 reports that the Alaska Airlines plane out of Portland International Airport on Friday afternoon—a Boeing 737 Max 9 jet headed to Ontario, California—was forced to turn around and...

Grand Jury Declines to Indict Pilot on Attempted Murder Charges

Joseph Emerson indicted on 83 counts of recklessly endangering another person

(Newser) - The Alaska Airlines pilot accused of trying to turn off an aircraft's engines midflight was indicted on 84 counts Tuesday—but none of them were attempted murder. Instead, an Oregon grand jury indicted Joseph Emerson on one count of endangering aircraft in the first degree and 83 counts of...

Alaska Air Agrees to Buy Hawaiian Airlines

Carriers will keep their names after $1.9B acquisition

(Newser) - Alaska Air announced Sunday that it has reached a deal to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $18 a share, making the deal worth about $1.9 billion. Both companies' boards already have agreed on the terms of the sale, CBS News reports, which is on track to close within 18 months....

Pilot Accused of Sabotage: I Thought It Was a Dream

Joseph Emerson of Alaska Airlines tries to explain to the 'New York Times'

(Newser) - The Alaska Airlines pilot accused of trying to bring down one of his company's planes mid-flight has given his first interview since the incident, during which he tells the New York Times he was in a kind of hallucinogenic dream. Joseph Emerson said he felt increasingly disoriented while sitting...

Passengers Sue Alaska Airlines Over Midair Scare

Filing criticizes screening procedures for crews after off-duty pilot had to be subdued

(Newser) - The off-duty pilot who prosecutors say tried to crash an Alaska Airlines flight faces attempted murder charges , and the airline is now being taken to court, as well. Three people who were passengers on Flight 2059 from Everett, Washington, to San Francisco filed a class-action suit on Thursday saying they...

Suspect in Midflight Scare: 'I'm Not Right'

Psychotic breakdown may be behind incident with Alaska Airlines pilot

(Newser) - The investigation continues, but authorities at the moment don't think an alarming incident aboard an Alaska Airlines jet is related to terrorism, reports CNN . Instead, the suspect accused of trying to shut off the passenger plane's engines midflight is believed to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown....

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