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His Quest to Create 'Gaydar' Had Unintended Consequences

Michal Kosinski says he just wanted to expose a privacy threat

(Newser) - "Our findings expose a threat to the privacy and safety of gay men and women," wrote Michal Kosinski in a paper set to be published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology—only he's the one now finding himself in danger. The New York Times takes...

'Gaydar' Isn't Real, but It is Dangerous
'Gaydar' Isn't Real,
but It Is Dangerous
new study

'Gaydar' Isn't Real, but It Is Dangerous

The 'myth' of gaydar legitimizes stereotypes, according to study

(Newser) - Not only is everyone's "gaydar" permanently on the fritz, this faulty gay-identifying equipment can actually be dangerous. That's according to a study published in July in the Journal of Sex Research. The Washington Post reports psychologist William Cox and his team of researchers found gaydar doesn't...

Key to 'Gaydar': Facial Symmetry?

 Key to 'Gaydar': 
 Facial Symmetry? 
study says

Key to 'Gaydar': Facial Symmetry?

Guesses at sexual orientation tied to face shape: study

(Newser) - Wondering why you instinctively consider someone gay or straight? Try looking at the shape of the person's face. A new study says that people who identify as straight have a more symmetrical face than those who identify as gay. Researchers found this out by having 40 subjects identify the...

Facebook Friend List Can Indicate Sexuality: Study

MIT students identified gay men using sexuality of online friends

(Newser) - Students at MIT designed a program that allowed them to identify gay men using their Facebook friends' sexual preferences, and the results are sparking debate about online privacy, the Boston Globe reports. The "Gaydar" project looked at the “interested in” field and tabulated the number of gay friends...

RIP Gaydar: You Just Can't Tell Anymore

Straight and gay behavior not so different these days

(Newser) - Gaydar just isn’t what it used to be: The line has blurred between what was long considered classic gay and straight behavior, Danica Lo writes in the New York Post. These days, the fact that a guy's “handsome,” “well-groomed,” and wants to hold real conversations...

Gaydar: It's All in the Eyes
 Gaydar: It's All in the Eyes  

Gaydar: It's All in the Eyes

(Newser) - Gaydar is real, according to a new study, but only if you don’t think about it too hard. Participants were shown the faces of 98 straight women and 94 lesbians taken from a dating website, reports Miler-McCune, and were able to guess sexual orientation rapidly, at a rate better...

How'd We Miss Lesbian LiLo?
 How'd We Miss Lesbian LiLo? 

How'd We Miss Lesbian LiLo?

Why it took a year to read the Sapphic writing on the wall

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan’s a lesbian? When did that happen? Turns out Star magazine first reported LiLo’s girl-on-girl romance in summer 2007—centuries ago, in celebrity gossip. Gawker explains why it took us so long to catch on.
  1. Because gay Hollywood couples try to hide it: Holding hands in public?

Scientists Honing Gaydar
Honing Gaydar

Scientists Honing Gaydar

Studies seek innate differences between gays and straights

(Newser) - Scientists are examining how homosexuality may affect everything from penis sizes to how one navigates new cities, reports the Los Angeles Times. Innate differences between gays and straights rooted in biology could lead researchers to discover the biological origins of sexual orientation.

Science Makes Great Strides in Gaydar

Just walking can reveal sexual orientation, new study shows

(Newser) - The way people walk apparently broadcasts their sexual orientation, researchers have discovered.  Participants in a new study were able to correctly identify gay men based only on their gait, a sign that “gaydar” might be real. “We can pick these signals up; we can tell who’s...

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